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Why are you a Trey's Angel


  • Why are you a Trey's Angel
    November 11, 2011

    Hello Angels, I'm just curious to what inspired each of you to become a Trey's Angel and how has then experience been for you.

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on Nov 11, 2011 - 09:18AM

Hello Angels, I'm just curious to what inspired each of you to become a Trey's Angel and how has then experience been for you.

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I've been a fan of Trey's music since the "homemade videos at the park" days and i'll forever be a fan of his music.

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@Meka I'm not surprised that Trey did that. Trey has a passion for his fans and each of us can see that. Like u said I dont know any other artist that would do such a thing but it shows he's love and dedication to us.
@Treyzonelove glad to see u didnt let ur age stop u from joining. A true artist doesnt have an age limit on their fans. This fan club is not only about being a fan it's about helping others in the process.
@MizzShay That lets u know that this is not just a club to him it's "more than that". I know celebrities that have foundations and fan clubs and dont acknowledge them at all but for him to acknowledge us every show let us know he cares.
@Paige i'm honored to say i've had the priviledge to see Trey grow in music. I'm not gone lie, Trey high school days we used to bump Trey through the steroes and dance in the mirror. Now a days Trey makes what we call "grown folk music" lol. Maybe it's just me but when I listen to Trey it's like this feeling comes over me where he's just singing to me.

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In a nutshell, I wanted to see the American dream unfold especially for Trey with his talent, good looks and great work ethic and love for his mother and family life and his spiritual values. Especially since he started out from very humble beginnings and was saying I Gotta Make It and he was not singing just about himself, but taking his girl along with him. It's a great thing to actually see the American Dream unfold especially for a Black man in America and he let us into his life to see it. The only sad part is the pain that comes with the lifestyle. I think it has hardened him and I did not foresee any of that.

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Well, I have been a fan of Trey for years, ever since his first CD. To me, he is truly one of the few modern R&B artists I have heard that didn't try to go mainstream, just because it's the "norm." He sticks to his own path, and for that alone, I love him. He also seems very humble and the type of artist that is loyal and thankful for his fans. He gives his fans his all, every single time. I just recently became an "official" angel, but my love for him and his music has been growing since "I Gotta Make It." He's a true artist, and I love that about him.

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I became an Angel because first, because I love the music and second because Trey is exactly the type of artist I wanted to be back when I wanted to be famous. Lol. By that I mean that he gives so much to his fans. He shouts us out at every concert, i songs, Gives us sooo many opportunitites to meet him, keeps the gifts we give him and his appreciation for his fans shows thru his interactions with us, especially when he hugs you lol. He goes out of his way for us and has some of the most original ideas (like AWH). No other artist out there does what Trey does for their fans. Because of those reasons I will always be an #Angel and support him. And not to mention the concerts are great! lol

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I havent been with Trey since the Gotta Make It days, at the time I wasnt really listening to music like that anymore. I was kinda there for Cant Help But Wait n Wonder Woman but I didnt know they were by the same person. Lol both of those songz were my jamz n knew them word for word. But when I say Trey Songz couldve slapped me in my face I wouldnt have known he was the guy that sang those songz. Lol

I fell in love with him when he premiered the NKMN video n I saw that smile. After that I became a true fan. I became an Angel because I loved Trey and wanted to be a part of what he represented n to represent him by sharing his music n tellin people about what n who he is. At first I was hesitant to join becuz I thought I was too grown to join a fan club, but I came to the realization that I didnt care what people said about me or how much they tease me cuz I love Tremaine! I dont care as long as Im his Angel Im happy :-D, SEE! LOL

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I became a Trey's Angel to show my support for Trey! I love the whole meaning of being one of his angels. I will love him forever and continue to support Tremaine

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Honestly the reason I became an Angel is because the membership came along with my PPP ticket. Why I stayed an Angel is because I like what it represents.

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M.Yuup I am sorry to hear that you was ready to give up on life but I am happy that Trey was able to change that. If there's ever a time you feel like the world is too heavy to carry on ur back lift it up and carry it on ur shoulders. I said that to say this, never let ur situation out weigh you. God will never bring you to it if he wont bring you through it. Always remember, in order to enjoy the pleasure you must first go through the pain. After every storm comes a rainbow :-). I hope ur story can be a blessing to someone else.'s picture

I don't know how I missed Trey Songz during his gotta make it days. But never the less I am a loyal fan. I fail in love with Trey after watching the 2010 BET awards. I became an Angel to learn more about Trey Songz. But Treys Angels means so much more to me now. It gives me a chance to give back to my community and has given me the chance to get to know many wonderful people. To me Trey is more than an artist........ He is my life saver....... I was at the point of given up on life............. But the Pain ustream Trey did last year gave me hope made me realize I have alot to live for. I may never meet Trey but I will forever be grateful for what he did in my life.

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Treysspecialangel I know Trey is happy that you've joined and i'm sooo glad you feel welcomed. As for me, the thing that inspired me to become an Angel was when Trey came home November 9 to shoot his "Top Of The World" video. Seeing him pay for haircuts and hair dos for the kids really meant alot to me. I see how Trey love his community and likes to give back so I decided to join because he has inspired me to give back. I'll be real, i'm not gonna say i'm the biggest "Trey" fan but I am in love with his music. I appreciate this "Trey's Angel" opportunity and I hope that we as Angels can not only use this opportnity to change our community and promote Trey, but to change the WORLD and we wouldnt have to promote Trey because our work will speak for itself :-)

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What inspired me to become a Trey's Angel is my undying love for Trey. I just joined in september but i have loved Trey since his first song dropped. So far the experience for me has been pretty ok, all the other angels welcomed me with open arms showed me around the site a little and we get access to concerts and stuff like that first. ITS GREAT!!!