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Hammerstein Ballroom 11/25


  • Hammerstein Ballroom 11/25
    October 15, 2011


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on Oct 15, 2011 - 01:23AM


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@caramel021 I'm headed there

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follow me on twitter @treysangel4eva

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I'm going, wanted meet & greet but totally missed it... Any Angels from Philly going, maybe we can link up....hit me up

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I'm going if any angel wanna link up with me I'm down =) princessmishie@gmail see ya angels

Anmariee_1ofTrey'sFinest's picture

I'm goooiiiiiinnngggggg

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Im going to the concert but I need well want someone to accompany me =[ Any Angels interested?? Hit me up on twitter @univ3rsal_ladi3 I follow back and really don't wanna be alone although I don't mind

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Angels With Heart and Trey's Angels are two separate entities. I agree it would be nice to get a discount, but at the same time I don't mind spending my money for a good cause.

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On a side note....I think if we as his "Angels" are so loved and thought of, why cant we get a discounted price on meet and greet tickets. Its "Our" charity. Im pretty sure they are using OUR membership money along with trey's to provide for this charity. OH pardon me, I have a love/hate relationhip with trey lls! But does anyone agree??

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Yepp! However I want the meet and Greet Tickets for my daughter sweet 16th birthday...I missed the pre-sale.. :(

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Im going. Hope to see you guys there's picture

I'm going and so very excited. I finally get to meet Trey!!!

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I am going.. IDK wat to wear??

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would save us all some gas money.and get alot of rooms. I got military discount lol... be our lil field trip lol

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That would be nice@JCW013

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We should get a big ol' bus and pick all the angels up on the east coast starting from florida to NYC and take them to the concert cause I really want to go... but can't come by myself...

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I am not sure yet. I hope I can go.'s picture

Unfortunately, I will not be going. :( Will cost way to much. Concert ticket, trip to NYC and hotel...SMDH Sorry Trey! Catch him next time when he comes to the DMV area. :)

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i'm going

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I'm going but I couldn't get the early entry package. I typed in the price, the seating, the location all according to what the package offered, but it wouldn't let me get it. I'll be there early too, though. Somebody say hi to Trey for me. :)

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does anybody know if there are anymore early enrty packages available ?

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Im going and I was able to get a VIP package.

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I am

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I'm going

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I totally understand@Essence

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Yup ill be their @essence girl i know wat u saying i so wanted the VIP but i have to wait 4 nxt time i gottheearly entr package.. looking forward 2 c y'all

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I understand what you are saying @Essence and I feel the same exact way. I hope to see you all there. General Admission was good enough for me . I'll get there early!

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I'm going :). No VIP tho. They were all gone. Early entry package tho. See y'all there.

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i got the early entry package too . .maybe next time ill get a meet & greet package . . :)

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I am, and I can't wait!! @ESSENCE711 They showed the process on one of the episodes of 'My Moment'.. You get a few minutes with him. He will def talk, maybe even flirt with you.. I will def be on that next go round! I got the early entry package, and I am very happy with that. Coming from someone who used to go to rock concerts, standing room doesn't bother me. Especially to be 1 of the first 100 admitted.. Excited!