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MTV's "When I Was 17" [Full Episode]

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on May 3, 2010 - 2:33pm

In case you missed it, check out the full premiere episode of MTV's "When I Was 17" featuring Trey! Watch it now!

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

oohhhh im just stuck to the tv screen when trey is on
luva duva me's picture

awwh look at my man yall women have no chance hes halfway mines
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

3000 things on dis dolls head, lol!!! Rollers Trey!!! Do the eyebrow check on me!! Hahaaaaaa!!!
Sharaine.Pretty's picture

i want Trey 2 arch my eyebrows ; ]
NINA_8's picture

I thought it was funny.
CELLE-CELL's picture

Trey, where is da ur side of da bed video?? saw dat u guys were shooting it.. other videos came out y not dat one yet? guess u guys want to do it right since it's a military concept.I so love ur voice especially when u say yeah! baby!!!! ride dat wave who loves u baby???
mz.songz_41's picture

I loved this video very much trey songz is so SEXY he is my future husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ChrissyCrack's picture

Yo.... lmao... I LOVED this. Too cute
Neeka76's picture

Wow Trey what a long way youve come after finding ur direction u are truely unstoppable. Your mom and grandmom are wonderful addition to the segments. I do wonder how many folks from the flicks your still cool wit... Much love and continued success MUAH
Tasha_35's picture

I enjoyed the show! Trey's mother and grandmother are beautiful black women....Give it up one time for good genes! Keep doing your thing Trey!
Myztik's picture

Loved this episode, mainly 'cuz Trey was in it of course, haha. He's grown a lot since back then but still has those fine features! Waxing eyebrows back then...that was one fact that surprised me, lolz! Both his mama and grandmama are so beautiful! I agree with Ready below me on him getting some major good genes from those doubt! Overall this episode wasfun to watch, especially when Mr. Songz popped up on the screen! We love you Trey! Keep on doin what you love!
Ready's picture

You can see the growth from Trey and he looked good back then and he still looks good now so he just has great genes which we can see from his grams & moms. Trey lived it up in high school and is still doing it. Ol girl eyebrows didn't look bad so i guess Trey aint to bad. Blessings to Trey and his Team.


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