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WORLD PREMIERE: Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

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on August 2, 2010 - 7:59pm

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of the new single "Can't Be Friends" in the audio player above! "Can't Be Friends" is off of Trey's highly anticipated new album PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE available everywhere September 14th! Click HERE to pre-order the new album plus get exclusive bundle offers only available on! Get your copy NOW!

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faveglam's picture

Oh people come on!!! this song is mediocre compare to other songs. I can't believe he said he said on BET 106 & Park yesterday that this song was his favorite of the whole album. Trey if this song is your favorite ... then I dontn expect the other songs to be mediocre also. Don't get me wrong the lyrics are nice... but the arrangement and the anoying clicking sound messed up the song for me. I don't know Trey I think you are going too fast... you are burning yourself out. I think you are over exposing yourself just a bit... I hope the rest of the album is better. I love you Trey!! but I had to be honest about it.
Veezy's picture

? the words, the voice, it's so SO~ beautiful. Even the music sounds like heartbeats!!!! Trey is going all the way to the top. [RESPECT] (:
TameraSongz's picture

TRey I luv dis song Good job wit the high notes I'm lvin dis track imma probably buy the album 2
stacy_11's picture

love the way your songs relate to life events can't wait to hear the new album
Raminta's picture

Wow ! This song is really really nice & the lyrics are amazing and true ! Well done Trey :) Keep up the hard and good work :)
Nettygurl90's picture

love the song i can def relate!!!! can't wait to see you in milwaukee :)
Mere_2's picture

Wow. He always knows the right words to draw out the emtions in people. This song is amazing and it definitely hits home. I love you Trey... Talented would be an understatement. Keep it coming :)
FreshPrincessP's picture

Wow!!! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best!!!!!! That's 5 stars!!!!!!!! Gotta love!
Nikki_43's picture

I really like this song, I have to get the album NOW. Can't wait to see you perform it in NY.
peachezcarterfierce's picture

could this song stop being SO GOOOOOD??????????????
southern sugar's picture

Trey, I am really feeling this so it is great.
TriggaLILangel's picture

ahh my baby knooeee's mayyn
leelee27's picture

loves it can't wait to see the video i know its gonna be hott
RickeYuuup's picture

Lindz's picture

Trey bby this song is Great!
Tracie_4's picture

love this one!!!!!!
Melza's picture

rape me NOW Trey..!! lol i'll even strip myself naked 4 u anytime!!.. LOVE U TREY!! & love the track, Great work as always!! ;) No1 supporter all the way from SA!
chrissyhotLUVZTREY-'s picture

hey trey baby luv the song cant wait for the album to come out! luv u trey;-)
msderekanderson1's picture

I LOVE IT TREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CyydStar's picture

I Love It! On Heavy Repeat!
reese86's picture

im feeling it trey
Trey'sAngelMichelle's picture

Reminds me of Joe a little bit. Love it!
Mrs. Neverson_23's picture

Love Love Love IT!! :)))
trey wife_2's picture

So love it
trey wife_2's picture

So love it
Ciera Songz's picture

Nice :) Yuup can't wait for this video!
Nuniyah's picture

i love this song. it really hits the heart and i know how its to be like this about someone. another hit.
ILoveTrey13_2's picture

this shit is hot
Tricia 3 Trey's picture

i love this's picture

OMG......This song made me cry.....I'm goin thru dat situation rite now......I love the song tho!!!!!!



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