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Trey's Angels vs. Team Breezy


  • Trey's Angels vs. Team Breezy
    October 11, 2011

    This is something I wanted to talk about for a long time but never got a chance. Seeing what people had to say on twitter today just put me over the edge. What is the issue between Trey's Angels and Team Breezy? Why can't people support both? I am both Trey's Angels and Team Breezy. I love both of them as artist and I support them as much as possible. I see on twitter angels saying that other angels shouldn't support Chris and vice versa. Trey wouldn't want his angels fighting with Team Breezy. Can someone explain the problem between these to groups.

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on Oct 11, 2011 - 03:06PM

This is something I wanted to talk about for a long time but never got a chance. Seeing what people had to say on twitter today just put me over the edge. What is the issue between Trey's Angels and Team Breezy? Why can't people support both? I am both Trey's Angels and Team Breezy. I love both of them as artist and I support them as much as possible. I see on twitter angels saying that other angels shouldn't support Chris and vice versa. Trey wouldn't want his angels fighting with Team Breezy. Can someone explain the problem between these to groups.

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you are so right @numba1hon its embarassing and kinda disrespectful and also kinda strange for everything to say Trey Trey Trey on ya twitter @Treys1nOnlyWifeyBettadenDarestAngel, in ya pictures "Me and my husband at the meet n greet I love me sum Trey", and even most of ya tweets "@TreySongz follow me,pleeeaase?". Then when it comes to competitions its "TeamBreezy all day! U, already kno wut it is!!!" lol........ No I didn't know wut it was cause u clearly tricked me!!!

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I agree totally! @ NUMBA1HON That's not saying that you can't support other artists but when other Angels see that sometimes it does look hurtful that you are an Angel saying you're voting for someone else.

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@Balmy Angel. If you are on twitter representing the Angels in your USERNAME and profile and you are tweeting that you voted for Breezy when Trey is in the competition, then you will upset some Angels and fans. In their eyes you will appear disloyal and not respectful. I believe that if you are representing yourself solely as an Angel in Twitter including your username and and maybe your profile and you want to vote for Breezy or anyone else that is competing with Trey, then it is better to do it discretely and not Tweet it so that no one is hurt. You may not see it like this, but an Angel could be embarrassing/hurting the other Angels and it is also not a good look for Trey. It's more than a matter of loyalty. It is a matter of respect. Even if you have loyalty to more than one artist, you have to be respectful of both of them. If Breezy were a true friend of Trey's, even he would feel bad for the Angels and Trey.

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The way I see it it's petty. If you're Team Breezy that's your choice. I personally decided to become a Trey's Angel because Trey is my favorite artist hands down. But I think that the slick comments made by people about Trey or Chris are unnecassary. That's what starts conflict. Just support who the hell you like! But in my honest opinion I paid to be an Angel so I don't rep any other team because TA is my fam. It's always gonna be some type of clash when it comes to voting as well... But that's just my opinion

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Wow! Well I agree with some of the comments that were made.
everyone has there own preference on who they want to vote for the most or just simply go hard for. I'm however, TREYSANGELS and TEAMBREZZY and I support both of them when it comes to voting I make sure it's equal. I do wish that Trey won more often when in categories w/Chris therefore, I would vote for him a Lil more.
Both fan clubs are strong me being in both I know I definitely believe that the Angels (including myself) have the potential to get Trey more and, more wins loyalty is key!! I also know that Trey or Chris wouldn't be happy to know that there fans are clashing w/each other plus they're friends I hope this drama STOPS soon!

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@Cuttigurl: Oh okay. :) I love Trey but when I look at other fans I know I'm not as big of a fan as I thought I was. LOL

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Why are you guys explaining yourselves?? You do know that you don't have to and you can do wut you want right???

@JIMS i wasn't offended I was just more dissapointed not at anybody individually but at the overall idea that not everybody likes Trey as much as I do... lmbo

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Plain and simple this non-sense has to stop. We are truly defeating the purpose.

@Jemail: I don't understand why someone would be mad at you for voting for Chris especially if Trey isn't even nominated in the category.

@Ashlyn: I concerned you a true fan because you are at least taking time out to spread your votes between both Chris and Trey. Like I said you are good with me if you are throwing some votes towards Trey.

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I have a question, do you ladies think I am a "real" or "true" angel if i vote for both artist?

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Not again there is no end to this BS between the 2 teams. Since both teams are comprised of silly narrow minded galz living in denial. Iam a proud #TeamBreezy #TreysAngels & I didn't sign to this fun club coz Trey is my favorite artist. I just love & appreciate him. I did not get it why Angels were mad at some Angels including me for voting Chris for the fandomonium Award? Coz Trey was not in that category and that even gave me more reasons to go hard for Chris on the voting which I expressed on Twitter. I got unfollowed by some Angels but hadn't even taken note only noticed when I got sub tweeted by someone who unfollowed me & started tweeted her Angel friends about me going hard for Chris that time mentioning my name was like smh I automatically unfollowed people who unfollowed me & I don't get mad at anyone who unfollows me coz for me there's more to life than worrying about who is unfollowing me. If Chris & Trey are in the same Category I vote fo both & let the winner win! I will never choose be teen them 2 neveeeeer!! If my votes were to go to my fav Artist I would have choose to vote for Breezy coz I love his music most & am not afraid to say I listen his music everyday which i don't with Trey. I support both Artist for different reasons & that is why I can't comparevtheir music it's very different to me. I love Trey more when he performs that listening to the CD. But am tired of Angels complaining bat drammer if both teams don't attack each other then there won't be dramma.

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You’re right.

I’m TeamTrey all day everyday. He does deserve this award. I honestly don’t think Chris Brown last cd was a true depiction of R&B and he really shouldn’t be in that category. That cd comprised of many genres.

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I agree a little with everyone I think you do have the right to vote or favor other artist
(other than Trey) but I also feel what you guys are saying about the Team Brezzy fans. Chris Brown wins every contest and awards because he has loyal fans you dont see none of them on there supporting Trey even the Trey's Angels that are fans most of them are going to pick Chris Brown over Trey Songz anyday thats just how it is and its going to remain like this with Chris Brown ALWAYS being on top and Trey being second to everything if we dont start going harder for Trey but I dont concern myself with what everybody eles do. If you want to love other artist and support them a little more than thats your right but I'm a TREY'S ANGELS and I love and support Trey he's number 1 in my book and everyone else is second he gets my vote for the AMA and Im not voting for no one eles lol he derseves to win sometimes.

Oh and the fighting thing well I don't really see the beef because I follow mostly Angels
( Angels only) and a few who love both but if your a Angel/TB then I still rock with you as long as you dont say anything negative about my baby. Support who you want love who you want that is all. :)

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@datruthfulone: I agree with you 100%

@Cuttigurl609: Sorry if I insulted you with my Anthony Hamilton comment, but there are truly artists who's voices i like more than Trey. However, my support for those artists is limited to buying their music and perhaps going to their concerts. Trey I go all out for. But I consider myself a faithful fan.

I'm mad at you for the do it for the children comment. LOL

Let's keep voting. I can see this is going to be another award I'm going to be obsessed about. The good thing with this award i don't see the actual votes.

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I completely agree with everything thing u said @datruthfulone

I gotta be honest, it kinda turned my stomach a little while reading some of the comments in this post when Angels are saying that they'll pick another artist over Trey. For a minute in my mind I'm just like "Why?" A year ago I would never have thought that would be coming from some of you judging by comments that were left back then. What happened?! lol The problem is that Trey doesn't have enough "faithful" fans, for lack of a better term. I can bet all of my money that I will not be able to go to Team Breezy website and see any of his dedicated fans say that they'll pick any other artist over him, cause they prolly wouldn't. But although I wish I could change everyone else's minds I know I can't so I don't concern myself with it any further. I just hope and pray and have faith that Trey will get the recognition he deserves as an artist and now becoming a humanitarian. And dream of having a positive role in others, even strangers lives like he has in mine.

So wit that being said........... can all of you just drop even the thought of them other artist like a bad habit and focus on my Trey baby? Pleeease?! lol Do it for the chil'ren!!! lmbo

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I saw the "drama" that unfolded on Twitter this week and was soooo disgusted. Here is my personal opinion: Do I like other artists music? Of course! However, there are millions of fan clubs out there and yet, I chose to become a Trey's Angel because it was more than a "fan club" or "team" to me. I wanted to officially become apart of the Trey Songz movement. Therefore, Trey gets my vote for each and every thing. I feel like it's way past time for Trey to get the recognition he deserves and in any fan-based competition, I feel like we should all come together and help him get that award because that's what matters most to him, as he has said before. Trey goes hard for us, so why can't we keep going hard for him? That means AWH missions, voting, advertising, buying his singles/albums, etc. Honestly, no shade to Chris as I think he is an amazing artist but Team Breezy (in this case) has more than enough people voting and that's apparent by the number of fan based competitions he wins, so if you are a Trey's Angel, then why can your vote go towards Trey? He really deserves it and has been deserving of multiple grammys, AMAs, WMAs, etc, for a long time.

With that being said, I don't have a problem with others who are voting both sides but geez, I have a problem with those who tweet Trey all day(nothing wrong with that) and try to enter every contest to see him, attend concerts & take pics, yet whenever there is a competition you're tweeting telling others to vote for ANOTHER artist! lol. Come on..that's not cool. It doesn't bother me enough to unfollow or get into a twitter beef with people but I can see how it is upsetting. Regardless, let's all spread more angel love rather than fighting. When we are negative towards other angels, team breezy, lloyd ladies, or whomever, then it reflects negatively on Trey's Angels as a whole so let's remain civil :-)

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You're welcome. Yeah girl he was staring at you. LOL

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WOOOOOO!!!! @JIMS thank you for that picture!! Gosh darnit Trey is so fine! Did you see that look in his eyes? I must've been standin across the room or something lol man o man

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@JMonae!: I understand what you're saying because when they say "teambreezy vote" it's like bump trey's angels. Now if they alternated it would be a different story.

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@Bobbi: Sis I love me some Anthony Hamilton. Don't throw rocks at me but I might have to pick Anthony too. I'm sorry there are so many sexy singing brothers out there.

@Ashlyn: Do what you got to do, as long as some of your votes go to Trey I'm good. :)

@Ms. Yuup: You are correct and sadly some of the immature behavior is coming from people in my age category. I'm with you if you are Team Trigga and Team Breezy I still love you.

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This is my opinion so please don't take it wrong. Its nothing wrong liking more than 1 artist and voting for more than 1 artist. I like more than 1 artist and luv music. When it comes to trey my votes are for him. When i see an angel voting for chris brown and say teambrezzy vote and not saying vote for trey treysangels I have a major problem with that. Trey goes over and beyond for us angels. He does things that no other artist does for his fans. So of course I'm voting for trey hands down. But like i said aint nothing wrong with voting for cb and trey. With me I don't follow no cb fans cause of all the drama.'s picture

Please don't get made with me but I feel that the fights are going on because of IMMATURE people. Trey and Chris are friends! Yes, the Angels want to see Trey take the award home! But Trey has said it he dose what he do for his family and fans not for the awards. I like Chris music but my heart is with Trey and I going hard for him. I like all kinds of music for that matter. Everyone has a right to listen to whatever they want to. And plus that we all have different ways of showing support to Trey and what ever artist we choose to listen to. I guess because I am older I don't really care what goes on! When it is not positive be it pertaining to or among the Angels. Don't feed into the negative stuff. Trey dose not like negativity. And for as Team Breezy if you are for both it is cool with me.

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I want to thank all you ladies for answering. I'm glad there are some people that know how I feel. And ladies I just want you guys to know I will be voting for both Trey and Chris for the AMAs so please dont get mad at me.

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@Cuttigurl609 I see I misspoke. I don't think just because you're an Angel Trey has to be your number one. I'm not saying if you're an Angel you need to be voting for Trey 100% of the time. & when I expressed what I did, I wasn't really focusing on wanting Angels to choose between artists. I for one have never claimed Trey to be the only artist I love and support. Honestly as much as I love Trey if it was out of him and Anthony Hamilton I just might pick AH. I should have just worded my thoughts better. But most of what I was saying went off this topic too much and was about one specific group and things that bothered me about them. I had a moment and just expressed my thoughts thinking more about the Singeroom contest than I was this TA vs TB topic. It's just something to me that when it's something dealing with both CB and TS that's when a lot of things happen for some Angels but when it's just a Trey thing it's not so important.

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Really why aren't they releasing the video for that song? I didn't know Unusual was recorded already. I'm out of loop.

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Awwww...too cute. I have a bunch of Lloyd & Trey pics on my computer - all of them come from scenes from "Be The One". I'm just gone come to the realization that we are just not gonna get that video. I can't believe my heart has been broken twice this year. First w/ Trey not releasing the "Unusual" video which has already been recorded & now it seems as if Lloyd won't release "Be The One" - another video that has already been recorded. I don't know what the hell is going on.

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Lord it would have been a three way competition if Lance was in the mix. lol

We know you love Trey no explanations needed.

Silly pic of Trey and Lloyd,WM,_Trey_Songz,_Lloyd...

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@Cuttigurl609 - You are absolutely right! People did sign up for different reasons. Just because I paid to become an Angel does not mean Trey is my favorite. I actually signed up because I was tired of not being able to read the discussions Trey's Angels were having. It was that simple...I was tired of missing out on the conversations. So I joined.

But everyone please understand that I do love Trey...but also understand that I love Lloyd as well and I'm a huge supporter for him as well. I'm a Lloyd Lady. Lloyd works very hard - he is underrated due to poor management and record labels. But that's neither here nor there...I like to keep conversations on about Trey & convos about Lloyd on They are my favorite and whenever they are in competitions together please know that you will see me voting for both. Y'all are so lucky my husband Lance Gross can't sing because he would get ALLLLLLLLLLL my votes. LOL

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@Ashlyn I know exactly what you're going through. I just went through the same thing with Singersroom. I am both a Lloyd Lady and a Trey's Angel, and the one thing people don't realize is that I was a Lloyd fan before I was a Trey fan. I love them both for different reasons and I go hard for both. It was quite alright for me to support Lloyd as long as he stayed underrated, but the moment he got into a competition against Trey - woahhhh the hate mail. People were tweeting asking how can I be an Angel when I'm voting for Lloyd. The fact of the matter is - I was voting for both of them equally. My intent was to at least keep both of them at the top and then I'd let the other fans pick the winner between the two. I would've been happy no matter which one won. So it irritated me to no end to see that crap on my TL...I'm a lover of music and I love many more artists. You just have to do you and not worry about the naysayers because not once did I stop voting for both of them.

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@BOBBI I agree w/ this "I'll never knock someone for who they like, but I'm irritated by those certain on-off Angels" ...and this is what caused Trey to win by only a few more votes in the Singeroom contest. We all think he deserves to win, but we have to put in the effort of voting...