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Trey at Philly's Powerhouse 2009

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on October 26, 2009 - 5:47pm

Check out Trey and his team backstage at the Philly Powerhouse 2009 where he performed this past weekend! Click HERE to view more images!

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Blessing_3's picture

Trey your performance was off the hook. I was out of my sit the whole time rocking with you. I never stood up that long for anyone not even when i am in church "LOL". Trey i love you so much i can't wait until you come back to philly. keep doing your thing...........
@MsMsWest's picture

U'll be here in my area on Nov 15th w/ Letoya Luckett =) can't wait 4 the performance, the tixx SOLD out soooo fast. 106 KMEL and The Bay Area(Northern Cali) LOVES U boy!!!!!!!!!!!
feliciahart2gs's picture

i love how u came out after u preformed @ power house and watched jay preformed b/c 2 the end or the day u just like everybody else i couldent watch b/c i was 2 bizzy lookin @ ur fine azz hope u come bac 2 philly soon and do ur own show i need u 2 sing ego 2 me b/c i heard" it was 2 big" LOL :-)
Zoe_5's picture

u killed powerhouse homie
All 4 Trey_3's picture

I know you RIPPED the runway with your sexy ass. Kisses much love
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

Daaammmm Boo when you coming to Florida"
SeductiveEyez's picture

If only the stage knew it was getting R.I.P'd after ur performace....cuz u definitely tore the stage down!!!
Maya_14's picture

Definitely enjoyed myself at the powerhouse and also enjoyed seeing and listening to my baby trey sing. You did u thing baby keep it up.

sexy back looking hot.
sexykizzy's picture

hey Baby
lady virtue's picture

i know you rocked the house. Swagga mean as usual. Do what you baby lol
L.A.R.A..XX's picture

swagga alwayz on point...dunnoe


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