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WATCH: 'Say Aah/I Invented Sex' Behind the Video

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on October 21, 2009 - 1:33pm

Get a glimpse of what went down on the set of the "Say Aah/Invented Sex" video shoot with Trey Songz and Fabolous. Plus, stay tuned for details of the video World Premiere, coming soon!

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MsNicole091's picture

Trey Songz is so fine... i cant wait for the whole thing to come out
winterbabez's picture

omg.that's all there is to say
NITA SONGZ's picture

Dee_53's picture

damn mr trey songz mmmmm you lookin sexy in that video!!!!!
Natty's picture

cant wait for the video! visit and join and discuss about it with other fans! :)
Elisheba Simpe's picture

Miz.Ify's picture

love it trey u need to get married!!!!!!!!!!
Thiick Barbiie 2 Flyy's picture

LeeLee_8's picture

whosh ! the invented sex video looks so intense! wow trey
NEKABABY's picture

I LOVE U TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanesha_ox's picture

Just One Word Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
Evie_3's picture

I was one of the models in this amazing project..I had the only blast. Cannot wait to see the final results. BTW Grace is a doll it was nice working with her.
monielove3's picture

omg y are her legz on yuh like dat (tears )
MsJJBabyee's picture

LOL fab had me cracking up , grace is very pretty , she has that natural look , && trey you know you look good as always :) cant wait 2 see the video know its gonna be hawtttnezz! Im so readyy :)
lady virtue's picture

Ready to see final video.
iMjUsNa3's picture

all i could say is TREY SONGZ !!!! :)
jazzy123's picture

OMG!! i cant wait till the video!!! i can imagine its gonna b crazy!! GO TREY~~
Tempest87's picture

I like that your lead woman has natural hair. Its a good look. The shots were very very sexy and tasteful. I especially like the shot of the two of you holding each other and smiling~ I can't wait to see the finished product!
shy_87's picture

dayyyyyyyyummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! lol... it's your time to shine now baby boy.. lookin finnneee.. as always.. :)
Justineexo's picture

I can't wait till the videos comes out!!! :) Trey you looked good!
Janair_2's picture

trey is right i ain't ever seen him in a video like this. trey makin me, but i'm sure trey was even hotter. wow i wonder how grace felt n what was going on in both they mind. i'm very disturbed that bitch know she want trey's super sexyness
Janair_2's picture

can't wait 4 both of em. really i can't wait 4 ur lookin fab as always. luv ya.
ghostwriter_2's picture

im done with batch number two it took awhile to get the juice flowin but i got it going i just want to tell you you are so fly but you know that im thinking about you an i am so in love with you so keep doing what you do boo mrs denver
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

O.M.GOOOODNESSSS trey SEXY AS ALWAYS...... i anit mad at u babez.... nice video shoot..... i wish i had her part for " I INVENTED SEX" .....LUV U XOXOXOX
Trey's Destiny's picture

First off Tremaine Nverson I got mad love for you I'm upset that you always pick theses video smuts you need to start picking girls that don't need no makeup such as myself Brooklyn girls hold it down all day everday that's where you need to look and give us Puerto Rican girls a chance we just as sexy as the next chick. I love the video you put it down all the time that's why you my nigga real recognize real. check me out you won't be disappointed you can believe that. I Love you Trey papi
BillionDollaBytch09's picture

I loved the whole album but my fav were.... "I invented Sex", " Holla If You Need Me" &"I Bet The Neighbors Know My Name"!!!!!!! those tracks i learned the first day i heard the album. Yeah, thats how many times i listened 2 them over n over!!!!! Keep up the good work!!
Kee Kee_2's picture

Oooo she make me sick. LOL. Congratulations on all your success. Be blessed
A Neverson Girrl Yuuup's picture

wow...a lotta sexy in the ending looks like the video'll b hot tho cant wait til it hits the screen...BONG
SHezD0peAF's picture

Ive Got A BigAss Smile On My Face...Why???...Cuz Everything You Do Is FLAWLESS!..Itz Not Exactly What i Pictured When i Hear Invented Sex..Aye but thats My Fantasy! Lol Love it kant wait to c more!
annievee's picture

speechless ;) dat boy look 2 good!!!



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