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Trey Featured in the October '09 Issue of XXL

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on September 8, 2009 - 1:02pm

"I like to think of my path to success like an escalator ride; a lot of entertainers take the elevator" - Trey Songz. Click the images below to enlarge!

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treysgirl_9's picture

i will be picking a copy up so i can read your interview. im sure it depicts you in a wonderful way, sexy, intelligent and an awsome artist. i can't wait to read it.
Msz.TSongsz's picture

i will be getting my copy.
MsMK82's picture

i will be pickin my copy up.
Tasha_35's picture

Im excited about this! Yuuup I'm picking it up!
DistantLover_2's picture

my eyes bad as shit i cant read this lol! damnnnn!
LouiseW's picture

lol they spelled his name treymaine
Joniesha05's picture

Uh Oh!! Get it Trey!! A BONG BONG BILLAY!! LOL!
Beautiful Mistake's picture

wow..well ppl definitely kno who u guy friends who dnt even listen to R&B rock to u..u showin them u can do w/e u put ya mind u said, race ur race!!
PerfectEnigma's picture

Gotta buy this issue!! Trey, I am so happy for your's been a long time coming. You deserve it!


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