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Pre-Order "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" on iTunes NOW!

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on August 10, 2010 - 5:32pm

Trey's highly anticipated new album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" is now available to pre-order on iTunes! "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" features the hit "Bottoms Up" ft. Nicki Minaj, the new single "Can't Be Friends" and will be available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" on iTunes now!

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Doll_2's picture

Every Trey fan needs to go and buy the album on day 1. Ready is still the best album ever. Passion Pain & Pleasure will be a hit also. Everyone please join together and make this album a huge success. If you love Trey like you say you do, action speaks louder than words. 9-14 Go Yuuup
Rolanda4's picture

Can't Be Friends .. OMG I love that song.. If this is any indication of the music on you upcoming album Passion Pain and Pleasure.. Mmmm mmmm good.. Hugs and Kisses
Dom's picture

I pre-ordered the CD but I usually get everything off of iTunes so... I am going to pre-order the iTunes one too. Why not, gotta support Trey in every way :)
hotcholat's picture

this is the one an only hotcholat from birmingham alabama that concert on aug 14 was off the chain trey u brought the rain and the storm im so proud of u jst do me one favor dont forget about birmingham alabama love u
cdixon281's picture

I can't wait to get my CD.... I got the premium package. When are you coming back to Houstonj? lI'll wear my t-shirt and bracelet to the next concert......
NakeyBaby727's picture

Trey grows with every album, im so excited to hear this one!
Karen523's picture

So the iTunes Deluxe Edition has the full version of Panty Droppa as a bonus track....will definitely get it off iTunes.'s picture

Trey is HOT and I'm sure this album is going to be bangin. Looking forward to seeing what Trey Songz comes with.
True_Teen's picture

Lol 2nd Tew Comment I Love Yhu Trey And The Cover !

i like the album cover.


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