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WORLD PREMIERE: "Already Taken"

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  • WORLD PREMIERE: "Already Taken"

    Step Up 3D soundtrack in stores July 20th. Movie in Theaters Aug 6th! 

    What do you think about the new video?

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on June 8, 2010 - 5:58pm

Step Up 3D soundtrack in stores July 20th. Movie in Theaters Aug 6th! 

What do you think about the new video?

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I love the video and i love this song. Trey's voice is amazing ! By the way, is Helen and Trey back together ? Because i dont think she would be in the video and acting so close to Trey, when she is just an Ex and knowing they not together .. Well, even though if they are, i am happy for TREY. Every girl's wish is to have a man like him.
Mara a.k.a TantalizingAngel's picture

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Nice my homie:) COME ON Yuuup
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Hi Trey, I really love this video. I saw some of the comments and I think that regardless if you are dating Helen or not your happiness is most important. And as fans if we are true fans that is what we would want for our favorite artist. If you find or found true love in someone embrace it. Money can buy a lot of things but it can't buy true love. It is hard to find someone you know that has been with you when you didn't have much and still loves you all the same now. We as fans are trying to make you into something your really not. Take Care and always put God first!!!!
sweetcurlsx's picture

i agree to but i think the problem with me is that as much as we know that we will NEVER get him to i can't stop my love towards him i love so much and don't like to see him with others girls even doeh i knw dat me n him will NEVER be ! lol
LuckyMC's picture

LMAO @ Natissa saying "he will never be your man!" I must agree. I know many of Trey's fans are young, but that is a fact. At the end of the day, he is an artist sharing his gift with us. THAT'S IT! He is allowed to love whom ever he wants and do whatever he wants in his personal life. I love the video by the way and Helen is a beautiful woman. She and Trey have mad chemistry. But then again, Trey has that certain swag that seems to make all women feel they are his girl. Hence, the comments on this post. HaHa
PinkRoseLips's picture

I have to say this because I've been reading everyone's comments most of you girl who are hating are fugly and could never take the place of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, regardless of who she is to him, you could never take her place. Most of you are fat and no where near her beauty. I think you black girls have to at least appreciate the fact that he likes black women consider many of you aren't as attractive as other races. Besides all of that, I love the song! I like the video.
Nadira88's picture

i agree, we are all his fans, and theres how many of us sayin we wanna be his girl. but at the end of the day he's human with a right to have a girlfriend or not whether hes a product or not. so we all need to stop hatin on her cos shes hot, an continue to love trey!! i still do
slit1's picture

This song should be on its own! without this movie flop! This is one of my favorit songz:)
Natassia - Miss Info D's picture

Although I kinda agree with the whole having your ex in the video thing, at the end of the day, Helen is a model, and she is a dancer, the fact that she is Trey Songz ex-girlfriend really is irrelevant. She's there for her art that Trey knows she is good at. People really need to allow the hating. I love Trey Songz. Have been a fan from the first single, but at the end of the day, people let their imagination run wild too much. As much as people like to think it, he will never be your man. If he is with Helen, be happy that in a world where Celebs get used for their money etc and cant trust no girls, he has found someone genuine. However, I do think they are just friends and he is supportin her by having her up on his video. And you have to give it to her, she can dance and she is very pretty. Trey Songz you are about it. True Fan from day Dot. Helen, you are doing your thing so fuck tha haters. And for those of you that dont think Trey has any talent, really, why the fuck are you on this website? LMAO. Dont you know this is TREY SONGZ OFFICIAL WEBSITE?!? Just being nosey huh? kmt
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Feather's picture

I was going to write something derogatory about Trey and this Helen. I decided against it. What I will say is that its not your voice or your looks that have the women wanting you (maybe some). There are handsome guys with beautiful voices everywhere.... BUT, what you have is an unlimited, bountiful, plethora amount of ...appeal. Although you dont know me and we have never met, when you sing into the camera or when I listen to you in my car, for a brief moment (away from life) your appeal comes directly to me, @ me. So I think what the women are saying is.... the singer/entertainer/artist belongs to fans. Since you are a product, we dont want to see our product blissfully happy kissing or hugging some lady that WE KNOW you date or use to date. You are a fantasy. Seeing her takes away from the fantasy turning it into a deferred dream or nightmare.
xPxScalsxPx's picture

:(I loved this song and kind of wish it stood on it's own with out the connection to Step up 3D. It was still a great video, still love the song to pieces, but nonetheless disappointing. But then again who the heck am I lol.
devinejinnie_2's picture

now eevery song gone be bout room for me (as a fan) umm feelin betrayed .cause you might not perform or treat tha fans tha same any more:(:(:( i wish they could have let us know a lil less.. as a fan.." do we HAVE to know her TREY SONGZ??" please don't be mad at me.... Trey:(:(
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once again...BRAVO!
Bre'AunaShanti's picture

too cute :)
duraedream's picture

sooo cuteeeeeeee, i lov this video!
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WOW!!!! The video is cute!!!! Trey has a lot of talent!! Evidently he too hot for your ass "FUCKTREYSONGZ" saying what all he do!!! Hell that's all his ass got to do at this point cause his name and rep speak for him!!!! Find something else to do besides trying to hate on someone that is doing something that youwish you but can't do!! LOL SMILEY FACE!
eli-yuuup's picture

helen? :(
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Wow was that really called for?

That's all Trey Songz can do is sell oh's and ah's and sell his ass on CD covers. This guy has no TALENT at all s
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JesusIsMySavior's picture

Cute video. It's nice his "ex" was added in it.
Ciera Songz's picture

Nice video Trey :)
GeminiAreAmazin's picture

The already Taken Video is great i loved it and i see your baby girl Helen was in it that is cool.



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