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WATCH: Frank, Wanda & Trey Songz Go Knockin!

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on March 2, 2010 - 7:08pm

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

please come knock on my door
Nikki_Nik's picture

That was da sweetest thang...Things like this is what I think makes an artist that much more successful...You are true to your fans and when you dedicate yourself to your fans (like me) your fans will definitely show you how much they appreciate it. This is why you are my favorite artist although u aint follow me on twitter Trey...Sincerely A November Baby
kay lovely's picture

she couldnt even look him in the face LMFAOO!! OMG i dont even know what my reaction would be =X
missunique197's picture

oh my gosh i dnt knw what i would do if he came 2 my house. i think that was nice of him 2 do dat
mswoods26's picture

I think this is really sweet of u.. u r always doing things for ur fans which is another reason that we love u
sexysadesongz's picture

I feel like i was there i got so emotional .i am a little mad that you didnt come to my house though,well i tried to get tix to your show in long island on march 12 but they were sold out.March 12 is my birthday and since i cant go to your show can you sign a shirt you put on already and send it to me that would be so great
Kristina Renee_2's picture

omgee how can trey deliver mee tickets?? lol :)
LaRonda Passmore's picture

This is hot Trey I have never seen an artist make house calls to deliver concert tickets you are what I call a true entertainer to come close and personal with your fans you are "The Man" I wish you nothing bit continued success Love yaI
monique_42's picture

This was to sweet it's shows aside ppl don't normally c from other entertainer's but of course you are not just any that speaks for
1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Is so nice to see you dedicate yourself to your fans.....
trey's girl_5's picture

humm..yeah i'm loving it too
mz neverson_4's picture

i watch da video like 4 times an i was madd dat i was not her lmao i liked it
Mhis Songz's picture

she too calm i would b tripN omg if he came too my house...........
Deborha's picture

i love you tery song you the word to me and i hope to see you at soon baby your baby deborha
nicolledanae's picture

All she did was stand there!! Maaan ahhh if i was her OMG!!!! hahahaa. anyways that was cute!!!
shawn_5's picture

That was very sweet and that is one of many reasonsTrey Songz will continue to have support and love from his fans !
lady virtue's picture

so sweet. how blessed you guys were to be able to that and for her to receive it. this is a moment she will cherish forever. you are truly amazing Tremaine May the Lord keep blessing you and keep your dreams coming true beyond your expectation-0
im_so_ready_MZdee21's picture

awwww!! that was so sweet... how lucky! wish that was me.
JULIE loves you trey baby's picture

that girl is so fucking lucky. atleast i got to meet trey on monday night. best moment of my life no jokeee
mz neverson_4's picture

aw i wish he would have had came to mii crib he would have never left
ghostwriter_2's picture

ooh that is so sweet you made her life she will never forget that girl i got treysongz in my house you need to kiss this poster befor entering lol my house has been blessed!!!
Raminta's picture

Awwwww :) Shes SOOO lucky !! If he came and knocked on my door .. Woooow it would be amazing and i would be HAPPY like never !! Wish he comes to Londone one day :( I really wish ..
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

Congrats to her!!! That is so sweet, I was trying to win that contest in VA, but another lucky girl got that...but maybe one day...
DeeN84's picture

this is why living in europe sucks sometimes
charity24's picture

aww that's so nice I wish u would come 2 my house trey
Ms. Ty So Fly's picture

I am in tears...she is definately lucky...CONGRATS LADY!!!
Amorsherrie's picture

Lucky Lucky gal!!!!!!
Mz. Songz_10's picture

and he would not knock on any one of y'all doors he's knockin on mine
Saffy Sweetnez's picture

ooooooooooh can u come to london and knock on my door
Shaumae Reds's picture

I wish you he would come knocking on my door, minus the whole entourage!!



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