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Would you get the Angels logo tatted on you? Why or why not? If you have, what made you do it?


  • Would you get the Angels logo tatted on you? Why or why not? If you have, what made you do it?
    March 10, 2011

    I'm a HUGE Trey Songz fan, gotta admit! :) I have an apt to get the Angels logo tatted on my back. All who aren't an inked Angels, would you and if so why? And from those who have, what made you do it???

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on Mar 10, 2011 - 01:40AM

I'm a HUGE Trey Songz fan, gotta admit! :) I have an apt to get the Angels logo tatted on my back. All who aren't an inked Angels, would you and if so why? And from those who have, what made you do it???

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Ya know, I forgot all about posting this discussion lol. Anyways, I am too afraid of needles to go through getting another tattoo. Never went to get the logo, I am good with the one tattoo that I have, it says Angyl with the cutest star and heart pattern. Love Trey to pieces and love being an Angel, that's why I decided to have a room in my house dedicated to being an Angel and Trey Songz. The latest add is the A with halo and wings painted on the white walls. Now that is art that I know I'll never regret. :)

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@Shay: I agree.

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I personally don't have any tattoos so that wouldn't be an option for me. lol! But even if I did I don't think I would get it tatted the memories, photos, and memorabilia are enough for me. I love TA but a tatt is very permanent and I gotta think about the future not just right now...

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Trey tweeted himself that having names inked on yo body don't make shit real lol. The decision doesn't have to be because u wanna proove something but if u passionate about tatts then go ahead.

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I love Trey that much but im married sooo I cant have it, BUT if I were single would have been there done dat. I think It would have to be just the wings tho. Ish im thinking about gettin the wings my husband wont think nuthin about it he dont know what they look like....LOL's picture

I'm getting mine's next week and its a cute logo and far as me ill be getting T Angels insted of Trey's name i wouldnt put his name on me

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word of advice, because I see and hear this a lot and me being a psych major it kinda disturbs me a lil bit. ur not obsessed becuz u got a logo or even his name tatted on u, thats just being a die hard fan. the behavior becomes obsessive when it is affecting your normal functioning in everyday life. ex. school, work, family, relationships. not being mean but look up medical terms before u just lay them out there. i have to tell ppl this all the time now. society in general uses these medical terms way too loosely.

Obsession- a persistent thought, idea, impulse, or image that is experienced repeatedly, feels intrusive, and causes anxiety.

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No, though I did think the one I had temporarily tatted on the back of my neck for the OMG Tour was super cute.

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i love me some trey but imma have to say no people already callin me a stalker's picture

I am going to take the "A" with the angels wings and get my name on my arm above the Angel that I had done 6 years ago for my little girl. This is just me. I don't want to get Trey's Angels or Trey's name tatted on me. Don't have nothing against anyone who has or will. Just not my cup of tea.

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I am ready to get mine, I'm waiting to meet him and him sign somewhere on my body then I'm gonna get it inked up and put the logo by it!

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Ladies! i think ya'll need to think bout this b4 ya'll do it, i know we all lLUV TREY but it's not that SERIOUS...

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I have northing against people who tattoo there body but I personally can't do that. I love those ghat are personal but if it's about representing someone or a group he'll nooooooo *overboard* that's my opinion. I just don't get it if some has a logo on them or doing if for others eg Trey I believe it's just an obsession sorry. Like I said I have northing against anyone that has it my suggestion is to the person that posted this post coz if she's thinking bat it and seeking opinions then it's not for her it's not what she really wants coz if u truelly want something it can't be influenced by anyones opinion. Think bat it.x

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The minute I saw the Angel logo I knew i wanted the tatt. I already have a few tatts so I am acustomed to getting them. Tattoos are not for everyone so I can understand if you dont want to get it but people shouldnt knock someone else for wanting to express how they feel about gettin a tatt of the Angel logo to show how hard they go for Trey. Although I dont think that just because you get the tatt it does not mean that you might be a bigger fan than someone who wont... I got the "A" with the wings like 2mos after the Trey's Angels fanclub website opened up in Sept and i never gave it a second thought. I love my Angel logo tatt and i would do it all over again and if I am blessed live to be 85, 90, or 100 years old i will look at the black blob on my wrist and remember that I was a part of something that was very special in my life at the time and I will have a story to tell to some grandchildren someday. if you believe in something strongly and thats what you feel if its not hurting anyone or its not illegal I see nothing wrong with it live your life you only have one there are much worse things in life and people shouldnt judge if thats what you choose to do. A marking on YOUR body wont affect anyone but you and if your happy thats all that matters. I love Trey and this Treys Angels fanclub and I would get a 1000 A's tatted on my body to rep something so positive in my life if I wanted to. Again tatts are not for everyone so whether you will or wont get the logo or any tatts for that matter is up to the individual but i dont think either are a better person or a worse person because you choose to get a tatt or not. (sorry i was long winded guys)

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I have never gotten a tat.. thought about it too many times.. been in the shop sitting in the lil chair, AND STILL didn't get one. I feel like if u second guessing it, then it's not for you. I actually wanted to get the big angel wings(from the top of my shoulder to the bottom of my back) in 2004. Something told me I might regret it, so I didn't get it. I'm not against tattoos,but like I said, " if u second least wait"

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i would get angel wings on the back of my neck just small ones like the one from the Cant Be Friends video i liked how it looked

TreysQuietAngel's picture

@ flygurlzlovehim and forbiddenangel... I definitely feel yall.

@JupiterLuvAngel... girl it really is beautiful. It would look so nice on my back.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@JupiterLuvAngel See, when Trey or the Angel logo INSPIRES a tat... its no so bad. BUT, I feel if it's an actual logo or album name or picture etc..... thats just plain promotion. :/

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plus the logo is just so damn beautiful, yet simple

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Well, I was planning on getting the logo tatted on my left shoulder with a black rose in the background but then i started thinking about when i get married if my husband would expect me to get his name tatted on me or of he'd get jealous or whatever and I was wondering if people would think I was crazy obessed or just plain crazy and if that was going overboard but i was also thinking about getting "off the wall" tatted on my other shoulder as a tribute to MJ and also because its my lifes motto...idk yet its still up for debate but i am getting the passion pain and pleasure tatted on my wrist

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Im thinking about getting it also! its cute and it shows your support and love for him and the rest of the angels. so do it do it do it! lol

Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

Yes I am pretty sure I would. Some people who know me could think I'm crazy but I really wouldn't be. I'd get it because it'd show more love for Trey & Trey's Angels.. It's a family created by one man who we all adore.. It's loyalty, it's nothing to compete about or been a bigger fan then another. It's also a great looking logo & it's there forever so you'll never forget what once was in your life. I don't have it done though. It's like a commitment. s.o to all you Angels with the tattooed logo!
Hope ya'll understand where I'm coming from when I say that ^

felicia loves trey songz's picture

I would definitely get it tatted on me I love the logo
And I love me sum Trey so why not I ?yhu Trey

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im thinking of getting the "Angel A" tatted wit my daughters name cuz her name is Angelle and it would have a double meaning. I havent done it yet, not sure where I want it!

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I have a tat already & but I dnt know if I would get the angel logo....dnt get me wrong I see nothing wrong with & other angels who have it theirs turned out 2 be very hot....but idk if I would get it!!!

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@Jasmine, na I don't think getting the logo tatted would be proof of being a bigger fan, it may show loyalty though,

@TreysLady, I love the look of it as well.

@CrazyBeauty, Lol @ Angels who've done it go hard. Nothing wrong with being supportive without the ink though.

MyLifeAsNiecy's picture

If I got it, it would only be bcuz my name starts with an "A" anyway. I luv Trey & I luv being an Angel, but I couldn't do it. S/O to all the Angels who do have it though, yall go hard lol

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I have the Logo tattoed on my shoulder. I chose to get this Logo because I love the look of it and of course Trey drew it. Its all for Trey! =)

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Me personally, I'm not a fan of getting any kind of tattoos. I don't like un-necessary needles. Lol But if I did get them, I could see me getting the "Angels" logo because of what it is. Besides, that logo is HOT!!! Now I'd get an air brushed angel since it's not permanent. I'd get it on the lower area of my back, so it won't have an inpact on what I'm wearing when I need to look professional and when I'm in formal wear. But with or without one I'll always show my support. Why???

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yes i would that's my next tatt I have'nt made up my mind where I'm going to put it.and my reason for doing this because I am a ture fan & his songs, his voice just move me in some kinda away