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Trey & Drake Behind the Scenes at "Successful" Video Shoot

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on August 12, 2009 - 12:08pm

Trey and Drake take us around the set, meet up with Jamie Foxx, take a look at some style tips and MORE! READY in stores Tuesday, September 1st!

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hotchocolatefou's picture

Damn Trey u a sexy honeydip. I luv ur swagg. confident men is soooo delicious. not only r u sexy ass hell but u have a beautiful voice and I luv how u just keep is so real. keep doin u! Shout out to Drake he's a honeydip too. plus he got mad skills. very talented as well. Hurry up and come back to the "D"
'Nito's picture

Yo, which version of "successful" is this? 'cuase in the original one Trey only sing the hook and on the video shoot i'm hearing more than just a verse, not to mention different ad libs. Holla at me on that!
Kutie Bunz Loves Tremaine's picture

i loved dis video such gud character lls goofing roun u still kute i lyk d sneak peak cant wait til sep 1...ill be gettin my album...i love u trey!!
BKMisses's picture

This video is gonna be hot.... Drake is fine but damn Son.... Trey you sexy.... Brown skin is in!!!!!!!!!
addicted.2.sOngz's picture

GOD DAMN that was hot!! lmaooo yall look like u have so much fun!!! yuuup! cant wait for the video!! xxxxxx
SexyBrown89's picture

Thanx for the sneak peek trey much much love from me.. u goo HAM that y i got so much love for u baby!!!!!!!BONG!~~Sept 1baby!!
brittanydanielleyuup's picture

Love How Trey Always Show Mad Love!. Seeinq This Little Sneak Peak Make Me Anticipate The Video Even More! Nd Lets Not Forget To Mention "READY"!. Love You Much Trey! Nd Keep Up The GREAT Work!.
AemorieCouture's picture

i love`d the outfit Trey, & biq up to the banqleGanqers. . .love those banqles.! I was qonna ask u to do a world premiere, but this did it for me, love ya babes, still anticipatin READY.! cant wait till it drop
Slick-Rick's picture

Keep on doing the dam think, Trey, make that money, do what it do, boy !!!
iAmMouse's picture

I just love the way he shows love all the time. We certainly do love you out her in the Tdot, and we'll continue to do so * well, at least I will ;) lol * Thanks for sharing this behind the scene footage, it really makes us fans feel more in tuned with you & I appreciate all the time you take out of your busy schedule to keep us up to date via Twitter, Facebook,, Youtube & all the other outlets. Continue to share your journey to success with us & I'm positive that all supporting Trey Songz fans will continue to appreciate and respect all of your hard work and dedication. Peace and Love, -*Mouse?
LuckyMe's picture

Cant wait 2 c it!!!! :)
money'zeer's picture

haste of or even the cliiip trey songz yuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
BabyCrown's picture

I like the fact that you think about the details!Cool outfit!(Y)
sarahsongz's picture

that was hot! (:
LeeLee_8's picture

damnn this looks like its gonna be good...i love Trey most artist dont do behind the scene stuff like this. hes so real..Drizzyy keep doing ya thang, ya home town loves ya! T-DOT !
LadyBubbles18's picture

my boo look so sexyyy i love u trey songzz and of course cant forget about drakee
Treyallday3's picture

soooo excited to see the video!
tara_15's picture

the kicks and vest were too freshh, but of course the swagg pulls the look together. i love this so far!! and i love you!!
NIKI_7's picture

sliim0987's picture

hi trigga trey i love wat i saw can't wait tell da vidoe love ya


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