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    November 02, 2011

    Any Favorites so far? :)

Baby_gurlno_1's picture
on Nov 2, 2011 - 04:55PM
JesusIsMySavior's picture

@OhMyJazzY: Yeah it was kind of awkward listening to it. I was thinking did this sucka actually record his sex sessions. LOL

Bobbi_'s picture

@OhMyJazzY lol Yes Ma'am. I still can't listen to the end of Don't Judge. Inside Pt. 2 it's basically all over the song so I just take it.

Dr. BrainyAngel's picture

lol yes and it was long too on inside pt 2 I was like well dang...

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Alright i got a question, did any of you feel weird listening to the end of dont judge, and then the background effects in inside. I had to cut the song off when i first heard it; i felt like i was intruding and listening in on him having sex

mekaloves86's picture

AnticipationII even tho I love them all my fav is "Bomb" (outta them all) "Inside Part2" "Good Feelings" "Dont Judge" was crazyyy "Still Scratchin me up" "When we make love" "French Kiss" "Flight &Skype" let me stop because Im gonna name every song off the mixtape lol But Bomb is my song tho

Lemmeholdatbeat2 I would have to say "Whoever Else and "Changes" are my top favs :)

Trey did his thang on both mixtapes

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

@enchantedangel heyyyyyy landa pooh its jazzy

and YES it is so hard to chose now that i den listened to errthang but im still loving track 2 hehe

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I like all of them.

Dr. BrainyAngel's picture

Its so hard to choose ... but I love 1st Top of the World, then 2nd Inside pt.2

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

I heard alot of good things about Changes lol, i gotta play catch up lol

JesusIsMySavior's picture


I like Changes, and Lap Dance

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

@jesusismysavior High Five I love love find a place. and i gotta thing for still scratching meeh up, i havent got acquainted with #lemmeholdatbeat2 yet tho, but i do like jackin for beats

@Bobbi I like the last minute of Me 4 u Infidelity 2 lol i had to quote it on FB

JesusIsMySavior's picture

French Kiss is a good one too.

Bobbi_'s picture

On Anticipation2 "She Needs Me" is my favorite. I love the Marvin Gaye feel of it. I love "Find A Place," "When We Make Love," &"Me 4 U Infidelity 2" and I love to hear him sing "Girl On Girl."

LemmeHolDatBeat2 I love "Changes," & "Root Of All Evil." I don't want to keep listing so I'm going to cut myself off.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Of course Find A Place, Me 4 U Infidelity 2.