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Power 98: Trey Songz Surprises Winner with Tix! [Video]

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on May 5, 2010 - 12:14pm

Trey Songz surprised a Power 98 Winner with tickets to his show that night in Charlotte! She was so surprised, but managed to make him a meal just in case he showed up! Watch Trey hang out at her home and even help out with the dishes!

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channiepooh_2's picture

I hope she had a great time at the show,& I hope 2 b next 1day.................but follow me on Twitter Trey...@Channiepooh
sweetpea41185's picture

I love how all of the fans including me are happy for the fan who won the contest. I found myself smiling through the whole video. I love how he cares about all of his fans, and gives the same love that we give him right back. I find myself trying to react if I were in that situation, and I just don't know what I would do:-)
AileenD's picture

this is soo hilarious ! damn trey is soo sexy ! ilhim
TreyDayErDay's picture

OMG......... He is just so sweet and really goes out of his way to show his fans he's thankful for them. Wow, I would have loved to be the lucky winner.
mii_sunflower's picture

I soo wish that was me, I just can't cook
ILuvTremaine_4's picture

I wood die if that was me!!
LuckyMC's picture

That was fun. Trey's very sweet.
SB_2's picture

That's why I am a fan. You are such a humble guy. Love the special attention you give to your fans. GENIUNE. Despite the hate I think you are great. Keep up the fantastic job!
Jenea's picture

Awwww!!! he's so sweetheart that y we love him omg!!!!! his kute
Asohal's picture

awwwwh hess soo sweet, the winner is so luckky! :) loooovee you treyyy!
Kadprat2315's picture

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why We Love Trey Songz!!!
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Seem like a nice dude. Very affectionate.
JesusIsMySavior's picture

:) Yes personable is a word. :)
Jrohot's picture

How sweet of him to wash his own dishes. What a gentleman. His mama did a wonderful job with him. We love you so much Trey. Long live the King of R&B!!
Tasha_35's picture

I just love how Trey is so personable with his fans! (Is personable a word....LOL :-)?)
JazzyOne's picture

AWWWW!! Such a gentleman!! So polite and humble; gotta love Trey!
KITALIFE's picture

JazieLovesInstrumentalTrigga's picture

awww trey is such a gent...he cleaned his plate..mayne gotta love him
floydld's picture

You are so sweet I love the way you interact with your fans. You are so humble stay that way, may God continue to blessing you in everything you do. Much love for you.

That was a good look. The concert was GREAT that night too! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.



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