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Trey Songz and Lauren London


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on Jun 30, 2010 - 09:20PM


i heard trey was seeing lauren london, check out the link above. hmmm seems like a petty rumor to me. wat do yall think?

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Sadly some women get a leg up in the industry because they truly lack talent.'s picture

Uriel - Actually I WASN'T responding to your comment when I said:

"Fan does not equal girlfriend."

That statement is general and one that I stick by and actively promote not just on this site but also on twitter and in some of our FB groups where it is clear that some of us have either taken it way too far or have crossed the line. Because you do not know me as most of the Angels and fans on this site and the others do, I can see why you THOUGHT I was speaking directly to you when in fact I was not. I am a grwon woman , if I want to say something to you I will say it directly to you so that there are no confusions, and I would do it respectfully. that IS my track record both on this site and the others. believe me I am the realest you will meet so going forward you never have to wonder if i am referring to you because if I was, you would know it.

Also I do NOT hate Lauren London, or anyone else walking this Earth for that matter and with your snap judgement and response to my other statement about what I don't like that women do, it is clear that YOU really do not know me and have already pre-judged so let me make it clear for you:

I do not care for Lauren London I have my reasons, I am entitled, it is MY opinion nor do I feel obligated to continue debating it. I do think she is beautiful and very talented but I stand behind my statement that I don't like it when women who could CLEARLY get it on their own, choose not to and take the easy route by doing things or portraying themselves in a manner that depicts them as gold diggers. That goes for her or ANY woman.

As I stated a few paragraphs back. You don't know me, and you don't know who or what I know, nor am i saying I know anything and even if i did i certainly wouldn't broadcast it because it is not my business or place to do so; however everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I respect your's and in turn please respect mine.


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"What i do not like is beautiful black women or any woman for that matter who's actions depict them as being loose in the industry and gaining a leg up because of it when there are those who work entirely too hard to get where they are at."

^^ Me personally, I do not care what those women do. If they chose to get ahead in that way that is there business. I wouldn't do it. I prefer using my intellect, but I don't hate them for how they chose to live their lives. This is on their conscience not yours. Do you think they sleep well at night? Do you think they like what they see when they look into the mirror?

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Thank you for clearing up the discrepancy because it does show up on my computer screen that response came from TyTee29. I was just answering the person back. You clearly were responding to my comment. You didn't have to say my name so I responded back to you. It's that simple.

"Fan does not equal girlfriend."'s picture

Uriel - That comment did not come from TyTee29... At the same time I was responding on this post I was registering for my sister's Angel membership and it tagged her log in not mine.

Let me make this clear though...... Yes i buy the magazines, the music, the merchandise, yes i go hard on twitter and FB promoting for Tremaine but I DO NOT come on these boards with silliness and nonsense. No speculation, i do not start rumors none of that. In fact I have been an avid campaigner against that type of blogging on this site and the others since i first joined. I did not start this thread and my response was in response to the thread and the comments in it as a whole and to the person who posted this blog. I don't even recall mentioning "your" name at all.

Going further into your comments, you do not know who i know, so we will leave that part out but I do know that i don't have to have a personal relationship with someone to know whether I have a general distaste for them. My feelings for Lauren London have absolutely NOTHING to do with Tremaine at all and in fact when the rumor of them dating came out I was the one on twitter telling people to stop going in on her because he has the right to be happy and i did state that who he is with is not my business or my place to worry about,and yes some do take it too far. Fan does not equal girlfriend.

What i do not like is beautiful black women or any woman for that matter who's actions depict them as being loose in the industry and gaining a leg up because of it when there are those who work entirely too hard to get where they are at.
Yes you are right, lack of privacy when you are in that status is the price you pay however WE as fans / supporters should know better than to engage in it.

Basically that last statement is my whole point from the beginning.
Songstress Angel

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Delete(6 minutes ago) Uriel says
Huh? lost me. Who are you talking to? I think you took what I wrote the wrong way. Tabloids and gossip bloggers do speculate on the status or nature of other celebrities relationships. That is a fact. This is how they make their money. People like you buy the magazines and then post topics like this one on message boards to discuss, speculate, and debate what you read about. That is everyone being all up in your business. I am just stating facts. No one is going to talk about on a public forum you dating just some regular average guy, but when you date a celebrity this is the price you pay everyone discussing your relationship. And females do get crazy when the object of their fantasy (celebrity or not) starts a relationship with someone who is not them. They will turn Glenn Close off of Fatal Attraction on the person who they believe is "stealing their man". Another price you pay when dating a celebrity male. Do you even know Lauren London? The answer is probably no. So how can you not like someone you do not even know? Unless you just don't like her because she is an attractive woman who might be with Trey Songz according to a gossip site.

Nothing has happened to me so I have no idea what you are talking about if that message of yours was addressed to me. And move forward and heal from what? Let go of what? I'm not holding on to anything. I don't know how he treats people. I don't know him. I am sorry, but you have completely lost me.

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Lauren London is a slut # ThatIsAll lol

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Just so tht it is known I didn't speculate on nothing... Whatever relationships he has in his personal life be it with you or someone else is not my business. Several of us do not care for Lauren London that is a fact but yet we still do not post like this.... The thing is, you are a beautiful young girl. You know that men are men and you know what to expect. Just because he is Trey Songz doesn't mean tht he is immune to sucombing to childish antics like most men. That does not make it right and for whatever happened to you I am truly sorry however, you will not be able to move forward and heal until you let it go.

And no.... That is NOT the price you pay for dealing with a celebrity. Their status does not make it acceptable to treat people certain ways, and Tremaine is a different kind of man. Despite what happened. Everyone is capable of making mistakes, getting caught up, frontin; just like the rest.. That goes for men AND women.

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This is the price you pay when you date a celebrity. Everyone specualting about your relationship. Everyone being all up in your business. The psychotic females wanting to kill you because they truly believe if they kill you then they would have a chance with your man. I would HATE it. I couldn't do it.

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Yes I am worth waiting for. I think we all are. :) Yes I’m waiting patiently and happily for my divine mate. :)

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@Nalston, yea I think we were saying the same thing lol ;)

@Jesusismysavior, I'm glad to hear that you live by that motto. You're worth waiting for! And the man God has for you will be beyond anything you could imagine because he's created especially for you and the purpose you two have in this life. Keep serving God and watch Him grant the desires of your heart

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@JamRoC_4eVa GoGettaAngel:

I would like to believe that the majority of his fans want Trey/Tremaine to be in a positive relationship. Like someone stated it’s a good thing to be able to have someone special in your life. I agree it would be very selfish of person not to want him to be in a happy loving relationship.

@QuietStorm: I’m sorry to hear you were misled.

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@nalston: Hey Sis!! You know I try to remain positive.

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yea yea that was 3 weeks ago now and I have a very good reason for why I kept bringing this issue up. I said that stuff cause I dont like lauen london, yup. Yall got it confuse im not just some stan/fan who's getting mad over who he's seen with nor am I some groupie who he had a one night stand with, was more than that believe or feelings were played with and I was lead on (yes by him) so i have every reason to be upset with his actions . Now thats all I have to say about that. toodle-loo

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Really? Y da hell y'all obsess bout who he date, if y'all really love him like u say u do u should b happy 4 him.. thee last time i check he's human too & he need da love of a woman,im a trey songz fan, so i could care less bout wat tremaine do when he's off stage...
I know some might not agree but @ da end of the day y'all just selfish if u want him 2 b single,note 2 self ladies its a10% chance he'll fall 4 1 of his fans... so b happy 4 him & let he live his life....'s picture

@HUMBLEHEART - I see we have lots in common, and your last post was well said!!!!!! #COSIGN on all points. :O)

@JIMS - (waaaaaaves) Hi sissy!!!! (somehow I knew you would come to those of us who fight against this type of negative posting).

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As much as i would love for him too be dating me, He needs love in his life && im not gone stop him. Lauren London is a pretty girl and they would make pretty kids.

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"Personally, I don't understand why Trey Songz' fans are so obsessed with who he's dating, especially when their chances of dating him are like never lol (one reason being because their chasing him and not the other way around)."

I think we all get a little nosey every now and then when it comes to a celebs dating status. I do agree that some are more obsessed than others. I will agree that the chances are slim for some of his fans.

"If he does have a girlfriend, that's a good thing. A woman is a great asset to man that should bring stability, encouragement, and value to the man as a person. Not sure of exactly the type of woman he needs in life, nor is it any of my business (I don't care either lol), but I'm sure he'll know whenever he does find her."

I agree

"He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22)"

This is what I live by.

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@Nalston, I get your concern about the integrity of the website. I just want you to know that I didn't just rattle HIPAA facts off the top of my brain. As a researcher, I am required to be HIPAA certified before conducting any studies. I do agree that people should have respect for other's private lives as it pertains to unverifiable personal information, especially when it is negative.

Personally, I don't understand why Trey Songz' fans are so obsessed with who he's dating, especially when their chances of dating him are like never lol (one reason being because their chasing him and not the other way around). If he does have a girlfriend, that's a good thing. A woman is a great asset to man that should bring stability, encouragement, and value to the man as a person. Not sure of exactly the type of woman he needs in life, nor is it any of my business (I don't care either lol), but I'm sure he'll know whenever he does find her.

He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22)'s picture

@Humbleheart - Thank you for your feedback. I implore you to to read more into HIPAA as yes typically this encompasses employers, research studies, and Health Care Agencies, Physicians, Medical Billing entities etc however some of our Privacy Act has been incorportaed far beyond just the reach of employers, research studies, and the parties that i mentioned above, even if HIPAA would not fully encompass this thread our Privacy Laws would. These are issues and regulations that I deal with daily over the last 12 years.

However the point is not about who is right and who is wrong, it is about RESPECT for an individual's privacy point blank. That information that was stated as the thread starter whether fictitious or fact is their private business both personally and medically. Also for the thread, you never know a person's circumstance and why they make decisions to do certain things (not saying that she did do it), if in fact it happened there could have been a medical circumstance that prompted the decision or worse. The point is as an outsider a person just does not know.

The choice to abort a life is not an easy choice and although allot of the times is entered into casually, the after affects both physically, medically, and mentally always do take their toll. These are just as you stated "ridiculous rumors" that should never have been chosen as free conversation, and is not just so very disrespectful but disgusting table talk to be discussed in an open forum to say the least.

@Tricia - I love you too sis.

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Lord, I don't know why I'm even reading this to begin with (seriously bored at the moment lol), but I'm posting this just everyone can be informed:

@Nalston, I get your point about putting people's personal information out there, but HIPAA does not apply here. HIPAA refers to employers, research studies, etc. releasing one's private health information without their consent. No one on this site has access to Lauren London's personal health records or Trey Songz for that matter. The breach of confidentiality would be on the end of the doctors who would've supposedly "treated her" and not on the fan spreading the ridiculous rumor.

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I so freakin love U @Nalston! LOL I agree with you 100%.'s picture

To maintain the integrity of this site, please let's all be very careful what information you put out there that may be considered someone's "Protected Health Informtion" (Google: HIPAA Privacy Act)....

Example: the statement that she has had two abortions from said artist... That is a direct violation of both her and his own privacy whether it is a valid statement or fictitious.

No disrespect, I am saying this as a fan and your fellow sister in this movement to support Tremaine in his endeavor with the music and his career which is "all" we as fans really have the right to be concerned about. Also make sure the statements you post are factual before posting them, and even then some are still are a violation of their privacy under certain laws like the HIPAA Privacy Act, Defamation of Character Laws etc...

I do not know if the statement or rumors are factual but I do know as a person who is in the Health Care Industry and holds a degree in Criminal Justice that even if I knew they were true, they are not topics that I would be discussing with anyone other than the persons involved; and that is only IF they invited me in to share that information with me.. There are allot of things that have been said about this man, his legal dealings, his spiritual dealings, and his personal affairs that may or may not be true but until he says it and shares it from his own mouth or until the other person leaks it I do not believe it and even he has said the rumors are untrue as has she...

Once again please do not get offended I neither agree or disagree with the topic, I don't care really because it is not for me and not my place. The only FACT I am sure of is that I do not know him personally nor do I lay down with him every night. He is just a man and not immune to the iniquities of a man and the flesh point blank nor is she or any other woman he has been linked to...
Respectfully yours,

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My sources are telling me Lauren is in Va with Trey. Now her and wayne got into an argument because she left her son to stay with his mother since last Thursday and wasnt with him for the holidays. Trey will continue to say their just friends in interviews because he's still messing with alot other chicks(I guess she's the main chick) and he doesnt want a bad reputation for messing with lil wayne's babymomma. And get this she's already had 2 abortions from trey one this year and another one last year. II will write again when I have more info.

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Hey! :) @Nalston's picture

JIMS - hey love (waves)

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Tremaine and Lauren London said from their own mouths that they are not dating and are just good friends who care about one another. Also the rumor that it is Trey Songz's baby was never acknowledged so is just a rumor, and it's funny that the rumor keeps surfacing. i googled and there are articles that go back to 2008 regarding Trey, Lauren, and a baby rumor lol. RUMORS... We all know what Trey says about those, and if not check out Headlines Remix 2011 he talks about rumors there as well. The media does do too much, it's like the damn soap operas they media keep you on the edge of ya seat when it comes to our baby Trey. I mean think about it... The Trey we have come to love, as much as family is important to him do you honestly think he would not speak on a child in his life especially when we all know how much he loves and wants a child? Do you not think that he would have settled down with her if she was pregnant by him he is more respectable than that to hide it or to keep galavanting around with women when he got a baby momma whom he clearly cares for and a baby on the way? I hink he would have at least gave it a shot. I believe it is just a rumor. what's really goin on cuz as far as I see it he's outchea!!!!!!!

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i don't know. if they r together i am happy for the both of them

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lauren london is pregnant with trey songz baby.... not a rumor.... a fact