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Exclusive Pics of Trey's VIBE Cover Reveal and Show at Roseland Ballroom!

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on April 8, 2010 - 2:12pm

Photo Credit: Kari Culver

Check out exclusive pics of Trey's VIBE cover reveal and performance shots at his sold out show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC! Peep the rest of the pics in Trey's photo gallery!

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

god bless you trey with all that you do. I pray for you everyday cause you deserve to be very successful
Jenea's picture

I love you it brilliant
michelle_33's picture

i love you trey
Ruth McQueen's picture

how awesome for u ....flawless...simply flawless
AileenD's picture

i was there to experience our joy :) i have a pic just like this in my camera !!!! loved it !
CCUTTIE's picture

Congrats on all ur success! i have been riding wit u since ur mix tapes! and Im so happy ur getting the respect u deserve! May GOD continue to bless u and ur career! stay grounded and keep GOD first and u will be successful in all that u want to achieve and again CONGRATS! Im ur #1 fan! and u put on and awsome show in COLUMBIA SC and april 11!
Chyna White's picture

Congrats Trey, I am so happy for you. Just remember to keep GOD w/ u at all times and u will be str8. Much love, or should I say 1 Luv
nicole083's picture

i loveee u trey!!
Bosslady_9's picture

The Vibe cover is off the meters!!!!
CreeBaby's picture

Thats My Husband...I Love Yu
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

o.m.g yes i was there it was amazing luv u trey all day !!!!
Ayniek_2's picture

Hey Trey? Follow your girl on Twitter @Ayniek
nickky23's picture

i did witness this moment and i must say i felt like i went platinum......just watching it
Tasha_35's picture

Congrats! All that hard work is starting to pay off! I know there is plenty more to come...Keep it up! Yuup!!!!!!!!!!!!
glamourgirlps901's picture

Trey, you ARE truly a hard working young man and you are so deserving of all that you have. I'm sure God has many wonderful things in store for you in the future. Just trust in Him, stay focused, grounded, and true to yourself (and the people that mean the most to you), and everything should work out just fine. Much Love, Phyllis S. p.s... Congrats. on the Vibe cover (sooosexy). I can hardly wait til you get to Memphis, TN on April 18th. I got my VIP pass and I'm so READY.
Kristien Taylor's picture

congradulations you are the best.
LaShonda McCoy's picture

i'm lovin it! and u too! congrats no one works as hard as u do! keep doin what u do sexy! love u!
CELLE-CELL's picture

Was there da show was so amazing trey did his thing dat night hunny aka rhonda u look like da girl i told to squeeze between me so u can get a better view.N after da show me u n two other girls held hands tru da crowd to da meet n greet.If dis is u it was cool meeting u n da show was great!!!
CELLE-CELL's picture

So happy n proud of u baby keep doing big n better things Yuuup!!!!!! b blessed who loves u baby???
Myztik's picture

Yeaaa baby! You keep up the good work, Trey!! Us fans gone support you and stay by ur side the whole nine yards as you keep on makin it 2 the top!!!! Much love!! ;)
KoriYUUUP's picture

im proud of you baby
pinkkyyxx's picture

Ahhh i went to this concert too.. I LOVE TREY ! the concert was ahhhmazing !
Hunny's picture

glad i was there!! im so happy for deserve it!! ;)
Mz.sLiMsExC's picture

i was so there.. YOU GO BOY.. who fuckin wif him nobody fuckin wif him..
DeshiaNicole's picture

I'm so happy for you! I wish I could've been there to share that moment with you!
charity24's picture

I was there and I felt so special being able 2 share those moments with you You looked so happy and I was happy 4 you congrats on everything I am such a big fan I just love you Trey
fry fry's picture

Definately happy for you.. There's not to many sexy performers that I wouldn't mind spending to go see. Been a fan of your albums and mixtapes for years. Was fortunate enough to see you perform at HOB in AC. Can't wait to see you perform on a larger scale. Keep doing ya thing, 'cause it's oOo so sexy :") fry


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