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WORLD PREMIERE: Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

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on August 2, 2010 - 7:59pm

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of the new single "Can't Be Friends" in the audio player above! "Can't Be Friends" is off of Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order the new album plus get exclusive bundle offers only available on! Get your copy NOW!

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Nana_14's picture

I heart Mr. Songz!
ILoveTremaine_12's picture

Ooooh Trey You Did it Again Love It
1Nic0le's picture

Mizz M.'s picture

Again a number 1 hit!! Love tha song
Nana_14's picture

I heart you Mr. Songz!
cita's picture

ofcourse it goes hard...gotta get them on that flatline though, that song is sexy
chefamethystrho05's picture

The song is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'm definately loving it!!
npai's picture

Love it.
JesusIsMySavior's picture

Nice song. Kind of sad though.
mz.songz_67's picture

cking11594's picture

treysongzlover_6's picture

I love this song. September 14th hurry up & come!
CaramelGoddess1's picture

loving this song. this album is gonna be as hot as the rest. Get em trey
Treybabby7376's picture

of course ii L0VE it .. as i do anythinq else yuh sinq .. keep on doin wht yuh do Babby
shysmile's picture

????????????? :)
lilred12's picture

love the song :-)
Cookey's picture

Man that be go hard. Unc u did an amazing job. And yes, I see how it would relate to the album cover. Beautiful song!!!!!
joshlyn cklearii Badd's picture

i love it rft.
ilouetrey's picture

Serenity BlissfulAngel's picture

I love it Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ily2345's picture

channnnb YUUUP's picture

MMMMMMM trey! ") amazing
channnnb YUUUP's picture

MMMMMM! yesss! :)



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