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Im i tha only guy dat got a page??? lmao No homo


  • Im i tha only guy dat got a page??? lmao No homo
    July 29, 2009

    Im i tha only guy dat got a page??? lmao No homo

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on Jul 29, 2009 - 06:36PM

Im i tha only guy dat got a page??? lmao No homo

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Nothing wrong with it....Trey fans come in all varieties....#beblessed follow @1SocialBFly via twitter....

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I personally know plenty of men that like Trey's music - they just won't join his fan club. In general, you won't see men of any sexual orientation joining a R&B fan club. Women are the leaders when it comes to this, but a few men will take the time to show their true appreciation for an artist's talents. It's not only Trey's fan club - that includes artists like Lloyd, Tank, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher, etc...most of their support comes from women. Women will usually take the time to attend their concerts & buy their music - not saying that men won't, they just do it less often. So I'm not surprised to see just a handful of men on here. Please continue supporting and loving Trey - we are glad that you are here.

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I love that Trey has male fans and Im glad that u men arent afraid to show it!

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@Numba1Hun - Hit it right on the nail.

And it's not "gay" to support a male artists. I hate that this generation even has to feel that way. Great music is great music. Don't obligated to share your sexual orientation. I'm glad you're here.

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We love our male fans, it shows that you are keeping it real and not hating on this talented man, much love Trey's soldiers. ilike that @Mommiemarie

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i am a male fan, and i look up to him for inspiration in music and performance, i am st8 guy all the way and no homo but i love team songz, i support him and his music all the way, i hope to even meet and record a song with him one day

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I have three sons and they all like Trey and his music. They said Treys Angels isn't for a name for them, but they did like Treys Soldier

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*High Five* it is not common that we find male fans, it would be nice if we had more male fan but at the same time as @numba1hon said, we would want those who aren't heterosexual to respect treys sexual orientations, but what should be more important is our love for Trey trey

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I remember Trey tried to get more male fans to SHOW support because he knows they are out there. I think that is why he had Angel LolaLove in Wonderwoman and he even tried having scantilly clad women performing in his shows, but I don't know if this worked. I remember at one show, Trey seemed very amazed that over 90% of the audience were woman. I think when he realized this attraction, he started to going harder for the female market. On 106&Park, a lot of prominent male celebrity fans as well as female celebs apeared on the show or appeared on screen and congratulated Trey for PPP so we know he has male fans that support him.

I wonder which songs the guys like the most and what they would like to see more of.

For the gay guys, I think Trey welcomes all fans with any orientation, but I think he wants gay fans to respect his sexual orientation (straight) and I think he would feel very uncomfortable having guys push up on him and carry on like the females fans do. So even if a male fan is gay, if he is cool, I don't think he would be a problem.

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I love it I noticed that males that are fans of Trey's music is more passionate they take notes lol!

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Welcome ALL male fans!! It doesn't matter if you're straight or gay, if you love Trey and respect his swag, then that's all that matters. Trey is the best in R&B and it's time more males stood up and said so. Especially the straight ones because Trey needs more support from all of his fans and I know you guys are out there, but a lot of guys don't want to admit they're die hard fans of Trey because he's a sex symbol. I want to see Trey gain the height of sucess that he deserves and we need his male fans' support.
If you're a gay male fan, then I can't be mad at you, I see what you see in him, lol. It's still all good, a fan is a fan at the end of the day.
Male fans, tell your friends who are also Trey fans that it's ok to admit it. No Homo, Homo, whatever, it's the love and support that will push our boy all the way to the top.

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ppl who r gay do u think dat trey is HOT

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face it us ladies RULE this place n yal males are like EXTRAS

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right here!! TeamSongz is in my blood!! #realtalk (No Homo)

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I really don't see anything wrong with being a fan to a male artist its really sexy.

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I'm a dude too (from Hungary)and I really like his music.I'm gay but that's not the reason why I listen to his music.

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imma dude, i luv trey no homo lol

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you talking no homo i like woman i damn sure would not have no picture of trey songs back in my profile so for you yes homo

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no ur not the only dude here, i thought i was the only dude here wassup. im from london

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There's male fans on his messageboard...I don't come on here enought to know if you're the only dude on here.

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Awww dont feel bad i know dudez dat really think Trey iz dope which he is lolz but Welcome!!

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Im new to the site, been a Songz fan for years since I Gotta Make It. Just wanted to say that im no homo, but I love everything Trey do. His swag is unmatched, he fly as hell, he the real deal.

"Impecable swag on every track Trey do."

"We both squirrels, tryna get a Niddut. I can it up and then get it back Ituup."

Songz is my idol...
1 love.

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lls don't feel bad that your the only guy on here. I just want to know what website did u get that pic of Trey Songz.

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lmao welcome

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lrl thanx bay i dnt feel gay..lmao

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yea so look at it dat way lol, but u shud have known it wud b dat way he a singer...but it is sumbody else tho i think his name like TeamSongz23 or sum shit like dat cuz he started followin me on Twitter

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lmao all ic iz femalez..which aint a bad thing but yea,,

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lmao naw i dnt think so