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WATCH: Trey Performs "Already Taken" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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on August 3, 2010 - 12:58pm

Trey Songz performed "Already To Taken" from the Step Up 3D soundtrack last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! If you missed the performance or you just wanna see it again you can watch it HERE. The STEP UP 3D Soundtrack available in stores and online now! The STEP UP 3D movie hits theaters everywhere this Friday!

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Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

swagg on stupid, performance on piont as always best performer ever to hit fallon stage
Sharaine.Pretty's picture

damn baby, you looked good doing your thing as always. keep it up ;)
Nancy_5's picture

here is a link to Trey Songz performing "Already Taken" and like I said it was a perfect performence. Great Job !! You are an amazingly gifted young man. Im proud of you, you grew so much as an artist(: ily?Trey !!
Nancy_5's picture

Even tho the link is not working I'm absolutely sure that the performence was pure perfection. I love the song and I Love You.
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

ilovetreysongz101's picture

trey songz is so cute and i love his singing
Lovealloverme's picture

I love trey songz... He has awesome talent. I believe that people slept on him when he first came out... Keep it up Trey... We do love you
iLoveMesumSongz's picture

the damn links not workin!
msjapple's picture

I just love me some Tremaine this song is hot cnt wait to see my babe in bmore countin down the days
Myztik's picture

Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! We love you Trey!
RickeYuuup's picture

TreySongzCrazie's picture

DaMn right he's "Already Taken!"...By me. Love you Trey!! Keep up the good work..Muuuah
mrzsTyffane's picture

WOW! Is all that I could say cause you are a man that takes my breath away.
FM Smith's picture

Trey, you are a very talented and gifted artist with an extraordinary voice. Very mature for his age, seems to be kind, generous, and very outgoing. Love his music and a big fan. I am 42 years old with two grown daughters, ages 23 and 20, and whenever I go to pick them up from their apartments to give them a ride or just spending time with my girls, they always laugh at me and post messages on their facebook pages saying "Wow, my mom knows every song by heart on Trey Songz CD." LOL Our friends got a kick out of that. I sure wish he would come to Huntington, WV for a concert...
tREYlOVE_10's picture

yu have an amazing voice love lost and one love my fav songs i love yu so much i just keep yur songs on repeat to hear yur voice
treysongzwifey4ever's picture

u really need to come to orlando fl
TCS23's picture

Yes, Trey, really want to see you hit the talk show circuit hard...
greeneyz's picture

amAAAZING job!!! so sexxii!!!
princess4ful's picture

omg i love his smile it makes me laugh everytime lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxobad_bch's picture

so fine!
Nikki_43's picture

Really good performance and I love this song, Trey your the best!!!
Renea B's picture

YvonneK88's picture

He needs to come to Detroit!!!!
mel_11's picture



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