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"Step Up 3D" Soundtrack

  • "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack
    Released 2012

    New Music from Highly Anticipated "Step Up 3D" Soundtrack and Movie Soundtrack in Stores July 20th Movie in theaters August 6th

Average: 4.8 (66 votes)
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August 1, 2012
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Keisha_22's picture

Sounds like your talking to me..waiting for that day..yes I am Mrs. Right..This is my new ringtone.Sounds good, loving it...Thank you for the music

Chenell's picture

i loveeee this song....i really love the break down part when he says "none these chicks can f*** with my baby"...that hotttt!!

MsKi's picture

This is my jam for real...good job..makes me wanna c this movie

ilovetreysongz3_3's picture

aww, this is the cutest song everr

Aileen_2's picture

I Love This Song ? I love his voice :)

mzreese's picture

i love this song

mz.songz_27's picture

i loooooooove this song

JEWLERY GIRL 18's picture

? ? ? ?

JEWLERY GIRL 18's picture

I lovee this Song..... So Much Nd Say aah oh I Just Likee All of His Songs ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Janie_2's picture

I Kno dis WHOLE song By Heart . . . Lmao !



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