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Trey Covers Billboard Magazine

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on August 6, 2010 - 2:40pm

Check out Trey's Billboard Magazine Cover above! Read the full feature story on! The issue is out this week, so pick make sure to pick up your copy!

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I am so proud of Trey. You are looking great and I just want to say thank you for blessing us with your music and your heart.
LilMzSongz's picture

u look amazing as usual
SB_2's picture

You look nice on the cover. Keep up the hard work. It is paying off for you.
Cupcake_10's picture

Mz.DropItLikeIt'sHot's picture

I luv the Billboard Cover! Sexy as ever! Keep doing u thing! You can holla if u need me anytime! LOL! I luv u, Trey!
cdixon281's picture

Congratulations on the Billboard cover.... you look sexy. I read the article and it was facinating. Keep doing what you're doing and always put God first.
Mz.2thick's picture

trey is doing it real big. big ups to u my dude
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes I'm sure it will always be a tool to sell things, but there are too many imaginative people in this world for it to be the frequent go to method. I'm clear on the fact that he is putting out a fantasy. I don't view sex as a bad thing either but sometimes things should be brought down a notch. I read the article online. Just brought the actual magazine today. I know he isn't successful solely because of the sex songs but those songs did bring him to the next level. Yes it was a very good article but for the most part most of the interviews he does are pretty good. I don't know I just have never been one to throw the word sexy around easily. There are very few artists that I find sexy. Yes he is handsome. Single(I really don't know his status) :) Definitely focused Definitely driven Yes successful. I'm not keen on men that are that thin, but his body isn't bad. :) Yes a person's appearance should play a role, but not be the sole factor. There are too many people that are attractive that have no talent but are blowing up the charts. Sadly the music industry has changed a great deal because it use to be what talent a person possessed. I'm not including Trey in this because I truly believe he is a talented guy. Other than a handful of other artists this music industry is going down hill. It was very refreshing to listen to "Ready" and actually be able to listen to the cd without skipping most of the tracks. Very few artists I can say that about. Out of all the cds that came out last decade other than Usher's "Confessions" his cd is in my top 5.
ms4thofjuly's picture

@Baby Girl, You are too funny but your words come with some truth to them -LOL :-) Sexuality is a form of self expression and it's nice to have a man that brings the "heat" like he does. We are so closed minded when it comes to sex in America. It's like it's taboo or something and it is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. @JesusIsMySavior, Sex will always sell; it always has and it always will. I told you it's all about the fantasy. I don't view Sex as a bad thing but some might. It's not all he has to offer though but it is a part of who he is. I actually read the Billboard article and it was pretty interesting. The subtitle would have you thinking that he is successful because of some songs about sex but I think it was one of his better articles. He is clear on the business aspect of his career. Trey knows that sex sells and he even said that he "needs something different". But if you look at most of the comments they comment on how sexy he is and that's just reality! Good looking, single, focused, driven, sexy, successful with a killer body and the abs of death! Seriously, you got to read the article in Billboard (smile)! 2day is Tuesday so look at yourselves in the mirror and repeat after me...Yuuuupppp! Petersburg, VA (The Burg) Looks are important and that's just the way it is! It would be nice to say that we are not judged on our looks or sexuality but we are! The music industry is no different!
YourOneLove's picture

Yeah, they was hatin' on the cover, i can't wait until i get to read it...
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Unfortunately I wish talent did trump appearance but the way the music industry is currently looks are a little too important. I agree that for Trey his talent is his foundation. I always felt that as an artist you should put out the music you want not what the industry wants. I saw an interview with Trey and it seemed to me that it disappointed him that he had to go the route of what the “industry” wanted. Yes him being on the cover of Billboard is a major accomplishment. I hope at some part he will go in another direction because after a while sex will not be the thing that sells.
Baby Girl_10's picture

keep the sex songs coming....Trey definitely turns the heat up like no other R&B artist.....he has such a sensual way of singing-raping about sex without making it trashy.....either way sex is critical to our well being.....well at least bomb ass sex.....believe it or not it will make or break a's okay to get broke off proper like !!! I'm down for some role play....
ms4thofjuly's picture

In the music business your looks definitely play a big part but TALENT trumps appearance, all day, every day! A pretty face will only get you so far because let's be honest, no one is going to pay to just look at you in a venue that seats 15k-20k. We can simply buy a maganzine for $4.95 and keep it moving. True, Trey is a sex symbol, there is no denying that, but that is not all he brings to the table. He just found a way to "capitalize" on his looks and his music encompasses his looks but talent is the foundation and it will continue to be! His fan base is largely female so how do you attract females? You become their fantasy and that's what he does. He is selling a fantasy and it's working! The subtitle was true for the most part. His biggest songs have been sexual but so what? Part of being a success is knowing who your audience is and focusing on their wants and needs! As Trey's fan base matures so will his visions and his music but for now he understands that he has to supply what his fans demand. And it landed him on the cover of billboard which is nearly impossible for any minority to do so it is a major accomplishment! Trey is diverse and "READY" tells that story. Black Roses, Holla if You Need Me, Yo side of the bed and my absolute favorite songs; One Love, Jupiter Love and Does He Do It! He displays a range of emotions but as far as the industry is concerned, SEX SELLS so they focus on that! Hey, they could be focusing on far worse things, I guess, but I don't think Trey has a problem with "showcasing" his looks or being labeled a sex symbol (smile)! Growth and transition will come but for now it is what it is...Sexy at it's Best (LOL)!!!! Happy Monday Ladies!!!! Petersburg, Virginia (The Burg)
Tayla Unique's picture

g o r g e o u s:P so proud.! ? Tayla:)
Khristie's picture

Congrats Tre on your first Billboard cover!!! Great accomplishment
ImOnTreysTeam's picture

i think tha sub heading is whack bcause trey doesnt jus do songs about sex but thats all tha world knows about... i think it sucks
AVA_3's picture

Trey, congrats on your 10 year run...I can't wait to hear the rest of your story through the Passion, Pain, Pleasure Album....also looking forward to what you bring to the table after this chapter is closed...keep it coming -A.V.A.
MsStinson's picture

I don't like that all....
JesusIsMySavior's picture

JoyDaBest:)) Oh I know he didn’t/doesn’t just sing about sex. He does have an array of songs about different subject matter. But what I was trying to say is that though he does have songs that are more sensual it was the songs that were blatantly about sex that got him recognition. Basically I was responding to the title that is on the cover of the Billboard. Yeah I know he did “Say Ahh” which became his first platinum selling single. I think Jay Z looked at the total package. I think he knew Trey was a talented guy and his appearance did play a role in him choosing to have Trey on the tour. It’s obvious that Trey creates music because he loves doing so. Anyone that is in the studio and on tour as much as he is has to do it for the love of music. You are right the majority of people do like trey because of the music. Though there is a segment of people that like him for his looks.
True_Teen's picture

Awww Trey Yhu Lokk Fine As Always ! !
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Baby Girl_10's picture

looking good as usual........have fun kicking off your first night on tour.......can't wait to see prayers are with you and the entire crew.....hugs and kisses.......
Raminta's picture

Wooooow ! He looks sooo sexy :P Trey, we are really proud of you :)
Nancy_5's picture

F L A W L E S S ?;_. sexiest magazine cover ever, I Love You !! Im so proud of you and how far you have gotten in the music industry. Keep your head up and brush them haters off because you are simply the best.(:
shanna_6's picture

u so damn sexy........ like i told u before keep up the hard work i love your sexy ass
sweet_lady79's picture

Soooo sexxy damn Tremaine!! What are you doing to me?? ; )
Latin_heart's picture

Theres always gonna be haters out there, but Trey keep doing what you are doing you are the real thing. Your talent surpasses the talent of many of the R&B artist that are out now. You are a versitile artist, you've done from ballads to club bumpin songs with out loosing your creditability. Am glad and happy that you are finally gettin the recognition that you deserve, can't wait for your new album. Can't be friends is one of my favorite songs, I know this record is gonna be great as well as the ones to come. Stay strong to your fans and your family. God bless you and all of yours.
MS NEVERSON_2's picture

trey u look so hot
connie_6's picture

Omg if i was ur mama i would be so proud of you. all i have to say is keep making your mom heart glow with luv, pride,and joy for her baby an a true and constant man in her life. keep making those who debating ur talent choke on their pride and like usher said let it burn. lol bye haters.



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