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Trey Songz Knocked on YOUR door.....


  • Trey Songz Knocked on YOUR door.....
    April 29, 2010

    If Trey Songz knocked on yo door wat wuld u do?


    I would scream my ass of then let hym in qive hym all types of huqes

    qet summ pics. toqether ask hym do he wants sumn to eat if so will

    cook hym a fresh home cooked meal for my one && only baby &&

    jus enjoy the moment... ( also show hym my SEX ROOM )... ya diqq...

ilove_tsongz's picture
on Apr 29, 2010 - 08:01PM

If Trey Songz knocked on yo door wat wuld u do?


I would scream my ass of then let hym in qive hym all types of huqes

qet summ pics. toqether ask hym do he wants sumn to eat if so will

cook hym a fresh home cooked meal for my one && only baby &&

jus enjoy the moment... ( also show hym my SEX ROOM )... ya diqq...

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latricelovestrey's picture

well, I would give him a great big hug! cook him a lobster dinner/ wine lol and talk. does anyone know when he is going to be on webcam live for the fans again? and we can talk to him? i wish he would come to merrillville, indiana.they also had something where his fans could actually call and talk to him! i called vut it's not active anymore?

cresiapaige's picture

hell yea omg i would ....................... you just dont know girl

mrz_neverson_22's picture

Well, if tremaine showed up at my door, still scratchin me up would already be on repeat. So when i open tha door i most likely will walk up to him silently. Pull him in. Then say " wat up doe" in my best trey voice!!!! Then i would ask him some questions. If he was hungry id make him anything he want ( he can help too)!!!! Sit down, eat, chill, play some games. U should already kno where still scratchin me up cames in at. Its time too finish wat we started when he made scracthin me up #1 about us!!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

If Tremaine showed up at my door I would ask him to pinch me to make sure Im not dreaming! After that Im not sure, of couse I would invite him in n hopefully we would jus chill n have good convo. We would probably end up on the floor cuz when Im around a man Im attracted to, I cant hide it to save my life! I would try to restrain myself! Maybe

MRS WEST's picture

FAINT!!!! myb wen i finally do get up show him my bedroom,,,,,,,,,

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

Id jump into his arms and hug him! I would be blushing my a@@ off! Take pics with him, give him kisses. And i would so get Treys number

TriggaWifey64's picture

I'd open the door and then I would just be standing there while to me he's moving in slow motion while one of his adorable love songs play in my head. Once I snap out of it I would let him in (if i snap out of it LOL) and I'd probably be all clumsy and falling everywhere because that's how I am when I see a picture of him, when I hear his songs etc.

Meghan Nicole's picture

i would most likely Scream than Faint but after that it would be on and POPPIN.

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

sry dey asked i gotta let em know!

Treyzgurl4rio_23's picture

Ima tell u like ima tell everybody.."IT WOULD BE OVER!!!!" I wld make love to his face!!

grownsophisticated2010's picture

I'd probably act all nonchalant about it like he's not really Trey Songz. But, on the inside i'd probably be all crazy. It'd be funny trying to keep my cool and try not to do anything stupid.. But, that's only if he were to arrive at my front door.

Diva A's picture

After I get over the shock of him being at my door, I would offer him and his team a home cook jamaican meal, since they travel and are away from home some much.

Pinkieboo's picture

Well To saii Iyt Ill Keep Iyt kOol Even Though Inside Ill Wanna Eat Hym Uhp But Imma Keep Mah KOol But Eventually It would Wear Off.!

Shamaine'Songz x's picture

I'd Laugh first cuz I'd think it's a joke.
Den if it really is him I'd faint.
Wake up then HOPEFULLY find maself on his chest being hugged they cry!
Then off to daa bed room to get to knoee.........

TrudyYuuup♥.'s picture

I would faint, get up, then faint again, and then cry lmfaooo,
forreal tho.

Belle_laPink's picture

First I would hope I was looking good but if I wasn't up to my best I would still answer because there is no way in hell I would miss that chance. Id let him in and then run and

CollegeGirlMilly's picture

I would be like let's head to the shower lol j/k

Keisha_13's picture

get my purse and say lets go out

Ineedtreysongz23's picture

I would feel like im going to pass out...but id try to act all cool about prolly give him a hug tho. then i bring him in and ask him what he's doing here

meganvliet's picture

Hey girls (and maybe some guys)! This isn't spam! Lol.
I'm just askin ya'll to join this page I made for my favorite Trey line/Trey Songz and to invite all your friends!
Thanks so much!!!

tremainesbaby3's picture

i would just drop to the floor and cry, but i would you play it off sexy i wouldn't scream because i know he doesn't like that. then i would get to him and tell him things about me (i know im going to be stuttering lol)

SexyAries412's picture

Have to take a second look to make sure thats really him..

LovesIDENTITY's picture

I would be happy, invite him in, chit chat and start cooking (cuz I love to cook, love to eat and I'm sure he probably does too...let alone need a good meal from being on the road all the time!).

meganvliet's picture

Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!

suga-n-spice28's picture

i would pull him the house and show him the bedroom....... LOL

nanaluv_2's picture

wow,i would cry prolly at first then i would thank god and get to kno him and let him get to kno me.and then we'll see where that goes....

black rose.'s picture

just look at him; thinking this can't be real then probably fall out

Treys_Gurl85's picture

pull him the house.................................. lol ;)

geminibabij94's picture

loose all control but then ill have to bring it back into life.......if i dnt fant

juweriya's picture

i'd be hella shocked maybe juss yell, and hug him, and go crazy lol