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what if you had trey songz number


  • what if you had trey songz number
    August 04, 2011

    ladies what would you do if you had trey's number would you give it out to the world or keep it to yourself tell me what you think about this

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on Aug 4, 2011 - 11:38AM

ladies what would you do if you had trey's number would you give it out to the world or keep it to yourself tell me what you think about this

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If i've got trey's number.. i would call him and invite him on my island :) For him to have a great time and relax a bit !

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If I had trey songz number I would call him nd be on sum bestfriend thing.I would not fuck or tell him I like him because I know how it is being a star.I know what he going throw but I just want him 2know that theres girls out there that can be friends nd nothing more.If he need a friend my oovoo is fatgirlbaby he already

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that stuff might also cause ppl to change their number.

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based on this question it is clear to me that u did not watch the Trey Songz show called my moment, or that u do not know what life as a celebrity is like. watching that show you would have noticed that as an artist, you job, and life can be pretty hectic, and crowded with interviews, and photo shoots, award winning ceremonies, red carpet moments and whats not. let a lone not to mention, albums which need to be completed in 2 wks, and shooting music videos, i don't think you would want to spk with any fan at that in any of these times, or when u r trying to catch your beauty sleep that you have not had in while, so bad you forgot what it feels like to sleep for at least five hours, i know i would not want or even like it; if i it was me and i knew who did it, i probably would sue the person, for the cause of my harassment. i don't know if you know , but trey has mobile twitter, just for fans, they can leave msgs, and he also leaves a message so u can hear him, nvr know one day he just might return your call.

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no reason to give it out thats not right its a personal thing you wouldnt want random people hitting you up's picture

If Trey gave me his number I would learn it and give it to no one!!!!! I would call Trey from time to time to say Hi. Bout for as it would go. I don't even think I would tell anyone he gave me his number.

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I wouldn't even give it to God. I don't even think I would tell anyone I had it, I would treasure it and memorize it and recite it in my head. I would call him every night at the same time and tell him how much I looooooooooove him. I would text him when I get lonely, and omg haha.

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i wouldn't give it out b/c i wouldn't give out anyones number like that..i would have respect for him just like i have respect for all of my other contacts..& you know how people are..they just want it to be able to say they have his number..but naw, i would just keep it to myself.

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i wouldn't give it to my closest friends and family. i actually wouldn't tell anybody that i had it. its not like they would believe me anyway

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i don't think i would give his number away like that. if i had it i would keep to myself. now if he said i could give it out to people if they wanted it then i might give it out. if he personally gave me his number then i would not ever give it out