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All New "Trey Songz: My Moment" Episode Airing TONIGHT!

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on July 6, 2010 - 5:59pm

Tune in to BET TONIGHT to watch an all new "Trey Songz: My Moment"! In this episode, Trey deals with the good and bad of fan worship. Make sure you tune in at 10pm/9c to watch! And for extra video clips and exclusive photos from the show, visit!

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sweet_lady79's picture

For real I'm loving how you are soo honest with your fans!!! Also I tune in every Tuesday nite. Can't wait to see it tonite. I jus lov it baby!!!!! God Bless and keep on doing what you doing. Im your biggest fan!!!!
Mrz_Neverson_3's picture

i love the shos and i love trey songz to death...[ILY] TREY
flygurlzlovehim's picture

Im loving Trey show..I like seeing all the hard work he put into everything..He a boss and he about his money and I like that..He just seem like an average ordinary hood nigga doing big things now..Im proud of him! But my one complaint is why them fans who won the tickets gotta look so busted? How you letting Trey in ya crib and ya hair tied up, boobies swanging with an ol wifebeater and stretched out sweatpants? GTFOH! Trey dont be discouraged cause you do have some sexy fans like myself..Ladies keep yaself lookin good cause you neva know..
Reece33's picture

i love ur show so much i seen it last night i loved it
CELLE-CELL's picture

i'm enjoying ur show My Moment" gotta record it though cause i work @ night so i can't never get to c it on tues not my day off.keep doing ur thing baby!! can't wait to catch ur show in sept at da beacon much luv to u.
hisforever1994's picture

I am loving the show and waitin for the other ones . I love you so much Trey keep up the good work !
ShayLoveeTrey_'s picture

the showw is greeat i luv iit ! just lykk i luv you!!!
Asohal's picture

The show is grea, will there be a disc set you could buy after that would be so cool LOVEEEEEEEEE YOU TREY A LOT A LOT :)
Nana_14's picture

I am truly enjoying your documentary! I was blessed to see you live @ the H.O.B on Sunset and now I get the chance to see all the work behind the records and performances. XOXO
Lisa 37's picture

Trey,thanks 4 lettin me see ur life as a songwritter & a singer. U r a humble person,& i see u don't play about ur work & fans.Keep up the good work,i can't wait until u come 2 Aug,See u then.
God'sGift_ReignTrey's picture

Trey, I love You, I know that I dont know you personally but lyricly.....I Love you- I love YOU for being you; for being the guy that you are. I love you for being as humble as a guy I think you are....I know love is a very strong word----But I lOVE YOU. I thank you TONS for the BET documentary for allowing me to get to know more about the guy I call myself loving. I Thank You-TONS! (groupie-NOT) Real TRU FAN....YES! :)
Natasha aka Phyn6x's picture

love it and dig the message
remixroysister's picture

love u trey
Paige Nelson's picture

recording it!
Myztik's picture

Can't wait to watch it!
StarrlovesTrey's picture

i can't wait to watch it ... i love you tremain
ILoveTrey_42's picture

i love you TREY
Treysongz fan_2's picture



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