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Angel Mission during Movie Premiere Weekend in LA

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on Jan 16, 2012 - 01:39PM

Greetings Angels! The time has come again for another Angel Mission. A group of angels and myself have decided to plan an Angel Mission in October during the weekend of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Movie Premiere in Los Angeles, California. Of course we all know that Trey has a starring role in this movie and many angels are planning to be there that weekend in support of our favorite male r&b artist. We are making plans months in advance for this mission so that it will be just as successful as the mission we did in New Orleans during the Essence Music Festival weekend, and we invite angels worldwide to participate. For planning purposes we would like to know how many angels live in the area or who plan to travel to LA for the movie premiere, and would like to participate in the mission. We will keep a list of your names and emails so that we can keep you updated in the months ahead. Send an email with your full name and any questions to Thank you for your participation and we look forward to meeting more angels for another successful mission, and another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.



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ladyt1980's picture

great idea!! ill b hitting u up

mizzshay2010's picture

I would like to do this if i can.

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Great idea! I was already planning to do some promotion around the Movie Premiere for the Caribbean Angels. If we could be part of the mission over here would be nice, not sure if we will have the same date for the movie premiere but it wouldn't be much off a difference.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I doubt if I will be able to attend. But I wish you all the best with your mission. :)

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It sounds like a success in the making ladies!!! It just might be the thing that helps me to decide if I'm goig or not. Definitely kee in the sent.

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I would love to participate, I attend college in San Jose,CA but my home is L.A. and it would not be a problem to make the 6 hour drive back home to help out. Can't wait for October :D haha

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i would love to attend, once we get more info that will let me know if im definitely gone be able to attend or not, sending my email right now :)

deshuna_durham's picture

aww i wish i could go but im a college student and cant afford to travel right now with all the tuition and bills but this is a really good idea :)

JUICY_FRUIT2K10's picture

Oh Lets Do It!

deshuna_durham's picture

aww i wish i could go but im a college student and cant afford to travel right now with all the tuition and bills but this is a really good idea :)

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Hey everyone! I am happy that everyone is willing to get involved. Planning is underway and of course once everything is finalized we will send out a mass email/itinerary with full mission details and important dates. Don't forget to send me an email so that noone is left out. We are excited to see that angels are attending worldwide and that makes our hearts happy. LA Angels we are looking for major help from you all, team leaders should definitely hit me up :-) S/O to the Treys Angels Team for the support, we will definitely run everything by the team before any final decisions are made. Love you all!!

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Great idea! I'm there!!

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feel free to forward an email to detailing how the fan club can assist to ensure a successful execution of this mission.

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I plan to be there, just needs accurate dates!

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I would love to participate and agreeing with Ladinicole this is a great way for this October baby to bring in her bday :) and not to mention my first airline flight

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This is a GREAT idea.'s picture

As soon as more details come up i will be able to let u know. I got tons of friends from when i lived out there that want me to visit. It would be a great reason to go out there!!!

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This is a great idea, I live in LA and I would love to be apart of the mission. I can probably help with any leg work that needs to be done.

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I would like to participate in the mission

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When is it, I would have to miss school & put in to be off from work....once you girls get more details, I will be able to make a decision on if I can make it or not. I live in Philadelphia so I would have to travel a long way there

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we coming, all the way from South Africa and its gonna be awesome to meet Angels....whooop

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I'm down great way to celebrate my bday month by giving back WHOOP!!!

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Oh wow!! Well lemme send e-mail u right nw!!

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I am with it of course...

TriggaUnit_MS's picture

Now you know I'm in.

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when in Oct is it