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Trey Hits Up Bottles & Strikes in NYC

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Trey Songz's picture
on February 10, 2010 - 3:27pm

Trey & Angela Yee

Trey hit up Bottles & Strikes Celebrity Bowling Night at Lucky Strike in NYC last night. Peep the pics spotted over at

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Trey Wifey_4's picture

i love ya trey can't wait 2 cya in Australia boo mwah
lil_miss_lady's picture

congrats trey on everything, I hope you continue to do well for your self illl always be a fan
lil_miss_lady's picture

trey look soooooo good .... for my 17th or 18th all i want is to meet him
Tremaine's Jamaican_Beauty's picture

When you coming to Florida!!!!
Butterfly Luv's picture

Lookn sexy as always Trey.....Lookn good in the Jet mag to....
Tasha_35's picture

Mr. Songz is rather fly in the pic!
lady virtue's picture

he is so handsome. i love her shoes lol
RickeYuuup's picture

Nice shades Trey :)
Lil N's picture

hey Trey when u coming to VA...? We need u here..we need ur music and ur sexy ass body. OMG u r so H.O.T! R u dating her or somethin? im not ganna say im not jealous cus iam. she must b one lucky grl. As long as u happy, im happy. Ur happiness is the only thing that matter to me. i still love doe. I wish u the best boo.
SB_2's picture

Congrats on reaching the Gold status! 500K more Platinum!
Aliya.Aden's picture

yo trey hunny wen u comin to England_ london ...come and show da love ova here baby boi shareing is careing and we need a taster of u nd ur music over herr suga wata do sexc????
Precious16's picture

Heey Trey, Do u go wit her ?or are you guyz just friends? =)
blank's picture

she is very pretty and its a good match they r both very cute...i think i could've met her before tho?
Mz.sLiMsExC's picture

DAMN wish it was me.. very lucky girl... and BABEE lookin GOOD as always... MUAHZ DADDIE...


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