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Membership Renewal


  • Membership Renewal
    September 19, 2011

    How many Angel's have renewed their Trey's Angel's membership?  Am I mistaken or is it a lil higher this year?  I don't remember paying the extra $10 for shipping and handling.  Just curious.


    19's picture
on Sep 19, 2011 - 04:36PM

How many Angel's have renewed their Trey's Angel's membership?  Am I mistaken or is it a lil higher this year?  I don't remember paying the extra $10 for shipping and handling.  Just curious.


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Michelle aka Lil Bmore's picture

im still confused i just hope they get this all fixed

AmyDarshae's picture

Oh I thought only a certain amount of ppl were getting the membership pin...I was sure wondering why it said $10 shipping fee when I was only trying to renew my membership...'s picture

Ok so we are getting a membership pen this year? I know last year it was the dog tag, charm bracelet and tshirt. that's cool, yeah as you said, it don't matter, I've renewed now anyway. Had to do my Angel duty! lol

A_Perfect_Angel's picture

makes no difference i love being an angel so it's well worth the price in fact they've been cheated =)

A_Perfect_Angel's picture

You know I forgot all about the memebership pin...Yea that is alot for just a pin

iSparks87's picture

Hmmm, I haven't received my pin yet. I think I renewed my membership before we were told about them.'s picture

The $10 is to ship the membership pin which to me is overpriced to ship a pin but oh well until he changes the company that handles the member products we absorb the cost

iSparks87's picture

The shipping and handling fee is for the shipping of the Angel Tee, Dog Tag, and Letter From Trey.

Andi04's picture

yeah that extra ten dollars caught be by surprise, what am i paying shipping and handling for, its not like their gonna us ship us are membership's picture

Yes it is more this year even though I did mine thru the preorder but I renewed my membership back in October with the $5 coupon and only paid $25 and they did not charge s/h so I guess it pays to renew early.

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Haven't renewed yet. Think I'm going to renew the day he drops the #Anticipation2 will make it a special day for me 11/1/11 :)

Bobbi_'s picture

Yeah I caught the $20 discount, but I ended up paying $30 for the shipping and handling. I think that's what the extra $10 was for anyway.'s picture

well dang! lol I never got an email and I didn't think about checking last week to pay. I guess that's what my butt gets for waiting til the last minute! But oh well. lol I guess Trey gonna have to follow me on twitter to make it all better! lol

Essence711's picture

You know they had a discount about two weeks ago, right? It was for $20. I should have gotten my renewal then. LOL.

Essence711's picture

Yeah, they got me too, lol. I just renewed mine yesterday. I got last year's membership with my PPP pre-order, so I was surprised about the additional charges too. I think my $40 is well spent. I get to stay connected with you guys. :)'s picture

oh ok, yeah I did the preorder last year too. I know I didn't see anyhwere what was included in that shipment this year is anything so I was just curious. I know when we got the shirt last year there was a section where you could state what size you wanted. Oh well, I guess I will wait and see if I get anything in the mail! lol

A_Perfect_Angel's picture

I did the preorder for the PPP CD & it came with some extra's so i'm not sure what the cost of just the membership wld have been ....however, i didn't understand the s/h since we are renewing and already have the items. Guess i'll have another shirt

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I think the price is the same. I believe last year it stated it would be an additional shipping and handling fee.

ladyt1980's picture

no last year every1 had a discount the acual price is 30. this year if u ddnt have the discount u had 2 pay the full price.

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