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Trey's Angels vs. Team Breezy


  • Trey's Angels vs. Team Breezy
    October 11, 2011

    This is something I wanted to talk about for a long time but never got a chance. Seeing what people had to say on twitter today just put me over the edge. What is the issue between Trey's Angels and Team Breezy? Why can't people support both? I am both Trey's Angels and Team Breezy. I love both of them as artist and I support them as much as possible. I see on twitter angels saying that other angels shouldn't support Chris and vice versa. Trey wouldn't want his angels fighting with Team Breezy. Can someone explain the problem between these to groups.

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on Oct 11, 2011 - 03:06PM

This is something I wanted to talk about for a long time but never got a chance. Seeing what people had to say on twitter today just put me over the edge. What is the issue between Trey's Angels and Team Breezy? Why can't people support both? I am both Trey's Angels and Team Breezy. I love both of them as artist and I support them as much as possible. I see on twitter angels saying that other angels shouldn't support Chris and vice versa. Trey wouldn't want his angels fighting with Team Breezy. Can someone explain the problem between these to groups.

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One Love! They both from VA. Team Trey all day everyday! I agree with Sexyface21. Chris Brown very talented! :)

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Has never been an Issue for me. I'm beyond that nonsense. I am a Lover of Trey and thats all that matters. However I don't have any issues with whom my followers choose to support. At the End of the Day is All Love and as Trey has stated before which is now my Motto--------->*Spread The L?v*.......#BeBlessed

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I believe the problem is that as trey's angel we go on his ustream and we go to his shows and we say we love trey all day long but when its time to put the work in and vote like nobody's buisness so trey can win viewers choice for Bet or AMA awards his fans dont vote enough. There was absoultly no promotion for his AMA voting for him to win the award. We all know as trey's angel that trey is not one to promote his awards so its up to us to vote like crazy and tell other angels to vote. Team breezy they vote like their life depends on it and thats why chris always beats out trey for certain awards. I dont like chris brown period but i do ocassionally listen to some of his songs cause they are good. Chris lost me as a fan for good when displayed himself on good morning america actin a plump fool. I forgave him for the rihanna thing but his rudness and arogance takes the cake.

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I personally like them both. They both support each other and have been since the very beginning. So why can't both of their fanbases support each other? Makes absolutely no sense at all.

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I'm to grown to argue with other groups over whose a better artist and so on. I am and alwayz will be a great supporter for Tremaine he comes first but I do and alwayz liked Chris Brown as a artist. I think people need to put all there energy into supporting Trey and not getting into negativity with team breezy, Trey represents positivity not negativity!

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I am tired. You have to ask somebody else about taking votes from Breezy so you can give them to Trey. My head is spinning. I like your line of reasoning the more I talk to you. You are definitely a Trey fan. I am about to agree with anything anybody tells me. This too much for me. This what I get for coming in this discussion. I should always listen to @JesusIsMySavior.

I agree that we need support. I don’t care who is offering support to Trey as long as they think like @Tiffan700. Every one of you is welcome. @JIMS Just warn me before I get in these discussions please. Just hit me up on my profile.

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@tiffan700 i totally agree as well.

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@Tiffan700: I totally agree.

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@jesusismysavior i was confused about that too! Only 900 votes?? But it all goes back to my point that he needs more support. We need more fans that are gonna be willing to sit down in front of a computer, or keep a cell phone glued to your hand all day voting. But it's not gonna happen if fans are continuously being pushed away because of who they support.

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@cuttigurl609 Thanks gurl, you have a beautiful attitude too. I love how you stand up for what you believe, without being afraid to say what you feel.

I like that about numba1hon also.

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I agree loyalty is important but we just can’t expect it from everyone sadly. Like I said before we are getting too preoccupied on whether or not people are loyal that we are losing focus on what is truly is important and that is supporting Trey. The more time we focus on this subject matter the less time we are spending voting and spreading the word about competitions that Trey is in. When it comes to these competitions I just say do you and I’m going to do me. I can’t get all worked up about what someone else is doing. I’ll be laid out dead if I did. I also agree there isn’t anything wrong with utilizing other forums to spread the word about Trey but as you stated this should be the home base.

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I meant to say you can't promote positivity. Sorry.

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@NUMBA1HON I waited purposely a few days before i responded to this post, because i wanted to make sure that everything that I wanted to say came out the right way, and that I didn't speak solely off of emotion..let me just explain something..venting, and expressing the way that I feel are two differen't things. Venting would inquire that i'm upset, or that i'm angry. I'm neither. I understand that this is one topic that we're probably never gonna see eye to eye on, and i'm ok with that, which is why i made the statement that i wasn't gonna let anyone tell me that I didn't belong here, nor make me feel guilty because of the way I represent the ones that I love. I see no further reason to go back and fourth on the fans' point of views when I'm not here for the fans. Trey already gave me confirmation that what I was doing was enough for him. I'm satisfied with that.

As far as voting is concerned, I have no problem with loyalty, nor do I have any problem with your views on the subject, but loyalty goes both ways. Am I being disloyal to tb when I'm taking from his votes, and splitting them equally with Trey? If you ask me, I'd say that I'm being loyal to both.

Honestly speaking, there's not a lot of competitions that Chris and Trey really go head to head on, and even when there are, Chris doesn't necessarily win because of a few angels bring disloyal. We have help. The beliebers work with us, #team tyga works with us, and now we even have some of #Rihanna navy helping us out. In return, we do the same for them. When it's time to compete, we go at it, but for the most part, we're all about support. That's all I was saying about Tb, and Trey's Angels. Trey would win more with more support. But if you guys just wanna stand alone, who am I to stop you? You can't promote plasticity if people don't it.

I sincerely hope I didn't offend you, or anyone else with my views. You seem to be a good person also, we just see things differently. There's nothing wrong with that.

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This website should also be supported by all Angels regardless of their beliefs. This is the home base.

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Die-hard fans that are Angels, if you value loyalty, then lack of allegiance by other Angels will definitely have an affect on you because it will affect the outcome of your goals. That means it will have a bearing on you all. If you feel that other Angels should support Trey during a competition that means you value loyalty and you feel the Fan club members should have like-minded goals. There is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean you are insecure. You realize that lack of loyalty has caused many of ships to sink and battles to be lost. We can not do anything about the loyalty of all Angels because although loyalty is important, it appears not to be a requirement of this fan club. It is only our desire and a desire of Trey. It is our desire because we know how we struggled along with Trey to get him the recognition that he deserves and we want him to keep it. Don't let other's beliefs and actions diminish your spirit and enthusiam. Continue to champion for Trey if you believe in him. This thread was about Angels that are attacking other Angels because their favorite fan is actually Breezy. We can chose to value those Angels because they offering support when they can. It is generous of them to give this support. Let them continue to do that in peace. But don't ever give up your belief in loyalty. Just be aware that everyone else on your team is not a like-minded fan and you may have to seek out other like- minded fans whereever they are whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Myspace or YouTube. The fan base of loyal fans and Angels needs to be expanded so we can achieve our goals. I am sure that TeamBreezy has many like-minded fans that are loyal to Breezy.

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It bothers me that anyone would be driven away from this site because of differences of opinions. I think this is the best place to really support Trey. However, it seems Twitter has substituted this site as the primary place to support Trey. As stated before we should be able to put our differences aside and support Trey. I know it bothers some Angels/Fans when other Trey fans vote for other artists but that is life and it is something you have to deal with. If someone wants to be TeamBreezy/Trey’s Angels that is their business it truly doesn’t have any bearing on me. I’m secure enough to handle the fact that people will do as they please during competition. There are a number of issues that we should be focusing on. Like why aren’t many of his fan consistent when it comes to voting. We go all hard the first week perhaps the second week but fall off when the following weeks in the competition. Are we promoting these contests the way we should be on a regular bases? It’s nice you are voting for him but are you telling others to do the same. What strategies do you have when it comes to promoting? What are some positive things we all can do to give Trey a better chance at winning these fan based contest?

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I asked the question. @JIMS posted it again as if she was going to comment.
@CuttiGurl609 In all fairness --- You said that these opinions are not coming from Trey. He is the one that said the club was formed for his most dedicated and loyal fans so that comment is not 100% true. Also you state you are concerned because some Angels are driving other Angels away. In all fairness, this discussion can work either way. It could also drive die-hard Angels away or make them less ardent fans. I hope none of the Angels are too upset by this discussion and continue to support Trey with the same fervor and within any manner they choice whether they are an Angel or not. We can not control what other Angels do. The only person we can only control is ourselves. All I can say is that if I offended you, please accept my apology. I have my beliefs but my intention was to show that in this world, you are not in it by yourself. You are in communication with others and what you say and do affects others and what they say and do affects you. So we should try to understand each other and respect one another and forgive and forget. I used to hold grudges so bad when I was young it used to make me sick. As I got older, I realized the only person I was hurting was myself. The other person was on their merry way enjoying life.

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@NUMBA1HON i rest my case on this post. i don't like those denigrating remarks about Trey and the Angel thats why i unfollowed most of TeamBreezy Stans. i barely see it and only see it when Angels are responding. Pheww enough with this post.

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You know what happened I accidentally copied a quote from Numba1Hon. Sorry about that.

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@JIMS I knew it didn't sound like something you would ask me but it says that you asked me that 6 hours ago from now.

So you think the Angels (his fanclub) should support other artist when Trey is competing with the the other artist for the same spot in a competition. Is that correct? Because that is what we are talking about here. If he is already in competition for the spot, then you don't think his fanbase (supposedlly his most avid and loyal fans) should support him?

NOT ONE of the Angels on here said that you are not supposed to support more than one artist. Each and every one said they don't believe that. So I am not sure what you are making a point about.

Trey and Tyrese are right. Artists should work together and fans should get along better. But who is to support the Artist with the most fervor if it is not his own fanclub. The fanclub is not his whole fanbase. Remember--You don't have to become a fan club member to support any Artist. Most of Trey's fans are not Angels.
Poppin is my Chris song too."

Was that really you? Cause thats wut my computer is showing me.

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@Cuttigurl..: I wasn't the one that asked you that question. :)

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@Jemail I meant to say denigrating remarks about Trey and the Angels. I am sure they go back and forth with that. I am so glad I am hardly following any Angels on Twitter after hearing all of this. My behind would be in grave trouble. LOL

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@Cuttigurl609 I respect you for stating straight up how you feel because you may be right. I can not get mad at that. I rather you do that then ignore what I have to say or appear to obscure it. I have a tendency to be very persistent when I am in a discussion until I feel someone is trying to understand what I am saying. Maybe Trey wants to make die-hard fans out of the contestants and that is why is giving free membership. Who knows what is the motivation. All I know is how various Angels feel about everything stated and that is what we have to deal with unless Trey or his people say something that makes everyone agree. Then I am saying that might not work either so we have to learn to deal with this personally ourselves because that is the only person we can control. These are the things I was focusing on in my comments.

@Jemail Maybe because of this long discussion the other Angels will see the problem this is creating and try to get along better. Maybe this is a good thing because this is a helluva long discussion.

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@JEMAIL Then support him as an Angel, but can we let the issue of the negativity lay to rest. Can we just deal with the fact that everyone has different views and we have to respect that. If your intentions are good and you do not mean Trey or any other Angel any harm then that is all that is important. If Trey did or did not intend the Angels to be his most loyal fans than it might not make any difference to his most loyal fans so this problem might not go away anyway. So my recommendation to recognize what the problem is, acknowledge the feelings of the other Angels, try to understand it and let it go is not a bad recommendation. We have to own up to the fact that all of us in the Angels are not in this alone and what we do affects the other Angels so when we take this into account, we can better understand and forgive and forget. I mentioned about loving your enemies because that is along the lines of what I am trying to convey. If that has not come across from this long discussion, I am very sorry. It is probably because I am a die-hard fan, and you focused on my opinions about loyalty. I still say loyalty is very important and it should be recognized and respected. You may be right about Chris because he is a formidable competitor and nobody seems to stand a chance with him, but also some Angels were talking about denigrating remarks made about the Angels so it is probably more than jsut one thing. I don't concern myself with any particular artist. I just try my best to vote for Trey because I believe in him and his talent and I like his kind of music and his lyricism.

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That is why I said few days ago that when they are promoting this club for people to join no one says it's for die hard funs eg in the UK it's if u a fan of Trey join the fun club TreysAngels & I think it should be that way coz like it or not it does add increase the support. I personally increased my support for Trey after joint the Angel Club when I was on the website I didn't care that much just having that title makes u have more devotion towards him. But I am not gonna come on here & say am a die hard just to please the Angels No. I love & Stan for good music and unfortunately Trey ain't yet my favorite Artist. And that does not mean I can't support him.

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@TIFFAN700 @CUTTIGURL609 u couldn't have said it better. @NUMBER1HON I respect yo views and that is why am not renewing my AngelMembership coz I will go on & on with this subject and as long as #BreezyStanAngels are on this fun club this argument ain't going no where. I've been Loyal to Trey and northing gonna change. The tension among Angels I can't handle and this is not the way things should be in order to succeed with yo primary goal. Like @CUTIGURL609 lack of faith in Treys Ability I personally believe it's Chris that most people have a problem with coz when Some Angels Go hard for other Artists no one seems to have a problem with that but with Chris is when people get on yo nerve. With yo explanation I coclude TreyAngels is for those that Stan for non other than Trey.
Loving #Anticipation2

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oh and I said trey would have "my trophies" i meant to say "mad trophies" lol

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Question:"So you think the Angels (his fanclub) should support other artist when Trey is competing with the the other artist for the same spot in a competition. Is that correct?"

Answer: Like I mentioned before on this post or another with a similar topic I think that anybody should support whoever they wanna support and that they don't owe an explanation to anyone. I also said on this post that I personally only support Trey when it comes to competitions but I understand that majority of people are not like me. But on the same hand I'm not gonna judge somebody else cause they aren't like me. If I had it my way those 2 grammy nominations and all those other BET nominations all of the little internet contests would be Trey's hands down. Hell if Trey himself had it his way of course he would have my trophies but thats the tricky thing about life. Everything isn't they way we want it all the time.

And as far as this fanclub being only for those "die hard fans", if thats the case then why is he giving away a 1 year membership to the fanclub with the pre order of his ep coming out 11.25? I know, u know, his team know and trey know that not everybody who may want his music is a die hard fan that only votes for Trey during competitions. I'm sure all of those fans already have a membership.

I'm just a little concerned that instead of converting fans into that die hard supporter, wut people are doing is pushing them away and these opinions aren't even coming from Trey himself. Its bad enough that alot of people stopped coming on these boards because of these opinions and actions of other fans.

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@Numba1Hon: I agree hate will get you nowhere and neither will drama.
“It's all psychological. That why sometimes when people are acting irrational, you have to look at it as if it is really not about you. It is something they are going through. The more you understand about human nature and the way people behave including yourself then it is easier not to hate. But you have to be very honest with yourself”

You’re right

@Ashlyn(#BalmyAngel): I’m sure there are some Angels that only want you to like Trey but frankly I think that is unrealistic.

@CutTiGurl609: I agree Trey is always telling us to support other artists and I think that is a beautiful thing. He could easily not mention one word about another artist. It always puts a smile on my face when I see Trey shouting an artist that is one of his peers. I think Trey is a different caliber of an artist and that is why he stays blessed because he can take the ego down a notch and respect what another artist has to offer. You are correct intimidation will not get Trey a win.

“It kinda seems like some on you Angels don't have faith in Trey's ability to get to they top (i feel like he's already at the top) and somehow not even realizing it, thinks that CB or other artists are better than Trey and he could never beat them.”

I agree and I made a similar comment a while back.

“Trust me ladies Trey is gonna get there sooner than later. He has come so far already at a steady pace and guess wut he actually likes it that way because it proves he is talented and not just a fad. I think his steady progression signifies longevity and great success in this industry as long as it remains progression.”

True indeed.

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That is why during a discussion, people refer to the comment they are addressing. You know that. I am glad you were not being sly and I am glad you are not saying anybody is wrong for having their opinion. Neither am I. I am pointing out what is causing the conflict so everyone can look at the situation and understand it and not be affected by negativity that probably won't ever go away. Yes, I do want views of Angel's that feel loyalty to be acknowledged too because I believe they are the backbone of the support. I don’t want to hear anybody say I am wrong and I am not saying anybody else is wrong either. I hope that is clear. I am saying everyone has to own up because we are not in this alone and what we do might affect the next Angel. We are humans. Everyone’s view should be acknowledged. My main point is regardless of the diverse views, if one handles this issue in a certain way regardless of one’s view, then one can get over it. I am trying to help the people that are complaining about it so they can overlook the negativity that no one can control. One thing people know about me is I always back out if I find that I am wrong.

Backbone = a central cohesive source of support and stability