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    January 07, 2012

    :) So I've finally decided to jump aboard & become a DC/MD angel. Any of the fellow #DMV angels out there?

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on Jan 7, 2012 - 03:09PM

:) So I've finally decided to jump aboard & become a DC/MD angel. Any of the fellow #DMV angels out there?

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Ok sooo I jumped for the vip meet & greet ... Did anyone else?

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@SAMANTHA GABRIELLE: Congrats! Do you have a twitter?

Samantha Gabrielle's picture

I just became an angel 10minutes ago, lol! Hey fellow Angels!

felicia_wright's picture

I'm for sure going...not sure about the VIP...but most likely I'll be doing that as well...hope to meet you guys there :)'s picture

I wanna go to the DC show. The show falls on my birthday! :-)

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I'm an NY angel but I will be in DC with VIP. I am hoping that if anyone finds out about an after party, please be sure to leave the info...would love to go! =)

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The M&G are before the show. I'm attending, but I just don't have VIP money.

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I was too, but then I decided to take my sister since she never been to a concert, and this is my first time going as an Angel....But for the ones that does the VIP...does the meet & greet happen before or after the show?

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Yea I am I'm going with my sister

yupmrstreysongz's picture

dmV angel ( =

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HEY!!! are any of the DMV angels going to the March 3rd show?'s picture

DMV Angel here! *raises hand* Welcome to the family! :-)

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:) thank you hunny!

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

i'm a ny angel but welcome :)

felicia_wright's picture

Thank you :)

SplendidAngel's picture

Heyy! I'm a DC angel. I have a twitter and it is @sincerely_annie. If you want to find more DMV angels, then you can use @DMVTreysAngels's twitter account and look up who they are following. A few of the people they are following are people who work with Trey or his family.

P.S. Welcome to the family!

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