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*Winner Selected* Enter to Win an Exclusive Trey Songz Tour Shirt!

on Aug 12, 2010 - 01:23PM

*Thanks to everyone who entered! We've selected the winner for the Tour Shirt - Shaneka V. (@Skyylee). Don't worry, there are still ways to win exclusive Trey Songz Merch! Click HERE to enter to win a Trey Songz Tote Bag this week!*

Enter to win an exclusive Trey Songz Tour Shirt by joining Trey's email list above! We'll be selecting a winner at random next Thursday, 8/19, so be on the lookout for an email from Trey's webcrew! And stay tuned for more chances to win exclusive Trey Songz items, coming soon!

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Pre-Order "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" on iTunes NOW!

on Aug 10, 2010 - 05:32PM

Trey's highly anticipated new album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" is now available to pre-order on iTunes! "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" features the hit "Bottoms Up" ft. Nicki Minaj, the new single "Can't Be Friends" and will be available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" on iTunes now!

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Did You Pre-Order Trey's New Album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" Yet?

on Aug 9, 2010 - 06:21PM

Pre-order your copy of Trey's new album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" NOW only on, which is now also available for international fans! "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" features the hit single "Bottoms Up" ft. Nicki Minaj and will hit stores everywhere September 14th! Pre-order the "Premium Pack" and get the "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" CD, a Trey Songz charm bracelet (complete with 5 charms - image above), 1 year online membership to Trey's official Fan Club, a "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" Ladies T, 18"x18" Trey poster (*FIRST 100 AUTOGRAPHED!) & an MP3 download of "Bottoms Up" ft.

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Trey Covers Billboard Magazine

on Aug 6, 2010 - 02:40PM

Check out Trey's Billboard Magazine Cover above! Read the full feature story on! The issue is out this week, so pick make sure to pick up your copy!

Atlantic Records's picture 'Bottoms Up' Is 'Heightened' By 'Funhouse' Video

on Aug 5, 2010 - 11:46AM

Trey Songz's latest track, "Bottoms Up," may be about knocking back some drinks at the bar, but the singer said the accompanying video is anything but the typical bottle-popping scene. Instead of taking inspiration solely from the song's party-startin' lyrics, Songz said that he's stepping out of the box when it comes to the track's visuals.

" 'Bottoms Up,' I feel, is a very creative video. [It's] different from the norm, different than what I feel is expected of me and anything I've shot for that matter," he told MTV News on the set of the video.



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