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WORLD PREMIERE: Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

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on August 2, 2010 - 7:59pm

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of the new single "Can't Be Friends" in the audio player above! "Can't Be Friends" is off of Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order the new album plus get exclusive bundle offers only available on! Get your copy NOW!

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Shakera Mz.juicy Rolle's picture

hey trey i love this song i know exactly how it feels
T.cheyA.enneN.'s picture

thats wat i call real rnb!! i love u tremaine
IAmMzFotographik's picture

The beat is bananas is the song is great i see you doing ya thing mr. trey
Tátji's picture

What a sound!
..April's Rain..'s picture

I loved the beat...Great job Trey.!
andrea_26's picture

this song is hot
CaraDenise's picture

Finally!!!! Somebody who gets it. This is SOUL music. I can feel this one. Thank U!!!!
Stephluva1980's picture

itsMARAbaby's picture

awh, i love this song. i can't wait for his album!
A_Perfect_Angel's picture

i haven't stop listening 2 it yet....
A_Perfect_Angel's picture

This iz a chart topper
Sexy Rican's picture

This album is gonna be another number 1 hit.
Sexy Rican's picture

I love it Trey and I love you baby.
chels17's picture

i loved it it was one of the best songs evea i kno that this is gonna be a hot album can't wait til it comes out
ShyRaSonGz's picture

love it OMG i love you!!!
quana82's picture

Very nice... brings me to some memories
Mz.DropItLikeIt'sHot's picture

Trey, you have done it again! OMG! You are the best! You make songs that touch me everytime and this is one of them. Some of them have soo much feeling in them, that it takes your body through changes. I'm not lying! I luv you, man!
peachezcarterfierce's picture

tremaine this is AMAZINGGGGGGGG cant wait for the album and to see u and Monica live!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Songcerai's picture

love it boo keep doing your thing cant wait to see u on the 13th of august in my city (muah!!) and it doesnt hurt that i relate to the song (mad props boo!!)
YourOneLove's picture

I wish I could put it on repeat!!...Why won't it let me order my CD??!!!
YourOneLove's picture

MAAANNNN!!! Trey, u came so hard with this one!!! This is a winner!!!
KandiceSongz's picture

Oh My,Trey You've Done It Again,I JUST DONT GET IT,Your Beyond Talented :) I LOVE YOU Baby :) I REALLY DO !
xoxtreysongzxox's picture

I'm addicted to this song already just like im addicted to trey's music!!
Neush's picture

Just wondering if you have any intentions on coming to Australia? your music is quite popular and the energy levels are high when the Dj plays one of your tracks. It would be a great opportunity if you came here..
kmil_1107's picture

i wish u would stay this soulful always love the song but i know u can't b selfish more like this please
BROWNSUGAR_5's picture

I love this song already. I will be buying this have my support..
HisBabii78's picture

i know exactly how he feels going through that right now.
Nancy_5's picture

I found my new favorite song by my favorite artist !! ilove it .. your words speak the truth about many things that everyone can relate to. Once again you delivered but in a more inspiring way then the last time, you just keep getting better and better!! can't wait for the new album !!
Nanajajate's picture

une merveille .. Trey est le meilleur !
UCLAHottie's picture

OMG this song is soooo great Trey I can totally relate real-talk



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