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If u could ask trey for anything in the world; wat would it be ?


  • If u could ask trey for anything in the world; wat would it be ?
    September 16, 2010

    take me 2 chill with him and his family

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on Sep 16, 2010 - 05:18PM

take me 2 chill with him and his family

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MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

Id ask him if could be in his life forever or very close friends i want memory tha will last forever everyday i wake up with a smile on my face thinking about it ^^

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I'd ask to chill with him at his favorite spot. Just so i could get to know him.... Nothing more.

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

Or I might ask him to be my daddy but not because Im a minor! *wink, wink*

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

I would maybe ask if we could be good friends! Cause once ur friends anything is possible! Even if he only wanted to remain friends that would be just fine with me!'s picture

If I could ask Trey for anything I would ask him if I could cook him a meal I would just like to have a conversation with Trey. I love to listen to him talk so he would probably end up doing most of the talking but I would keep the conversation going. Trey could pick the topic........

mrz_neverson_22's picture

I would ask him to be my god daddy, since im a minor!!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!

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lol@cut yes like that huh! Lol!

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To spend the day together doing whatever he wanted! I just wanna be w/ him! :)

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to follow me on twitter. lol

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but me i would just ask for a best frn :)

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@blueeeyBBY i totally agree a movies is a great start for anything:)

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lol @madhottmami i c we think alike

CutTiGurl609's picture

I would ask for his hand in marriage

SShorty's picture

Where is Black Rose?

Shout out to Black Rose...and Joy Da Best

blueeeyBBY's picture

oooh. i would ask him if we could go movies then let the rest of the day come up with what else we could do :) time to chill hehe

SShorty's picture

Who else apart from me and BlackFire wants him to log into his own website?

And wouldn't be afraid to ask?

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i know rite no steaks and lobsters straight up dollar menu from mcdonalds or a good old philly steak. mmmmmmmmmm im hungry lol

Mz.2thick's picture

I agree Elodis cause i mean if i wanted to hang with trey songz i would go to a concert or something. I wanna know like whats ur favorite movie and color just random dumb stuff like that. like a bestie or something.

Mz.2thick's picture

wow good question. ummmmmmmmmm if i could ask him for anything it would be to hang out with me for my bday i guess. just for a day. alot of ppl would ask for a relationship and things but i mean trey dnt want a relationship no time soon and plus girls just too crazy and even tho he comin hme to me there would still be girls who wouldnt care and would do anything. I just wanna hang with him just like 2 friends haning out and my life will be complete lbs. so trey if u reading this da bday is february 22. finna be legal

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if i could ask trey anything it would be "will u marry me?" lol i wish! ugh this man has got SPRUNG!

SkittlesD_97's picture

@S Shorty
LOLZ i agree with u there =)

SShorty's picture

This is a good question...

it would simply be

"can you kindly log into your website and interact with the
members present there instead of being on Twitter every day?

there's no money involved,
so it won't cost the members a thing and it won't cost you a thing..

IAmMzFotographik's picture

I i can ask Trey anything it would be to get to know him as a person Tremaine, whats behind the artist just a great conversation.

Elodie_2's picture

I will ask him to speak with me as Tremaine and not "Trey songz"; and want to know how was his life before...

iamNishaJhene's picture

If i could ask him for one thing , I think it will be to take me back to VA so I can hang out with him and his family and friends cause he seems to always be so happy when he's with them and they just seem like a genuine fun and cool group of people to be around . i agree w. nalston forget about the fame and everything cause that's not why i support him .'s picture

If I could ask Tremaine (Trey Songz) for anything in the world, it would be to join me for a cup of coffee and lets just talk like REGULAR people. Forget the fame, the glitz, and lets just chill over coffee and a meaningful conversation. Get to know the real me and vice versa.
Nichelle N. Alston
Sexy_Chelle34 (Twitter)