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Disrespecting Helen


  • Disrespecting Helen
    November 25, 2011

    Can someone PLEASEEEE tell me what is the purpose of the negative tweets to Helen? Trey tweeted her on 11/24, which led to an onslaught of degrading and disrespectful tweets going her way. What has she done to any of us except for love the man that we say we love???? How selfish is it of us to WANT him to be alone or WANT him to WANT US! He can't have us all.

    News Flash - HELEN HAS A MAN! If you follow her, you will see that she is extremely happy and in-love with someone else.

    I thought I was in a fan club with ANGELS. I hope that everyone can begin behaving as such.

    As a representation of Trey, we have to do better!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture
on Nov 25, 2011 - 01:49PM

Can someone PLEASEEEE tell me what is the purpose of the negative tweets to Helen? Trey tweeted her on 11/24, which led to an onslaught of degrading and disrespectful tweets going her way. What has she done to any of us except for love the man that we say we love???? How selfish is it of us to WANT him to be alone or WANT him to WANT US! He can't have us all.

News Flash - HELEN HAS A MAN! If you follow her, you will see that she is extremely happy and in-love with someone else.

I thought I was in a fan club with ANGELS. I hope that everyone can begin behaving as such.

As a representation of Trey, we have to do better!

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Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

@LisaLeigh - You are right...the disrespect must stop amongst us Angels but when you're dealing with people from different backgrounds, different upbringings, different ages, and so forth, some drama will occur. You just have to do your best to steer away from it as well as to let things go. Everything doesn't have to be a battle. I like to say my point and move on. I'm not going to argue about it.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

You're right Tricia the primary reason for you being a member is for Trey.

I'm sure it does hurt her or any woman he is connected to.

By him not tweeting a lot gives me the impression that he knows he has to be cautious about what he does on Twitter. You are right he should be able to flirt all he wants to but he knows he really can’t. LOL@ Hell...flirt with me.

I remember he commented on a picture he took with a fan in South Africa. Some of his fans attacked the lady. I think that is sick.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Helen does not follow Trey but they are still friends. She's tired of the drama with Trey's fans. She has thick skin, but it still hurts her for people to be judging her without knowing her.

I saw the quotes, but even if I had not seen the quotes, I still would never attack one of his female friends.

Trey already tweets at a minimum because of the craziness. I personally don't feel like he needs to be careful on what he tweets his female friends. I think he has a right to tweet whoever he wants. I do believe he has an obligation as a celebrity to be slightly the sense of not degrading or being spiteful on Twitter, but flirting and things of that nature I feel as though its nothing wrong with that. He's a man. He loves women. Flirt away! Hell...flirt with me. LOL I won't get jealous when he turn around and flirt with someone else the next day.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

@sweetestgurlluv Don't allow the other Angels to run you away. There are certainly some wonderful young ladies on here. I've heard a number of Angels say they will not be renewing their membership due to the drama...but drama only comes to you if you allow it to. I am on and off of but I won't stop renewing it. I became a member for access to Trey...friendships came along the way...but at no time do I lose focus on why I'm here. If you joined for Trey...let him be your motivation for renewing your membership. He is my reason for being here...I want to support him and his career.

JesusIsMySavior's picture


One of the Angels told us about his tweet and I was “Oh Lord Trey starting some mess on Thanksgiving day” When I got home I saw that it was a quote and was like “Okay” It seems like his friend Mumeet was trying to reach out to Helen but with no success so I guess he told Trey to convey the message. Helen seems to have a guy in her life that truly makes her happy and she makes him happy. So on your end you saw people calling her illegal alien? That is messed up if that is the case. God only knows what kind of crap they said about her being Ethiopian. People can be so mean spirited. You are right the mixtapes don’t help one bit they have people coming up with all kinds of scenarios.

Numba1Hon's picture

I was overthinking things too because at first I did not see the quotation marks. Right away I went on Helen's sites to see what was going on. I found out about Helen's new boo and then I went on Twitter and I saw some illegal alien remarks. I did not see anything else, but I figured there is probably a lot more. That is when I started wondering what is going on with Trey. Then I saw Mumeet's information on his sites and something told me this is not making sense so I went back to twitter and saw the quotation marks. I was relieved. I thought we were seeing Trey's dark side. You know those mixtapes don't help.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Numba1Hon: Yeah they probably didn’t see the quotation marks.

“You know English grammar is not everybody's forte.”

LOL True indeed.

I agree I think it’s best if he didn’t tweet his female friends and associates. I noticed that it doesn’t really matter who he tweets people over think things. Like some people tend to examine who he follows and dream up in their heads potential mates for Trey. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Yeah Me4U doesn’t help at all. BTW that is one of favorite songs too. I don’t think he mistakenly posted the tweet I just don’t’ think he thought about the outcome. Perhaps him withdrawing from twitter for a bit might be best. Though I wasn’t on Twitter when he tweeted the comment from what I gathered it did get some negative feedback from his more special fans.

Numba1Hon's picture

They probably did not see the quotes that is why that tweet was such a problem. You know English grammar is not everybody's forte. I think all they saw was Helen and Holla at me. The best thing for Trey to do is not tweet any of his female personal friends publicly on twitter at all. Also that record Me4U did not help. I think Trey made an innocent mistake in posting the tweet and he has to be more careful to protect his female friends. Unfortunately that means he might withdraw more. I hope the comments were not that hateful.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Numba1Hon: That's true. Like I said before it was a quote from his friend and there was no reason for his fans to get out of pocket. Even if it wasn't a quote they had no place attacking her.

Leah_13's picture

@GimmeUnusual I completely agree with you that the hate towards helen is unnecessary. Trey is most definitely going to end up with someone eventually so all of us angels need to remember that and respect that about him. The hate towards any former or current women that are in his life should does not need to be... hate is not necessary and "it will get you nowhere" (trey's words)

Numba1Hon's picture

You might be right, but if she is not following him, that may even be more reason for him not to post that tweet. That may mean she does not want to be in the know or she might be trying to stay out of the bullshit she knows that comes with his fans.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Numba1Hon: I'm not sure if she follows him so maybe that is why he didn't dm her.

Numba1Hon's picture

Trey should have sent a DM. The 1st thing I thought is he must be still interested in Helen and maybe he's jealous because she has been making a big display of how happy she is with her new boo. So then I felt bad for Trey. Then I thought maybe he sent the tweet for spite so his fans could beat up on her. I hope that is not true----That's just messy----Maybe he just forgot to send a DM. It took me a minute to notice the quote, but regardless, it could have been done differently. I also thought maybe he wanted us to know that he knows that Helen has moved on or maybe he didn't want to send a DM because she does have a new man (not likely). Who knows. Whatever the reason we ALL knew there was going to be some bullshit. Unless he was high, feeling extremely lonely and overjoyous and wanted to share (on an impulse) or some other good reason e.g. a mistake, there is no excuse for the hurt this may have caused Helen. Sorry Trey. Also there is no excuse for any Angels disrepecting Helen or any other woman seen with or working with Trey. That is so uncool of a Trey's Angel. Lite joking is acceptable to me as long as it looks humorous. I hope there were no really hateful comments. However, Celebrities have to develop thick skin and Helen is a celebrity in the making. Besides being a professional dancer and Trey's Ex, She is starring in a new movie coming soon. Mumeet is working on new music too and of course some of Trey's new Songz seem to be about Helen. So maybe Trey, Helen and Mumeet knew Trey's nosey fans like myself would be motivated to do some research based upon information of 40 words or less and he could save everyone some promotional money.

SweetestGurlLuv's picture

Here I am trying to do things out of my own pocket and I see some of the same angles on here like this really showing me really no one deserve it but a few....that's crazy. I know I really don't want my money going towards the wrong person's picture

@Tricia - precisely why i have stepped back from engaging allot of Angels on twitter. I now have about 10 that I interact with and not daily. I have dwindled my Trey tweets down as well. not because i do not love this man and support him but because i just simply am over the crap that surrounds him, and that of the fan base. it isn't getting any better and it was taking up too much of my own energy to just let it ride. i am still debating on whether I will renew my membership as well and that is a shame but it is the reality of where i am at with this and the garbage that has not yet been put to rest. i hurt for him and for the fans who do not engage it and fight against the hate and you are absolutely right it is selfish and disrespectful how some people have been going on with her and other women he has been said to be linked with... Its disrespectful to her, to him, and to the fans who have to endure through it..

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@k.g. sunshine. I guess people see what they want to see. :)

kg.sunshine's picture

@JIMS - Well, dayum, you hit the nail right on the head! #Precisely! I agree! Ppl were SO slow. I'm like do they NOT see quotation marks around the dayum message????

@Tricia - Glad you addressed it. I find that to be borderline "stalkerish".

Follow me y'all @eccentrixbreeze. Please & thank you! :)

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I agree @Ms. Yuup!'s picture

I don't understand the hate. I don't follow Halen but I know this. One day if not already Trey will find that some one who makes him happy. Ladies realize Trey Songz is a job and Tremaine Neverson is a person. I want Tremaine to be happy and Trey Songz to keep making music and living his dreams and being successful. If Helen is being hated on and her and Trey or no longer together I am scared to see how people will react when Trey finds that woman that he choose to spend the rest of his life with. If you are a true Angel and or fan. You will not let Trey's personal life affect how you support Trey Songz. I am done just my thoughts and take it for that please.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I'm pretty sure Helen knows all Trey's fan aren't nuts.

TreysQuietAngel's picture

I agree. Some of these so called Angels' outrageousness is the MAIN reason I barely log on here or twitter. It makes me super happy to see/ know that Trey is super happy. Idk about others but to see him smiling makes me smile.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Hey Tricia!!

I'm super late but I agree. I heard about some of the Angels or whomever attacking Helen and I find that crazy. Hey I may not be a fan of who he dates but it isn't my place to attack anyone he is linked up with. Plus I find it funny (strange funny not humorous funny) that people were so willing to attack her when what Trey wrote was a quote from one of his friends, though it maybe coming from him too. It’s only human nature to feel envy or jealousy when we see someone we like interested in someone else, but it is truly nothing we can do about it. Its obvious Helen holds a special place in Trey’s heart and we should be happy that. It’s always a beautiful thing when a man thinks highly of someone especially a woman. I’m thinking that some of his fans have listened to “Me 4 U” a little too much and know that song is basically about Ms. Helen. With the personality Trey has it makes it hard to have a relationship in the public. He is so personable and flirtatious that many of his fans get it twisted and think he belongs to them. And though we would like to believe he is he really isn’t. In some ways I wish he would announce he had someone just so it could put some of his fans in check because some of his fans are a little too delusional. I truly want Trey to be happy with that special lady that God has specifically for him that could be Helen, Lauren, Jess or any other woman. Whoever it is I pray it is someone he truly loves (and not lust after) and truly loves him.

Tricia I honestly believe IF he did end up with one of the ladies that happen to be an Angel that person would get just as much hate.

But as you stated at this current moment Helen is with someone and it appears she is very happy with this guy. From what I gather he treats her with the respect she deserves.

lisaleigh30's picture

I find this interesting considering. Angels disrepect other Angels all the time why would helen be different and none of the angels have ever publicly dated Trey!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I understand people wanting to know all about him & be all up in his business...hell I'm nosey too, but what I won't ever do is disrespect any woman he's linked with in any kind of way. They are his choice and should never be abused by us. We all want to see him with the best woman & of course happy...but we can't chose her for him. He has to do that on his own & we SHOULD respect his choice in a mate. At least a real fan should!

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Truly Agree.....I see we still have a long way to go. I will reiterate again whatever Trey does or whomever he's with in his personal life is none of my business. Some of us really need to mature. We must REPRESENT Trey with Positivity and Most Importantly Respect.

SpiritualAngel's picture

Amen! I don't understand it why be so rude and ugly to somebody. I love Helen I'm sure her and Trey are still friends and I don't see anything wrong with that. Come on Angel stop it that is not cool. YES HELEN HAVE A MAN!

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