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Trey's Breath


  • Trey's Breath
    September 12, 2011

    ummmmm He looks like his breath smells like Spearmint gum...can someone verify that for me?


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on Sep 12, 2011 - 01:59PM

ummmmm He looks like his breath smells like Spearmint gum...can someone verify that for me?


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The last time we kissed it smelled like "Hell Yeah" and "Mmmm Baby"! LMAO

j/p I've never smelled his breath it's safe to say it doesn't stink for the most part. But he did say he brushes his teeth a lot. I love the UStream of him going through his morning routine. With the way he brushes his teeth and tongue, his breath probably never really stinks. It won't always be fresh, but it probably won't ever smell like hot garbage and sweaty balls.

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All the other departments are open. :(

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Its funny but true. If you catch Trey with bad breath, you are probably a real close friend, his personal assistant or the LUCKY LADY in his life because Trey is not letting his fans or business associates catch him with bad breath. However, if you are around anybody for a long period of time, you are bound to smell something you don't like. That is why toiletries are profitable. Even the shoplifers know that. When you go to the supermarket at night in some areas they have gates blocking the toiletry department.

I hope you all have a sense of humour.

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Well won't knowbody know what it smells like when it doesn't smell like speariment and fresh air unless somebody gets lucky.

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LOL good question :)

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This post & responses definitely made me laugh =]

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Trey's breath smells like fresh air! lol No other way to describe it really.

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1st time i met trey i was so nervous i cant tll u but the 2nd time his breath smell like mouthwash and the 3rd time it smelled like sum soda so he pretty much smells gud all the time

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Thanks for answering!!!!

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lol well the first time I met him it didn't smell like anything but the second time he had just had a drink so thats wut i smelled on his breath wasn't too strong but i was really close to his face while we were talking but i definitely smelled his sexy cologne both times.

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:) I always thought the same thing.

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