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Watch the World Premiere of Trey's New Video for "Yo Side of the Bed"!

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on May 26, 2010 - 12:29pm

Log on to for the WORLD PREMIERE of Trey's new video for "Yo Side of the Bed"! Click HERE to watch the world premiere now!

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Rolanda4's picture

AMAZING Amazing video.. Loved the emotional connection you and Keri had with the characters.. And that little baby is precious.. I'm truly in love with the social consciousness this video displayed.. I saw a great father, that happens to be black... And that's not often seen in any format, less long in a music video.. This is most definitely the video of the year.. Great job Mr. Producer... Hugs and Kisses.
Kiki_29's picture

Wow ... i rlly cried smh This was a great video

MrszNeverson3's picture

oooooooooooo emmmm geeeee this video was soooo sad yet soooo beautiful i loved it i hadda tweet about it as soon as i watched eyes actually watered
Shelz's picture

love it, love it, love it!!!!!! Great job!!!!!
Alexis_21's picture

jloberg's picture

this video is soooo good! i acually started crying :( trey and keri did such a good job. it was like a short movie. I LOVE IT!! good job :)))
icanmakeya's picture

I am sitting here in front of my PC crying like a baby! This video is so touching and beautiful, that no words can exprees how great it is. The creative genuis behind this video is so on point. Congratss for the best video I've ever seen.
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

SBME's picture

I thought I was going to be the first one who cried on this video. It was so realistic and so emotional i really dont think it could have gotten better than this. Seeing Trey cry at the end had me really all into tears. To be honest you can't say anything negative about this video it just was great. I was looking foward to this "Yo Side Of The Bed" video for the longest time and I can see that it was worth the wait. Love it Trey, Ms. Keri, and have to love the little one!
LuckyMC's picture

It was well worth the wait Trey. Thank you.
symone09's picture

OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Thats All I can Say Is OMG!! This video speaks for itself .. it like watching a romatic movie... This video made me cry seriously keri and trey killed this... this should get video of the year real talk i love both of them... two of my favorite artists in the same video seriously you can't get any better than keri and trey songz.. i love this video OMG
Cri-yonce's picture

OMG, this video and OMG and OMG!!! i have NOT been able to complete the viewing of this EMOTIONAL and DEEP and RELATEABLE vidoe, YET!! who EVER is the producer and/or director of this video should win MAJOR nods because this video is RELEVANT, APPRORPRIATE, REAL and NECESSARY!!!! TREY, ONCE AGAIN, you have hit it OUT THE PARK and keep doing what you do! WOWW and let me go and TRY to finish watching this VERY emotional video!!! GREAT JOB Keri!!! i LOVE this man ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
TayCanHandleTS's picture

I loved this video it was amazing I almost cried but trying to keep it together... Wonderful job Trey... you too Keri and who can forget about the little star Mackenzie... You go girl lol
Fiizzaayy's picture

awwwwwww i lovvvee ittt soo emotional ...i criedd I LOVEE TREYY !!
lady virtue's picture

awesome. pray for our military and their families and dont take them for granted or the sacrifices their families make. i hate war and that some children grow up without one or both parents. trey and keri did their thing and the lil girl is precious. God bless us all
Elisa_4's picture

What the F*ck... That was the most beautiful video I have ever seen!!! See you in Belgium Trey!
Bosslady_9's picture

I loved that video so much. my heart goes out to the women and men that risk their lives to keep us safe. It could have been me but i chose to take a different career path right before the war started in iraq. I see Trey got some actin skills. you go bay!!!
Mariama Neverson's picture

omg trey it was so deep....i luved it.... i cried so much.........i luv u
Mariama Neverson's picture

omg trey it was so deep....i luved it.... i cried so much.........i luv u
Shamari's picture

i cried...such a nice video
alana816's picture

It was amazing..i was crying!..Im gonna watch this everydaii now ha ha
asmoore3305's picture

srill crying!!!!!!! always liked the song now I LOVE IT
MiissTrc's picture

I Just Watched it Trey And i was just like crying. Is such a touching Video! Love it!

YUUUP I can fa-sho see my Boo doing a drama flick......just so amazing, wonderful, excellent and very talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAH!
Tricia Reed's picture

Trey, this video was excellent. U had me in tear at the end. They should gone ahead and put u in movies. U did an awesome jod, sweetie. Ive loved this song since last year when it came out. This vedio made me love it even more. Omgosh, Trey, I cant believe I started to cry. Im not a big cryer like that. I takes a lot out of me to cry. And how u were with tha baby gurl, ur gona be a great Father some day. MUCH LOVE -Trica Reed
Mara a.k.a TantalizingAngel's picture

Omg, I almost cry myself :(
Trey'sCutie04's picture

this is trey's best video ever i will admit i was in tears at during the video but i love it
Amber_30's picture

I just watched it....... this has got to be one of the heart wrenching, tear jerking videos that I have ever seen. I love how it was done, I love , love loved every minute of it. It made me cry to be honest because you look at something like this and you can't help but realize that people who have someone in the military have this happen to them daily, and it just breaks my heart to see the pain you and Keri showed, because its real, it happens to people in real life. great job, fantastic video. keep up the amazing work Trey, I can't wait until you start getting all the credit you deserve, you're amazing
Angel_Eyez524's picture

I loved every moment of it ... i love the fact that u did it for all the people who have been forgotten that are fighting to protect us all....and the face that it shows u men go through the same thing...i almost cried watchin it the......keep up the great work Tremaine Neverson....ur fans love and appreciate all u doing



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