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on May 17, 2010 - 4:37pm
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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

one of the realist & i love it. stay true to yourself trey
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

trey baby u r so real and i luv u for who u r and keep the realness going baby;-)!!!!
ILoveTreySonqz'sSmilee's picture

Wow Well I Stil Love Treyy I Dont Want You To Chanqe Just Be Who You Really Are Not What People Think You Are Cuz Behind All Those Records N Stuff Yeur Still A Human Just Like Everyone Else . Jus A Lill Sexierr .
Rio Williams's picture

Bra y u look just like Chris Brown on this video!lol I got confused who i was lookn at for a second....lmao..U still da realest nigga in it though!!Baliee Dattt!! follow me @RioGottaCrzyBuz
YourOneLove's picture

I don't want you to be anybody but yourself, your true self....
charity24's picture

I really like it and i cant wait 2 see more it shows us Tremaine we dont get 2 see him that often i like him even though i love me some Trey Songs
Raminta's picture

Wow.. Trey you are wonderful. Keep up this hard work and never ever give up, your fans will always support you ! :)
mii_sunflower's picture

speehless i love u trey u are a wobderful man ur mother raise to be b the man that u r today i love u much more then just ur music ... love u trey
B3auTi3zAng3L's picture

Trey as a fan but also as a person I understand that u are human.So what others and myself may perceive you to be is cannot compare to the man you are. I am positive that being you is good enough for us.Keep being you babe.I love the genuine spirit in you.
ayOifcking♥TreyS's picture

*handss dwn* amen baybee GOD BLESS YOUU ! iloveee you with all myy heart no doubtt !
Rolanda4's picture

"At the end of the day the artist you are is nothing compared to the person you are" - Quote by Tremaine Neverson I love that quote and that's what I see a in you.. A MAN OF GOD.. A person who is making sure he doesn't loose himself during this life journey. AND honestly Trey, that's what I love and respect about you.. I LOVE that YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and WHO"S YOU ARE. And that's what's most important, because everyone's character is tested, Read 1 Peter 1:7. It's just that some of us make it though the trials and tribulations HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER (in my Kanye voice) Great interview..
Sweet_Crissy's picture

Its kinna funny how life works out, how someone whose always been in the music light, but was never acknowledged for his work as he should, guess whose the king of R & B now people, Yup. :-)
sweet_lady79's picture

After looking @ ur interview, people need to just accpect you the way you are. You don't have to protray urself the way people think you should be. Be urself. That's all you can do. In the interview you were being real and that's the way it should be. I like you the way you are. I'm a huge fan of yours. Be yourself and God will bless you in the long run. Don't pay attention to all the haters!!! I'm in the same position you're in. People hating on me for no reason. Much love and success to you Tremaine. I wish you all the best. Would love to meet you one day to really get to know "Tremaine". Keep your head up and always put God first in everything you do.
Kat_7's picture

All I can say is wow!
Tasha_35's picture

I one thing I love about Trey is his transparency. He is who he is and he is honest about it. I personally respect that, especially from someone who is celeb because that lifestyle makes it hard for one to be his/her self.
songzlilmami's picture

Trey you have accomplished a lot and you still continue to surprise your fans. You are an amazing and original artist. Can't wait unitl you start touring your Ready album because I'll be front row center. Good luck and may God continue to bless you and your loved one ;-) Your # 1 Fan, -Nancy
mizzcreativity's picture

alright tremaine!-tell em the truth! -shut em down!-this the side i love the absolute best- tremaine neverson. why? because he tells it like it is and stays true to himself. yeah i love trey and trig as well, but shoot....i'll take tremaine any day because that's what i want in a man- confident, strong, 1 who cares and looks after his family and will tell it like it is when theyre talking crap about them and one who also stands up for truth and injustice. yep, tremaine, youre my baby..thanks for being honest. and by the way, when we do meet up, come as tremaine because i want to see and hear the REAL YOU, NOT YOUR ALTER-EGOS! like i said i love the other 2, but when it all boils down, tremaine is the one who'll still be doing monica and "still standing". love you, baby-keep up the good work!-mizzcreativity
Joniesha05's picture

Tremaine....I loved this interview...I love when your able to sit down at bear some portion of the real you to us, but most of us that have been around for 4-5 years have seen the real you quite a lot..and have grown with you like myself. When I do get an actual chance to meet u...(cuz that's my next level..i already talk to u on the my cherished tweets and follow from u on finally meet u in person would be great and is the next step) i don't want u to think that i want u to persue anyone but urself..i love the bad boy tremaine..just as much as i love the charming...sweet symbol...panty droppa trey it up babe..we finally here were not just the neighbors know your name..but the world...been goin 5 years strong...let's go another 5! Love u Trey!! Leggooo!
mz_neverson23's picture

Hey, Trey I'm your most biggest fan my name is Tiana Williams and I'm 12 in the 6th grade I was trying to get you up here for my birthday in March but had a way, but i know you will be up here in Chicago for the taste of Chicago July 1 and i will be to see you. Loving you Trey Songz
CELLE-CELL's picture

Hello, Tremaine another nice interview i love da way u keep it real wit urself,and as much as ur able to wit ur fans.Stay grounded baby dats da key!!! humbleness is one of da factors dat makes u shine.Much more blessings to u n who loves u baby??
Mimi_36's picture

OH MY!...Trey this was so real....I just felt the realness of it all the word you spoke out of your mouth.....You just amaze me more and more and I cant wait to see more of what you have in store.....My God this man Is amazing, a blessing and Thank God you made him...just wishe you made him for me....*Sigh* Trey or whoever reads this...I just Hope I get a chance to hug you and squeeze you so tight and just smell the scent or tired or wondering and in Va..."Holla if ya need me"......The entire interview is lovely...the setting, what you had on, ya voice and I just love the relationship you speak of with you and ya mother....My God I can go on forever...not even a millions words can express the passion I have inside for you...I just Love You!!
Treys_Wifey lt3's picture

I love that you are so real and I can't wait to see more of these series. And Trey Songz or Tremaine, me and the rest of your fans will love you no matter what. I really admire how much you care about your fans and that you take time to do things like this for us and your twitter etc. I love you always Trey! Keep it real baby
Cupcake_10's picture

zenadali2426's picture

This here.....was truly "REAL TALK"......I admire and adore you for pertraying to ur fans someone who u really arent and at the same time keeping up with urself which is TREMAINE NEVERSON.... Along with ur music being two people could become a strenuous occupation and tend to drive u I've said before, ur strong.....Strong willed, strong minded, etc...and so talented as well...I see that u love what u do cause u love making ur FANS happy....and u will never let too much over come ur image of being a celebrity and family man because ur intelligent and u have a drive....when ur consentrating on something that warms ur heart u keep focused a stay attentive to whats to accomplish....ur not big headed ur just so fucking talented and some people cant understand it.....(I can go on and on with my thoughts about trey/tremaine).....just watch ur back out there....STAY FOCUSED AND AS ALWAYS SMILE! SENDING A HANDFUL OF BLESSING TO U AND UR FAMILY!......:)
Nicki_ G's picture

Another great interview of Trey giving his all to his fans. Speaking as a fan, i enjoyed your music 100%, the perception that u give to your fans seems real. Sure you give a confident sexy tone that us ladies love and want, but honestly compared to any other artist in the game to me you are the most honest person working in the industry. I have supported you since the beginning of your career and i have watched u grow into a mature man in front of the public eye. While other artist tend to past off a persona thats fake, u keep it 100 all the time no matter what and thats what i love about u. Even though i dont not really know u it feels like i do. keep being u Trey!! Love u Trey MUAAAAH!
TopNotchnKlassy's picture

I honestly feel like I know Tremaine. I hv followed u soooo much n hv learned alot abt u. I Luv Trey Songz n all tht he does, from the songs he puts out, the albums, the collabos, the interviews I've seen, n the photo shoots, etc. I Love it all. I've watched u come sooooo far n I must admit u hv changed n good ways 4 the better. U hv a gift tht no 1 can take. U hv made so many accomplishments since 2005 n I am a proud fan of Trey Songz n Tremaine Neverson. Ur success has kept me motivated in so many ways. I Love the person u r. Ur sense of humor, u keep n real whteva the situation is, u like 2 hv fun, u take time out 2 connect with ur fans and most importantly u keep ur "FAMILY 1st" no matter wht, n I Love tht abt u. U hv a "GREAT" heart, mind, n soul. I truly n honestly think u r "FLAWLESS". U can do "NO WRONG" n my eyes. Keep up the excellent work. I Love U Dearly ;-)
lilymichelle's picture

I don't want you to try to deliver my "perception" of you. I want to see all your rawness and your realness because I truly & honestly care about the man you are. It's not about how many records you sell, or how many interviews you's about your passion, your heart, and your mind. I'm grateful for the fact that you have made so many songs for me, for your fans, for your family, friends. You've gotten me through some rough times in my life & possibly even saved me from myself. I look in your face & see so much. Tremaine is who you ARE, Trey Songz is who you've created & strive to keep up with, but you will forever be Tremaine, & you are a flawed man. But you are such a good man. Don't try to give people what they want all the time, you'll go crazy. Be Tremaine, work hard as Trey Songz, but don't forget your roots. ♥ Lily
TreySongz_Wifeyboo's picture

i support you n everything u do nd it dosent matter who u are trey or tremaine i will always love u.i mean u r blessed with a talent so whatever u doi kno u will have sucess n it. I LUV U TREY SONGZ/TREMAINE
Varche88's picture

I'll sit and wait until we meet, you are a very blessed individual and I am excited to say that I am a fan!
Bre'AunaShanti's picture

gotta love him ?



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