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Check Out Trey on ABC Family's 'Lincoln Heights'!

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on October 27, 2009 - 11:16am

In case you missed Trey's apperance on "Lincoln Heights", head over to to watch the full episode, and to see Trey perform his smash hit "I Need A Girl"! Click HERE to watch it now!

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treylady219's picture

i watchd da whole thing trey u did ur dang

Trey if was Mishon in this show i probably wold have did the same thing but i would've help out moms or pops first then spend all my time with Trey......Hey why not hes fucking Trey Songz the best R&B singer in the 21st century.
TheRealKikiBreezeYUUUP's picture

Also that part about family is forever, i agree with you immensely because i have been there where i haven't been able to see my family just to take modeling pics. Yeah the clothes were nice and the clubs was banging but it all ended that night, i got home and realized, i missed my fam.
TheRealKikiBreezeYUUUP's picture

Trey you did a good job, just flawless usually artists be trying to act and it do not be working out for them, they sound crazy, or you at least know that their lines are rehearsed, when i watched it, it seemed like ain't nothing new to you, that's what's up. I smiled the whole time just thinking..."Wow, i knew he was truly talented its just there...almost like a gift and these people front on him". I know you busy with music and acting isn't something you want to endure just yet, but you should act some more, you'll have it down. I look foward to it.
Ms.Taj's picture

thts my show,i luv luv luv lincoln heights. i watched tht episode and went CRAZY lol u and mishon did yall thing
Ciera Songz's picture

Lincoln Heights is my favorite show and I was so happy to see Trey on it as a judge. :)
LADY T_8's picture

I watch lincoln heights all the time
MarrJayy's picture

iAntt Knoww Wadd Lincoln Heights Wass Till iSaww Yhuu On It!! && Yhuu Did Guud' =)
Char_SoSweet's picture

Good job, I only watched cuz you was on there, keep on working boo!
ghostwriter_2's picture

im proud of u when going to make your move to movies now i would love to see that an family is so important thats why u cheris everymoment
lady virtue's picture

I love this show. Trey was great on the show. love the performance. Tay was great too. I loved what trey said about family being forever and the fame money girls and material things could be gone tomorrow. so true.
-CoCoLoveLostNeverson's picture

OMG........ i WaTcHeD iiT..... i DnT UsUaLLy WaTcH LiiNcOLn HeiiGHTz.... BuT ii WaS aT iiT LaSt NiiTe.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... LOVe U TRiiGGa...........
Uneek_Chic_2's picture

I have literally watched this episode over and over again...great job Trey!!!
softspoken007's picture

I agree with does seem like acting comes natural for him...he did great!!
lilymichelle's picture

Loved this! I never even watch this show. Did last night!
@MsMsWest's picture

U did gr8 & the kid(Tay) was holding it down on the lip syncing to I Need A Girl =).
Natty's picture

thats hot
Nettygurl90's picture

trey did an awsome job!!! seems like acting comes natural for him :)


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