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Trey Songz Says PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE Scales 'New Heights' [via]

on Sep 20, 2010 - 03:24PM

Trey Songz has established himself as a beloved R&B artist, but the singer said it wasn't until his last project, Ready, that he began to feel like he had ascended to star status.

"I definitely feel that that album was what I thought it was. Before even the masses got it or anybody heard it, I felt like it was a defining album in an artist's career," he told MTV News. "Because even before that album, I had a couple hits, I had top 10 records, but those were songs. I had hit songs but I wasn't a hit artist.

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on Sep 20, 2010 - 01:50PM

Congratulations to the following skip the line recipients for tomorrow's in store event at Hall of Fame Records in Jamaica, Queens NY.


Monique C.
Stephanie D.
Char'Da W.
Christy C.
Cassandra R.
Quandasia O.
Carolyn I.
Judy D.
Kerry-Ann C.
Whitney R.
Kathleen E.
Christina W.
Jennifer G.
Venee' B.
Katrina L.
Jennifer H.
Kellie C.
Sharon R.
Krystie B.
Jennifer B.
Shawanna H.
Jasmine B.
Lory J.
Aliyyah Abdul - H.
Victoria P.


Trey's Angels
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WATCH: Trey's MTV2 Sucker Free Interview

on Sep 20, 2010 - 11:12AM

In case you missed it, peep Trey's interview on MTV2's Sucker Free Countdown this weekend. PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE in stores now!

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on Sep 18, 2010 - 10:21PM

Philly Angels, Below are the names of the 25 lucky Angels who will skip the line to Trey's CD signing on Monday, Sept. 20th at F.Y.E. located at 100 So. Broad Street. Congrats Winnners!

Chanel W.
Keya S.
Amaya L.
Anecia B.
Alexandria B.
Sabriya M.
Tiana E.
Tanisha N.
Kehinde S.
Zakiyyah G.
Ne’Kirah W.
Tuere T.
Chernique A.
Marcia C.
Lavinia M.
Cherrelle R.
Keinesha B.
Daneen L.
Janae M.
Melinda R.
Amanda H.
April G.
Shantel B.
Nora A.
Sakinah M

Trey's Angels
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National PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE Album Release Parties!

on Sep 18, 2010 - 08:00PM

Join us as we celebrate together with simultaneous album listening parties across the Nation TODAY, September 18th at 8pm EST! Get your PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE kits together (PPP cakes, banners, posters, etc.)!

*Make sure all of your invitees have the album
*Have all guests arrive in their Trey gear

You and your guests can enjoy:

*Trey Trivia (with prizes)
*Trey dance routines and more!

Trey wants to see you guys partying it up so tweet @treysongz your ustream and tinychat links! Trey just might dial in to one of the parties!

Please RSVP to with the



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