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on Sep 14, 2010 - 09:25AM

Trey Songz' highly anticipated new album is in stores and online now! PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE includes the hits "Bottom's Up" featuring Nicki Minaj, "Can't Be Friends", "Love Faces" and more! Get PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE online at Trey's Official Store on or at iTunes! Also, you can pick up an exclusive CD/DVD only available at Target! Don't wait, and get your copy of PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE TODAY!

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LIVE Webcast with Trey, 9/14 at 12am EST!

on Sep 13, 2010 - 08:00PM

Log on to at 12AM EST on 9/14 for a LIVE webchat with Trey! Trey will be personally be taking calls from YOU and discuss his PLEASURE's in life! Trey's new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere TOMORROW! Click HERE to RSVP for the webcast at 12AM EST on 9/14, and leave your questions for Trey in the comment section below!

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WATCH: Trey Songz & Ke$ha Present at the 2010 MTV VMA Awards!

on Sep 13, 2010 - 05:55PM

In case you missed it, check out Trey and Ke$sha introduce Usher at the 2010 VMA Awards last night! To watch the full awards show, visit!

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PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE Available Everywhere TOMORROW, 9/14!

on Sep 13, 2010 - 05:08PM

Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE will be available everywhere TOMORROW, 9/14! PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE includes the hits "Bottoms Up" ft. Nicki Minaj, "Can't Be Friends" and "Love Faces"! Visit Trey's official store to order your copy now!

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PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE Pre-Order Bundles Now on Sale!

on Sep 12, 2010 - 08:00PM

PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE pre-order bundles are now on sale! With only a few days left until Trey's new album is available everywhere, make sure you check out the exclusive pre-order bundles available ONLY on!

Order the "Premium Pack" NOW and get the PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE CD, a Trey Songz charm bracelet (complete with 5 charms), 1 year online membership to Trey's official Fan Club, a "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" Ladies T, 18"x18" Trey poster & an immediate MP3 download of "Bottoms Up" ft. Nicki Minaj!

Time is running out, so click HERE to get your bundle now!



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