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  • Angel Pin
    December 13, 2011

    WHERE IS MY ANGEL PIN?! That is all.

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture
on Dec 13, 2011 - 09:43PM

WHERE IS MY ANGEL PIN?! That is all.

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MzShyTownDva's picture

I got mine Thursday : )

TreysNewestAngel1's picture

Oh Lawd! We were supposed to receive a pin? All I got was a Tshirt, dog tag and letter.

Ms Matara's picture

I was excited to get my pin!!

Lashawnda_3's picture

i never got mine either

TREYed UP's picture

yupmrstreysongz's picture

i finally got mine like last week, or the week before! (=

iRepTreyAllDay's picture

i havent got mines either. And i wanna know what @Lashae said too what email address are you girl emailing to inquire about your pins? If ya; know pleaseeee let me know.

lashaespratley's picture

I still havent got mines either. What email address are you girls emailing to inquire about your pins??

TreyDee's picture

I just emailed them. so hopefully I will get a response.

TreyDee's picture

I renewed my membership in the summer.. I think and still haven't received it. smh

TREY'S ANGEL OF NC's picture

I thought mine was never gonna come, but it came 6 weeks after I renewed my membership.

Baby_gurlno_1's picture

Mines came in less than a month, i renewed my membership 12.30.2011 and i got mine yesterday, but they say between 4-6 weeks's picture

I never got an Angel pin either but they sent me an Angel Shirt and Dog Tag like I was a new member...

I've been here since day one lol

shrtyslim02's picture

how long does it take for the angel pin to come? does it matter which membership u signed up for? i haven't gotten my pin either.

aggieallen's picture

does everybody get an angel pin whether you get the platinum or just the normal angels membership? xx

aisha_11's picture

It took a really long time for me to get my pin but it finally came. It's coming ladies.

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

I signed up in november and i still havent gotten my angel package. I hope it comes soon =) does the pin really have your name on it???

Reina2011's picture

Thoes packages really do take 4-6weeks after processing to be delivered don't worry ladies they are coming !!! The wait is a killer :(

iRepTreyAllDay's picture

Im Worried That Mines is Not Going To Come Because i Was An Angel Since Day 1 :(.i just Pray To God That Mines Come.

Leah_13's picture

i wanna know where is my package for joining the fan club... i still havent got it and i signed up like 2 months ago =('s picture


To Dionca: If you started the fan club in 2010 they sent you out a One Year Anniversary pen. It is very cute and I am still waiting on mine. The Angel card is just showing you are a Trey's Angel and it has your name and this number on it. I carry that with me everywhere I go.

Dionca's picture

and Angel card?? I have my package but it came with a letter, shirt and dog tag

Dionca's picture

what is an Angel PIN

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Thanks sis! @trinaa33 #WiseAngel

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

Yay, Im happy for you chica! @JESUSISMYSAVIOR

TREYed UP's picture

Haven't got my pin yet either

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I got my pin today. :)

TreysTOPANGELshan's picture

I dont know what the deal is but ehhh they need to handle that. Still havent gotten my package or Angel pin. Doesn't make any sense to me I know my things better come next month or I will be emailing them again.

Nic76's picture

Artist Arena claims they mailed mine but my address is invalid but y'all are the same company that mailed out the Platnium Package last year which I got. The address is still the same don't they keep records? It be a miracle if I get anything?