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The UK's SB.TV Exclusive Interview with Trey

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on June 4, 2010 - 1:22pm

Trey Songz gets 'grilled' by Georgia Lewis Anderson for the UK's SB.TV! Find out his musical influences, what's new on his album, his dream team, & more! Watch the interview above!

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

every interview you do is great and professional. & you are very handsome
YourOneLove's picture

Great interview! Love u baby!!
LiZZoLibRA 9tEEn8tEA7ven's picture

Seen two interviews from when Trey was in the UK and have to say the interview with Tim Westwood is the one of the ones Ive liked most from quite a few Ive seen before because it was natural and there was no 'intense sexy' front going on. It was very open, honest and it got me laughing because Trey's personality came out so much more than usual, oh of course Tim W is a JOKER!!! The interview with SBTV is sooooooooooooooooooooooo BORING and uninspirational.Obv I not telling the interviewer how to do her own job n I personally would not be a media presenter, but that interview seemed like a waste of everyones time...
Kim Neverson's picture

LOL! Aw them interviewers were overwhelmed by your sexxyyyy! Who can blame them though ;) SHOOTTT, I smell good, I'm a lady, & I keep it 100 always! HOLLA AT ME lol! Love you Trey!
iheartTreySongz_5's picture

I jus love u, Tremaine.. The way u talk, yo voice, yo swagg, the way u hold yo mouth(its too cute) jus everything.!! Dats y i enjoy watchin interviews of u.. =)
Trey's English Diva's picture

OH YES TREY..when u come back to london i b interviewing you ;)
ebony_24's picture

uggh my computer keeps skipping the video so i cant watch it :(
sweet_lady79's picture

Interview was very interesting as always. Now I know what I gotta do to get your attention :-). Much love and success to you, Tremaine.
czii_gurl_3bzii's picture

Goshhhh i never knew there was a comptin to interview TREY SONGZ...gosh he london indigo2 tour was AMAZINNN gurls tried to jump on stage lmao...and ppl got injured...trey is amazin =D


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