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Private Angels Only Concerts


  • Private Angels Only Concerts
    March 04, 2012

    Hello Beautiful angels,

    I think it's time for us to have an angels only tour where Trey comes to our cities and sees us (and only us)! It really annoys me when I go to a concert and you hear yourself singing the words to his songs and nobody else around you is doing the same.   

    So, I think it's time that the angels collectively come together and start a petition (right on this discussion board) about having private ANGELS ONLY CONCERTS! So, angels what do you think?

SplendidAngel's picture
on Mar 4, 2012 - 01:55PM

Hello Beautiful angels,

I think it's time for us to have an angels only tour where Trey comes to our cities and sees us (and only us)! It really annoys me when I go to a concert and you hear yourself singing the words to his songs and nobody else around you is doing the same.   

So, I think it's time that the angels collectively come together and start a petition (right on this discussion board) about having private ANGELS ONLY CONCERTS! So, angels what do you think?

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Meekah_33's picture

I think that is a awesome idea!!!! I can't wait to meet Tre Songz, I don't care what it cost! If he come to the DMV I will be there! Concerts, Meet and Greets, VIP, Backstage. etc..... Whatever I can get my hands on I'm there :)

SplendidAngel's picture

I hope this can happen because this will make alot of his angels happy.

I agree with the second Anonymous poster about having a M&G with Trey before the concerts. That'll be cool.

Emily_LuvsTrey's picture

I completely agree with you!! I don't have the money for meet and greet and I want to meet Trey so incredibly bad it hurts! So hopefully they can make them more affordable, but Private concerts for angels would be the best. =)

MarkitaLovesTrey's picture

I soooo agree with you! this should be Treys treat to his Angels!!

Anonymous's picture

I agree 100%. It would be nice to enjoy a concert with people who feel the same way as I do about trey and his music!

Anonymous's picture

I think that it is a GREAT idea to have a private concert for the ANGELS ONLY.. If not a private concert, we should have a small meet and greet before or after the concert and maybe ahve a few words with him. Showing our appreciation in person could really motivate him more, I feel. Especially if he sees how much we really really love him.

Anonymous's picture

As a new Angel, I agree with this idea. I recently went to a show at NSU and a lot of people were sitting down and most weren't even singing along or getting hyped. Trey deserves to be around his truest fans.

Matise's picture

Yes I think this is an Amazing Idea because It's more intimate , and it's a way to let his Truest fans know that he appreciates them

Ronicka Easy Going Angel's picture

Yes I agree I hate that I be the only one singin and it's crazy because people went to the Atour and didn't know none of the Songz off the mixtape and some didn't like it they wanted to hear RedLipstick and Made to be together and I'm like he already did the ppp tour and this was for Angels anyways I support it

LitaNeverson's picture

Oh my gosh, that would be amazing!!! I've never been to a concert before but I'm sure that would be soo annoying to hear him say where my angels at and then all the people scream when they probably dont even know what he's talking about. Yeah, we definatly got to make this happens girls!!!!

Ms Matara's picture

Honestly I wld luv tht. Only I dnt hv all of tht money to spend on a M&G. This my 2nd year being an Angel and I can honestly say tht I hv gotten much more than I expectd. Nw I hv nvr met him in person nor hv I bn to a concert bt I support him in everything else tht he does. Btw I hv a family to support so my "TreyFund" doesnt hv much in it.I want to meet him, get a hug and a pic,.

Jay Nicole's picture

Yeah I think that it's more NON Angels than Angels that go to the shows but that's a good idea.

jazipooh's picture

That is a good Idea I agree with this ANGELS ONLY CONCERT sorry to all the NON-ANGELS

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

That would be so kool, but in order for that to happen they have to be sure it would be a hit as far as ticket sales. Even tho Angels will travel to see him, but maybe one day it will happen.

KA-LEE-YA...KALEYIA's picture

I AGREE!!! Omg dat would be AMAZIN! In smaller venues and stuff I deff.agree

Trey's Wifey_89's picture

I agree with you. Cuz I went to the Anticipation Tour last Thursday in the ATL and I was the only one in the balcony singing all of Trey's songs and everybody else was sitting down or looking at me crazy.

mizz_deeva's picture

I so agree with this idea, let me know what I can do to help

FeeninForThatTreyLove's picture

@LANDINICOLE . I feel what your saying to . it bugs me a lot that they do that and have the nerve to scream when he says it . their obviously not familiar with the '' Angels " term cause they yell about it . but @SplenDidAngel . i do think that your right about this . i feel like us angels should have a free meet and greet cause i know that $5OO is a lot of money to spend for a meet and greet . god knows how much I love trey and wanna see him , but I don't have money like that and it hurts to know that i probably wont get to see him in person :( hopefully i will though . well have to see about the contest that they will have or something . i think that we should talk to the ANGELS TEAM , the owners or whatever . then they'll ask trey & hopefully see what he has to say .'s picture

That would be great. Bc I get slightly jealous when he says where are all my angels and girls scream acting like they angels; when they really not.

lil_ma_mw03's picture

great idea even with a smaller venue because i havent found alot of Angels where i live

oneshadowlove's picture

Angels Only Concerts are great but how much are you willing to pay to make this happen is the question???????????????????????? We don't know the exact amount of Actual Official Trey's Angels so it would have to be a nice amount of money without including other fans and supporters.

Ultimate_Beauty23's picture

I think its a great idea. Very intimate Angels only concert. With Meet and Greet. It gives us a chande to meet each other and gives Trey a chance to see all his angels of that particular in one spot.

tastyeyecandy23's picture

It will happen when its meant to happen just gotta be patient but i do agree we need more time with him on a trey on angels level lol

SplendidAngel's picture

I still agree with all of the angels. I hear all of the point of views. I guess I just have to be patient. I think maybe since I have not seen Trey perform in a year (and just seeing him last Saturday) made me miss being able to see Trey every few months. I saw him perform at PPP, OMG and Love Faces. Trey was just spoiling his angels and fans with his presence and I think I adjusted to it and now I am acting spoil since I have not seen him perform in such a long time.

alexis_29's picture

i agree with you 100 percent

MsNeversonSongz ❀◕‿◕❀'s picture

all great ideas but lets just watch and see after tha tour whats next for us trey never let us down thats one thing he's always mentioning his fans his fans he put gods first his family along with fans im sure he has alot goin on for this coming year he just waiting on tha right time and right moment to let it all happen i know trey well lol if ur a deep fan ull know trey loves us all he knows what he's doin and he does give back

Sade Young's picture

yes i agree

bornprettybee's picture

I like the community project idea. GIVE BACK

TreysNewestAngel1's picture

I agree @JIMS! When or if its meant to meet trey we will. I so want to meet him this saturday in southhaven but I know it won't happen because we were unable to purchase meet and greet tickets at this time. But I will travel again and again to see him until I do meet him. The community service project is a great idea! Sometimes we expect things without doing anything to get it. Whereas a community project is something that not only Celebrities like Trey Songz love but other Celebrities as well. So sometimes its best to just wait and let it happen. Like a relationship, rushing into one will only cause you heartache because you didn't wait to see what you were really getting yourself into. @SplendidAngel I really don't think an Angel Only concert is a good idea because it would be like Trey was making difference with his fans and from what I have read and seen about him, I don't think he would agree to doing that. I will be traveling 7 hours this weekend to see him, and we feel like we deserve to meet him also, because we will have traveled so far, BUT we look at it as, he will have other concerts and maybe we will be able to meet him then! AND think of it like this, IF he had an ANGELS ONLY CONCERT some Angels would probably have problems with that! So, to make a long story short, WE as fans will never be fully satisfied!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

"i feel u on tha angels shouldn't have to pay tha much yes but at tha same time he's worth it plus im sure people from all over tha world have met trey for free he has even meet people and surprise them with gifts i soo wanna meet trey i can't afford tha meet and greet what can i do i wont fuss i will just wait for my opportunity to present it self by faith and believe i know i will meet trey songz one day meet and greet wether i pay or not i will thats just my thought to tha whole situation"

I will agree that if it's God's will you will get an opportunity to meet Trey. I've mentioned it before I was blessed with the chance to take a group photo with him and that was totally unexpected. So with that said we really don't know what God has in store for us, we just may get that unexpected opportunity.