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READY is HERE! Get Your Copy Now!

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on August 30, 2009 - 11:30pm

It's finally here! The most anticipated r&b album of the year! Trey Songz' READY featuring the hit singles "I Need A Girl" + "Successful" (Drake & Trey Songz) + "LOL :-)" ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy Tell Em' plus "I Invented Sex" ft. Drake! Cop yours @ Atlantic Records Store | iTunes (Deluxe Version)

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Myztik's picture

Got the copy yesterday the day it came out! I'm already learning the songs. Trey, I wanna let you know that you've come so far from where you started! You are so inspirational to many people and we love you for that. Keep on singing and following your heart, boy! The album is awesome and I can't stop listening to it!
skittlbear04's picture

Went to 2 different targets to get my copy but it was sooooo worth it
songzwifey_5's picture

i got mines already babe yuup
Jazz035's picture

OMG had to cop my album today Swear ima play this album out Im so Ready Go Cop it "Ready" YUUUP!!!!!
@MsMsWest's picture

Got my 2 copies today w/ the dvd interview!!! 1 for the crib + 1 for the car BONG u know its ALL LOVE!!!!!! YUUUPPPP!!!! Platinum status baby!!!
YUUUUUP's picture

Join the facebook fan group to support the album!
x iiNCrEDiBlE x's picture

damnn best buy is fucking up in the game's picture

iLOVE iT !
Jamaica_3's picture

OMG, BESTBUY IS not putting your album out until 2morrow...wht kinda $hit is tht..
Tasha_35's picture

Well, Well, Well...better than I expected, and I expected heat, but I got fire!!!!! Get 'em TREY!!!!
Beautiful Mistake's picture

Already knew wat it was gonna b..congratulations Mr Neverson..ur ma fav R&B artist n ma fav eye candy!! Keep it up..cnt wait 2 see tha movie u comin out wit..wanna see those ball skills!! 5 stars ba
babigurl124's picture

IM downloading the album, I know its going to be hot: More than hot, its going to be BLAZING!!!! TREY YOU DOING YOUR THING!!!!!
razor1's picture

album is fire trey well done
BayJoka510's picture

does anyone know how much the album is gonna cost in stores?
Ms Charlie Vmore's picture

Trey I knew the album was gonna be great-- but when I heard it I realized I WAS NOT READY!!!! You murdered the whole R & B game--- N*gga's need to be afraid of this young handsome man from VA!!!! BONG!
Camille_10's picture

I Downloaded the Album. Its amazin ! Love It
SweetestSin69's picture

SuppaBadShanti's picture

Album is fucking fire go get it
Cookiesncream's picture

I love you music and Respect you as an artist. I am a musician and love real music. You have real music that I can listen to often! Keep being yourself and doing what you know is real handsome!
LorahSongz's picture

Its only lettin me buy the digital album


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