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on Nov 6, 2011 - 01:13PM

I want to meet trey, REALLY bad. but idk how to make that happen. anybody know? like who i could try to get in contact with?

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@MS.YUUP @SLIMJUICY_DIVE well, I live in VA lol. im thinking about joining that trey's angels...what do you get out of that?'s picture

@Slimjuicy_Diva you took the words out of my mouth.................... If you live in the right places you may can win a chance to meet Trey but the sure way to meet him is to buy meet and great tickets to one of his shows.

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Oh gosh lol -__- when is he going to have another concert?

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What u gon have to do your money for those expensive ass meet and greet tickets lol