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WATCH: Ludacris ft. Trey Songz "Sex Room" [Official Video]

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on May 25, 2010 - 5:19pm

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ItsMrsStealYoSongz's picture

dat shower scene wuz pretty hott. :D
ItsMrsStealYoSongz's picture

yesssssssss. :)
kaylavee's picture

uhmmmm TREY BABY,!
Mrs.StealMrSongzNeverson's picture

wwoooooaaaahhhh.... the degree's just went up to 100. trey your a temp raiser
TopNotchnKlassy's picture

(Screaming) Trrrrreeeeeeeyyyyyyyy ;-)
God'sGift_ReignTrey's picture

Damn- Damn- Damn-....Trey, Trey, Trey- (me, you, sex room-) Ummmmmmm......
g-babay's picture

mzdealwit10's picture

all state betta pt there name on it b4 i pt my name on it mmmmmmmmmmmmm

it was not how i expected it to b even though it wasnt trey songz da invented sex video!!!! but hey trey u still did ur thang!!!! dat could have been me!!! well should have been!!!! wat it do Trey- u know wats up!!!! MEMPHIS-10-I-C SMAHHHH SEXY YOUNG MAN!!!
LadyTica's picture

This song is da shit Trey ur invited to come to my SEX ROOM
LadyTica's picture

This song is da shit Trey ur invited to come to my SEX ROOM
LadyTica's picture

This song is da shit Trey ur invited to come to my SEX ROOM
LadyTica's picture

This song is da shit Trey ur invited to come to my SEX ROOM
mz.wonderwoman1997's picture

i luv ths song it is so awesome i luved trey songz part
r.b.'s picture

that was hot! I wish I was in it!
Heather_9's picture

i love this video(:
leelee518's picture

that video was hot i like it
Mz.songz yuuup's picture

yea yea love it well done luda but i love my trey....:-)
Cupcake_10's picture

nemao's picture

this video is so hot!!!
Tasha_35's picture

Trey and Luda is the best collabo by far...I SMELL SOME AWARDS!!!
Miss Candace Trey'z Candy's picture

All I gotta say is. . . . . . . . I LUV THE VIDEO!!!! I luv anything wit TREY & LUDA,(ESPECIALLY TREY) if they aint the two sexiest men in the business,then who is??. . . . . . . . . KEEP DOIN' THE DAMN THANG FELLAS!!!! Luv u Mr. Trey "sexy" Songz!!!
Rolanda4's picture

What makes this a good video is that your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go.. Shout to Luda..
steffney white's picture

Just the other girl said some of best looking man on the earth , wise i was in meeting :} :} and u know what i will not forget what happen, but u both may . Put it on the list somewhere please,
candie4u's picture

he is probably the best lookin and singin man on earth and he can make you say ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! wat can you say about that nothing at all except wooooooooow!!!!! so haters you know you u be listening to his music so quit trippin dang TREY YOU ARE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!! DUCES, CANDIE
Ara-Elle's picture

Trey is always on fire- he exudes excellence and creativity. You can tell his heart is in his work. So talented in every direction. I love this video! VA and GA at their best!
icanmakeya's picture

I can't even put in words. This video is super hot! WOW!!!!!! Kisses!!!!!
TayCanHandleTS's picture

This video is very sexy and Trey u looking good in that white suit... I love it!!!

This Gentelman is just too much... never ceasing to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep doin wht you do so well Tremaine. MUAH!!!!
Trey'sCutie04's picture

this video is sexy i love the shower scene the most damn at a loss for words This Video Is Hot and Its a hit



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