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Trey Songz NYC Show X VIBE Cover Reveal [Video]

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on March 31, 2010 - 10:05am

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xxsweetbabiixx's picture

i was der it was live ..... trey songz was lookin so sexy ....... if u were not there u r a lame
rnbjunkie's picture

ive done cut class,stood in the cold,stood in blazin sun,n now rain with was worth it though : )
CELLE-CELL's picture

Trey, u killed it last night da show was bannanas!!!! i was there n show was incredible.U looked so fly I got to take a pic wit u at da meet n greet.Wish u continued success!! stay humble please n remember who loves baby?? YUUUP=)
GloLuvsMusiq's picture

Even tho I was absent in body, I was present in spirit. Trey always delivers an entertaining show. Keep up the Great Work.. cuz I sure love watching you do it! (2 seconds away from drooling over that vibe cover!) Lol ;-p
LWhit's picture

I was there too!! This was my first Trey Songz concert - very good show! Congrats to Trey - long over due!
spialelo's picture

Love you Trey. Now why the hell did she spit it out? She could have hit Trey. =(
TopBaddBytch_2's picture

Ayee i was dere =) i love my Husband Trey
Nicole_82's picture

Love it. Oh damn Yuuup



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