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Trey Covers Billboard Magazine

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Atlantic Records's picture
on August 6, 2010 - 2:40pm

Check out Trey's Billboard Magazine Cover above! Read the full feature story on! The issue is out this week, so pick make sure to pick up your copy!

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merriaTilmeiada may's picture

he lukz sooo gorgeous and hes so fine ooo wee
neshia_5's picture

this is a hot picture i love this should be your new profile pic
babygurl_na_10's picture

omfq u lok so dame qorqous!! n lil diff 4some resonee..
Ciera Songz's picture

Congrats Trey love the article. I'm proud of you. I've been a fan since day one. I will continue to support you. I have all three of your album and can't wait for Passion, Pain, & Pleasure. 2 All the Trey fans let's make this his best selling album ever. NO BOOTLEG ALBUMS. Trey deserves to be #1. Leggoooo TREY FANS get the word out lets make him #1. PASSION, PAIN, & PLEASURE IN STORES SEPT. 14!!!!!!!!
Trey's504Angel's picture

OMG... Trey baby you look gorgous!!! Baby you made it so far in your career Im So Happy for you and I am lookin forward to the tour that kicks off today...I see that you will not be in New Orleans so I would come to you in Shreveport. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! MUAH. Im very proud of you for getting on the COVER of BILLBOARD Mag... Congratulations Honey!!!!!
JoyDaBest's picture

Billboard magazine is huge!!!!!!....Get Ready Trey, because there are plenty more photoshoots to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!Again Luv Ya Tremaine Aldon Neverson!!!!!!:)))))))xoxoxoxo
JoyDaBest's picture

I love Trey's eyebrows,they look fine!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations Baby! I am very HAPPY for your success and how well you are doing in the music industry!!!!!!!!Stay looking hot and continue having the credit you definately deserve because Trey,you have worked soooo hard these past five years!!!!!You have a BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....I love you dearly Trigga!!!!:)))))))))))
Brooklyns Darling's picture

I'm soooo HAPPY n PROUD for Trey!!!!!!!!!!!! He finally made it ,but we gotta have someone in charge of his eyebrows lol (leans forward n fixes them) them babies b everywhere lmao.... I cant wait for when he covers Rolling Stone Magazine... TTU whats up
mary loves trey's picture

i am lovin dis billboard magazine congrads baby's picture

Yea for Trey! When you hit billboard magazine.. Ya know that's big time! Thumbs up on the cover!...:) Congratulations! He's been grindin hard for a minute now.. Its great to see all his dreams coming true.... I will try to get it so I can read more ! ..:)
PYT2Sweet's picture

? the magazine cover.
Jennifer21591's picture

The things I would do to spend 5 minutes with him...
Trey's wifey_13's picture

I love this cover those eyes and lips are so sexy!!!!!
Briya's picture

Awwww Luk At Trey!!
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

damn them lips, they truly are to die for!!
Ms.Neverson_15's picture

Calling Stores Tah Find iHt
..'s picture

YEA, COOL MEN ! :) Super Zdj?cie, POZDRO :D
Serenity BlissfulAngel's picture

Congrats Trey.... Damn he looks good on this cover.................
SimplyGorgeous's picture

he is so sexy
shysmile's picture

love it! will be pickin up a copy soon as i can find it!!! :) :)
sandysplits's picture

awwwwwwwww i luv u treyyyyyyy .U RILLI ARE MR.STEAL YO GAL.LOL
shawniebaby64's picture

Sooooooo damn adorable!!!!!!!
NellyLuvsTrey's picture

just sexy.



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