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What Trey Songz merch would you want to buy?


  • What Trey Songz merch would you want to buy?
    May 17, 2011

    What do you really want to see sold in the merchandise section on Are you interested in sleepwear, comforter sets, portraits, jewelry like earrings, belly rings, t-shirts, stickerts, etc... Now that the ball is rolling, what could you envision TREY SONGZ or his face on? 

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture
on May 17, 2011 - 04:56PM

What do you really want to see sold in the merchandise section on Are you interested in sleepwear, comforter sets, portraits, jewelry like earrings, belly rings, t-shirts, stickerts, etc... Now that the ball is rolling, what could you envision TREY SONGZ or his face on? 

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tryaunda's picture

The Angel Wing necklace with matching earrings and bracelet.

SongzHeartbeat's picture

i posted this in another thread but here:

*New charms for bracelets(not to mention charms that won't fade.(i'll get into that on another post)

*More tees/tanks, shorts, leggings/sweatpants, and track suits(customized or specific theme) like the ones in the love faces bundle(individualized or bundled)

*Exclusive pictures, calendars, stickers, and dvds(concert performances,a day in the life series,meet and greets/AWHF missions)*everybody doesn't get to attend these events,just saying*

*More hoodies in a variety of colors and styles

*Jewelry(costume,gold, or silver) - angel wing necklaces, themed(song title items,music notes,etc) or customizable necklaces/bracelets/rings/earrings/body(ex:name plate jewelry - SONGZ, your angel nickname, Passion, Trigga)

*Laptop, phone, ipod skins/cases

*flip flops and house slippers

*Backpacks and drawstring bags


These are a few things going through my mind right now. May post more!

@LasheznLipstick on twitter

MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

all of them ;)

calicourtny's picture

An angel wing necklace like Trey's would be a really HOT buy! I'd buy 2, one to wear and one for the rear view mirror in my car. He's mentioned he just needs to come on wit it!!

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

I wish they would have Trey's Angels wing necklace like Tasha said!

TriumphantAngelPB's picture

HAHA! @Tricia. Yes you actually just say that. LORD!

But yea, I would like to see more t-shirts and jewelry. And posters, maybe cell phone cases, stuff for your laptop....and a CONCERT DVD, thank you!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I would like a replica of his penis sold. O_O

Did I actually just say that?

Okay - well since that's not possible, I would love the bed set with a big picture of him on it. Oh poor comforter would get freaked every night. Don't do it Trey.

Nic76's picture

I would love a Trey Songz Queen Comforter set for my bed! Conforter could be a picture of Trey and the fitted sheet could say Yuuup!

FantasySongz's picture

First of all a Tour DVD or any DVD i think it's about time for that, TV boring nowadays nothing Trey worthy to see. Like he was saying today a replica of the Angel wing necklace he got, love that one. Angels earrings would be nice and a Trey's Angels cap, i would were that a lot. I just recently saw a cap that was just saying Angels and i only bought because i find it so cute and it was for kids can't even wear it lol. Oh and Trey pillows would be nice to with his picture on it and Trey bag like a duffle bag or something.

Numba1Hon's picture

Since I love Trey's pictures, I think he would be able to sell an autobiographical photo album that covers his family, homelife, homies, career, love life, social life, career acquaintences and associates, interviews, and his most photogenic pictures including the sexiest ones and the most fashionable, casual and formal dress, including photo shoots (old and new pics), hair photos before and after, performances shots, etc.

This should be in a DIGITAL FORMAT for download and should be able to interface with
I-Tunes, Zune, Adobe Photoshop, etc. and could include slides and video. Could include some of the video footage that BET has because they have some good shots of Trey on video. Music could be included with the photos.

TreysQuietAngel's picture

I'm a big fan of jewlry so earrings, necklace, and ring would be nice. Also, a bed n a bag would be extra niceeee and pajama sets, maybe even a cute casual top.

Numba1Hon's picture

A paperweight with an opague collage of photos and the website on it.

NELLZ's picture

a bed in a bag...(blanket,sheet set,pillowcases,pillow shames(for a king size) ect.) black with white treys angels logo or white with the treys angels logo in black..thats just for starters then maybe as time goes on make other color combo's will be added. and maybe make some certians to match.. :)

PinkySongz's picture

I would love to see some pajama sets as well as earring and treys angels 2 finger rings and necklaces

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Luggage set

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Trey Songz toiletry set which includes Toothbrush, Toothbrush holder, soap holder etc.

TaleciaW's picture

I would love to see some Angels sunglasses.

TEETIMME's picture

All dat! I wud really like some "Panty Droppa" panties w/ Trey's face on them! :D
A gown w/ his face, or hot pants!
@treysangels wings earrings w/ matching necklace & ring, like the charm
Since summer is coming, a beach towel w/ Treys face & a bathing suit/bikini! Id wear it every day! :D

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