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Watch the World Premiere of Trey's New Video for "Yo Side of the Bed"!

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on May 26, 2010 - 12:29pm

Log on to for the WORLD PREMIERE of Trey's new video for "Yo Side of the Bed"! Click HERE to watch the world premiere now!

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zenadali2426's picture

Loved It...every minute of the video...Trey and Keri did a awesome and wonderful job in this video....So touching and Heartbreaking....Hopefully I never have to experience anything like this EVER...Im actually DATING a military guy, and I would definetly be in pain just as trey was acting in this video...Im such a baby...LOL it touched my heart from the time keri got deployed up to her death...(sighs)....and just think about all the human being that have know choice but to face tragedies like this one.....Tremaine Neverson...I tell u, what a beautiful concept u came up with....Loooooooved it!!!!! :) Keep it up!
rayray1's picture

That was soo sad! I almost cried at the end. I will be prayn for soldiers who r riskn their lives for others
SexySan_2's picture

This video had the tears flowing for me. My husband is overseas at the moment. We have lost many friends through out this"war". I appreciate that someone realizes what families of soldiers go through...It was great video. The ending was as reals as it gets..
TiffTim's picture

So I just watched the video or mini movie, and it was awesome. A major part of the success of the video, in my opinion, was the twist that was put on the American soldier leaving for war. By abandoning the traditional video role of the husband leaving it showed a side of military life that is often forgotten about. . I felt the video followed a very realistic path, especially the end. Well done. Also the little baby is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL.
lnp03's picture

I love this video! I am still crying! You and Keri Hilson did a great job! You two make such a cute couple! My thoughts and prayers are with our soldiers and their families!
Ms_Caribbean-London's picture

This video is great, very moving. I found myself getting teary at the end, this is the first ever music video that's done that to me. The concept was completely different from what I thought it would have been. Well done Trey and continue to do what you're doing, bless.
Acolia's picture

great job well done...this went in another direction from what we prob expected the video to are so amzing and see you cry was so real and touching...your sensitive made me want to reach out and caress truly a loyal fan...keep up the good work..God has more in store for continue to be ready for your you much...muah
Wizkidification's picture

I would just like to say there was so much emotion in this video and it felt so real. It reminded me how lucky my family is to have my cousins return and be with us when so many other families cannot say the same. I think it also serves as a reminder that the troops and their families are still fighting and they still need our support.
Hunny's picture

wow!! this video is amazing&touchin!! made me shed a tear!! its very true for alot of families!! thank god for keepin my daddy safe!!
Hanson111's picture

The video was beautiful. I like how u made it as if you was one of the hushands who lost someone in their heart and how you show another side of you.You and Keri gets A+ from me. I LOVE THIS VIDEO.
Brnsugar75's picture

All I can say is "Wow"!!
Chichibabie07's picture

Trey this is one hell of a video.... sooo sweet and cute. u soo down to earth.. beautifull video.. Miss keri baby did her thing... the Video is simply beautiful!!!! :) keep it up... Love ya!!!
brooklynlova25's picture

the video is beautiful u and keri killed it i had to get some tissues lol keep doin ya thang trey cause you'll always hav a fan here loving it



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